RUST Update 14th January 2022

Spray Can | Rust Update 14th January 2022

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Happy 2022! We hope you enjoyed the holiday content and had a chance to enjoy the rewards of the Advent Calendar. And if you haven’t finished collecting all of the Egoland 2 Twitch drops, there’s still time! All drops should become unlocked to the category in the last 24 hours of the event, so be sure to scoop up any you were missing!

The spraycan has arrived

The spraycan has debuted on staging this week! No longer a hidden commit, the spraycan feature appears to have two functions so far: to apply “art” to an odd variety of surfaces and to reskin your skinnable items. 

As of this writing, you’ll need TC authorization to reskin items, which sounds like a good idea. Additionally, as of a commit today, it looks like the spraycan is no longer a default blueprint.

The spraycan itself comes with a variety of paint colors and spray diameters to work with, but as with all features on staging, expect this to change in some way or another by the update.

Other highlights in this RUST update include:

  • The spraycan is now on Staging for testing
  • The spraycan can be used for painting pictures on surfaces
  • The spraycan is also used for reskinning items
  • Tool cupboards will be receiving extra slots to keep building tools in
  • Wounded teammates’ names will show up orange to indicate their reduced health status
  • The patrol heli is finally getting a map marker
  • Dismounting vehicles will soon require a half-second button hold before dismounting
  • Server owners can modify how long players must hold the button with a new convar
  • Hold to dismount can also be disabled by server owners with a convar if desired
  • SAM sites are getting connections for ammo states so players can be alerted to various SAM states
  • Auto walk and auto duck key bindings are coming
  • Improvements are coming to the tech tree to help players know how much scrap is needed to achieve a given blueprint
  • Artic bases are still plugging away with the progress
  • Polar bears are coming to ruin your day in a new way
  • Snowmobiles are coming along and sound like they include storage and a passenger
  • Snowmobile operation appears to be locked down to snow terrain according to commits

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here, and the big news in Rust this week is that straight out of CONCEPT LIMBO, we have a new item; yes, the spray can is finally here! This means that if, for some reason, the tree minigame isn’t working, all you have to do now is whip it out and–right, that’s it, Literally unplayable.


Anyway, on staging right now, you can play with a new tool, and it has some great reviews already. Sadly it isn’t as explosive as advertised. But that’s ok because it’s very useful besides.


Of course, it’s still being worked on, so don’t take any of this as final blah blah blah, SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Press R to change the color and E to select the aimcone, I mean spray size.


You can spray on quite a few surfaces; exceptions include trees, doors, and deployables. Bah humbug. It is good for investigating crime scenes, though.


At the moment, you don’t need cupboard auth, but this could change. Here are the costs, but this could change. It’s not on the tech tree, but this could change. And any paint you spray disappears within 30 seconds, but this could change. I think the TEAM wants to see how it fares in the wild, I’m sure it’ll be used responsibly, though, and everyone will play nicely with it. But for those fringe cases, you should expect censor signs to work here too.


I think a good middle ground would be that the spray could be used without cupboard auth but would only be permanent if you do have it. But regardless, you can wash it off with anything that emits water, cue Powerwash Simulator DLC.


Not only but also, though. It looks like there will be preset decals that can be used, and 8 are currently available with a 5 wood craft cost each. All you need to do is load one into the can, and away you go.


The best feature of this tool, though, has to be this one. QOL just went through the roof, chaps.


As I say, this is all deeply subject to change, apart from it becoming good enough to create some really good Banksy-esque street art, which is what I’m really hoping for. Future uses I’d like to see would be blinding bears, shadow marks, and CCTV bamboozlement; maybe reskinning walls will come one day? But let me know what you think in the comments, please.


Speaking of QOL, February is shaping up for another blast.. a lot of this I’ve mentioned before, but as a quick rundown of what you should expect. Finally, ‘Tool’ cupboards will have 4 extra slots to keep your building ‘tools’ in. Which means now I don’t need to keep writing to trading standards.


Wounded teammates will show as orange and have a down arrow next to them, and there’s a new map marker for the patrol helicopter.


Dismounting vehicles will require a half-second button press which should prevent accidental death by sausage fingers.


Sam sites will have more connections for no ammo, low ammo, and has targeted.


Auto walk and toggle duck key binding support is coming. That’s weird but ok.

And there are some improvements to the tech tree UI to show how much scrap you have and how much is needed to unlock any given blueprint.

There’s a bunch of misc stuff, too, and probably a load more to come in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned, and I’ll tell you all the ones you really need to know.


In works in progress, as per last week, work continues on Hapis, server transitioning, arctic bases, cuddly-wuddly polar bears, and snowmobiles, which from the latest commits would seem to definitely be restricted to snowy surfaces. But perhaps if we’re allowed to attach a snow machine to the front of one. Hmm, it might just work.


Let me know your deepest darkest thoughts on this week’s development news in the comments, sub to the channel for more updates and other stuff. Join me over on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and my Steeeam group and help me waste all my money on pies by supporting me via Patreon, Youtube membership, or grab something on my store. Links below, catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty, cheerio.

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