RUST Update 14th July 2023

Brick building skin! + Parachute news | Rust Update 14th July 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

It’s been a week since the Deep Sea update for RUST went live, so how has the wipe been going? Facepunch has released several hotfixes over the past week for the tugboat to fix various issues affecting collisions, projectiles, multiple exploits, and indoor decay settings. 

Parachutes are finally back in the commits.

Over the past few days, commits have started popping up in the “Parachute” branch. This feature branch started over a year ago but went silent for quite some time before finally showing activity four days ago. Much of the current work is focused on animations and transitions between jumping and free-falling. This may imply that Parachutes will only be usable from greater heights–just how high is unknown.

Additional commits mention replacing components in clothing to make room for the Parachute on the player’s back. It sounds like players who have Parachutes equipped will visibly display this fact on their backs. How players acquire a Pchute isn’t yet known. Will they be purchased from a vendor (and which vendors) or player-crafted? 

Server chat emojis

What started out as a fun hackweek idea has now evolved into a full feature! Animated chat emojis are now available for testing on staging. Now, you can spice up your server spam by clicking the smiley face icon on the chat input and browse from a gallery of cute, animated emojis. At this time, you’ll have to manually add them to the chat text. Hopefully, this will change by August’s update. 

Additionally, you can add any RUST item icon to the chat by following this pattern: ‘’. Quotes are not included. For a list of items and their short names, visit our RUST item list. Or, if you prefer a visual tour through RUST’s many items, check out the RUST item database.

Other changes in this RUST Update

  • Brick skins are now on staging to give you a try-before-you-buy preview
  • The Brick skin will likely be the next Building Skin pack released for August
  • The Parachute is back in active development
  • Parachutes will be worn on player backs and are visible over outfits
  • Door debris will now prevent immediate replacement of doors on tugs
  • The global network bases branch is chugging along to prevent bases from disappearing from view at large distances and remain visible
  • Lots of new commits in the nexus branch
  • A ferry schedule entity will be present in a server’s ferry terminal, presumably to know when and where the next ferry will travel
  • Progress continues for weapon racks and it sounds like there will be a variety of racks with different sizes


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Video Transcript

Bricks! Greetings, survivors and friends; Shadowfrax here with your latest Rust development expo, and as you can see, over on the staging branch, another brick in the building skin wall is currently being laid with a new way to present your bases to the world.


This is the long-awaited brick building skin for stone, which will let you enhance the look and feel of your country estate with some dapper albeit still quite rusty-looking brickwork perfect for building something in the style of a traditional British noddy box or even recreating that classic New York loft feel to some extent.


Features include beams with plastered ceilings, flagstone floors for that cool sensation underfoot, and tiled roofs that, unlike basic stone ones, have parapets, which are solid enough and a nice safety feature, although they won’t stop something falling off the roof if you drop it a shame that a bit of a missed opportunity for some pay to win- I mean bonus features.


As I say, it’s live on the staging branch at the moment, and if you already own the Adobe skin, you’ll be able to head over there and use it; of course, being on staging, you know what that means? It looks like this’ll definitely be next month’s DLC, so you better start saving now if you like the looks of it, and if not, but you just want to test it, get over to staging and do that very thing before you need to lego of it.


Don’t know about you, but I was kind of hoping the Brutalist skin would be next as we already have a stone skin, and it would be nice to have something for the top tier, but when I know a concrete date for that one’s arrival, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, what do you think of brick skin? Yea, or Neigh?


Also on staging now and, therefore, likely next month are animated chat emojis! Although it seems you can’t click on them to add them to chat just yet, but you can use them by typing them in; interestingly, you can also type in the name of any item and add its icon to chat, too, just in case you want to get all hieroglyphic on people. This is SUBJECT TO CHANGE, so I’m sure it’ll be fully functional soon.


After the deep sea update earlier this month, which added, among other things, tugboats said tugboats had received a few hotfixes from the TEAM, mostly to solve some collision bugs, and one that stopped projectiles fired from boats from dealing damage, but also, doors on tugs, when destroyed, now drop debris to prevent instant replacement, and keeping them indoors will now slow down decay; it seems. I know one or two who’ll be glad to hear that!


In works in progress, even though this may be one of the slower months, it still seems like there’s plenty going on behind the rusty curtain. The global networked bases branch is getting a lot of attention; if you remember, this is the one that aims to make bases visible across the map to prevent them from popping into existence suddenly in your face. No date yet on when that’s being added.


Work on integrating the Nexus system into the ferry terminal is ongoing, and that’s probably going to be one of the most game-changing updates this year when it finally happens.

There are lots of little bugfixes being made to various monuments and art assets on the august_art_bugfixes branch. Seems like there’s a bit of a visual facelift going on with Bradley at the moment too.


Something else being mentioned a lot in the commits is weapon racks; they are still not ready to be shown yet, but hopefully, I’ll be able to get some images soon for you.


And finally, after a year of radio silence, it seems Parachutes are suddenly being worked on again. Are we due for some kind of air update next, perhaps? Things that I’ve gleaned from the commits on these so far are that they are planned to be reusable and have durability, they’ll be visible on you when worn like a backpack, but it will be possible to wear them with a hazzy, thanks to a new back clothing slot and a bit of jiggery pokery with the hazmat tanks and that whilst using a Parachute you’ll be able to hold and fire a weapon, but you won’t be able to steer at the same time.


More on this when I get it! Please let me know your thoughts on today’s news, and click like and subscribe if you liked the vid and want to subscribe to me.


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