RUST Update 13th March 2020

Spiral Stairs and Triangle Frames – RUST Update 13th March 2020

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadow Frax.

In this special update, Shadow Frax’s eye was drawn to some very special RUST dev branch commits, in which there are numerous indications that the building system will soon be updated with long sought after updates.

Keep an eye out for the updated RUST building blocks!

  • Spiral Stair Block
  • Triangle Floor Frame
  • Triangle Floor Grill
  • Triangle Ladder Hatch
  • Half Ramp Block
  • Half Floor Block

In addition to covering these exciting, potential build additions, there were also numerous hotfixes that went out to correct bugs. The effort to continually add advanced demo recording functionality, farming additions and support for cars continue!

With that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcription

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here with your weekly airdrop of Rust development loot, and in this episode builders particularly have some exciting new things to look forward to, and there’s the return of an old friend.


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So, you know how I mumble quite often about the ‘commits’ which are basically an ongoing log that anyone can look at, and which show what the TEAM at Facepunch are currently working on (link to this page will be in the description).


Well, what you’ll notice is that each commit shows which branch it relates to, with most of them being worked on separately, and so not accessible by us peasants, instead WE have to wait for them to be merged to staging branch at least before we can have a fiddle.


One new branch that blinked into existence over the last week was intriguingly titled “Building blocks 2020”, and what this means is exactly what it sounds like. Yes we are getting some new bits and pieces to jam into our bases.


Most excitingly, perhaps for medieval re-enactment dilettantes was the announcement of a new spiral stairs block.


Now, we don’t have any up to date visuals of these at the moment, however, some of you may remember in the dim and distant past. That is to say September 2016.


I showed you an early concept for this very thing.. which it seems is actually pretty close to what we’ll be getting soon. Just don’t take this as being exactly what it’ll look like.


Apparently these new blocks will be modular with each piece completing a half turn and going up by half a block, so two pieces will lock together to form a 360 degree turn and allow you to go up by a full block’s height with the landing being central to doorways.


Hopefully that make sense.Also it seems that they’ll work with triangle floor blocks too, I’m not sure how that will look yet, but this is definitely a step up.


Talking of which Something that the rest of you will no doubt start foaming at the building plan about is the news that we will finally be getting triangular floor frames.


And of course what use would these be without something equally triangular to plug them with.

Yes, you heard it here we’re also getting triangular floor grills and ladder hatches.


So yes, many of you have been chewing the walls about one day having these and so I’m very pleased to tell you that the wait is nearly over.


Soon you’ll be able to go up and down a small hole inside a tight space to your hearts content.

Not only but also an old acquaintance, and a sorely missed one, will be reappearing on the scene like a long lost uncle that had faked his own death.


Yes, ramp blocks are coming back it seems although in a slightly different capacity they will attach to foundations in the same way as foundation steps and also be placeable on floors, so far so good, but they are mainly intended to be used as a ramp for vehicles, when they eventually arrive.


So what you say, why can’t I use foundation steps for that? Because that’s going to change. You’ll need a proper ramp instead.. Cars are not people. I don’t care what you’ve seen in the movies.


Also, we’re getting a new half-floor block it seems which will be an awning and walkway block that’s half a floor wide and normal length. and it looks like you’ll be able to use the spiral stairs with these too.


Also also, thatch walls are being made thicker and more optimized, with a 50-75% lower triangle count on LOD0


There may well be more to come, and I’ll hopefully have visuals for you soon, but please let me know down below what you think to these new possibilities and what else you’d like if you could have it.


There were a couple of hot fixes to Rust this week: On Monday there was one that fixed some NREs, player state getting lost and potentially resolved an issue with excessive server save times.


Then on Tuesday, an optional update for Mac startup issues, a fix for players being able to turn off the recycler when in use, and sometimes getting stuck in the new CCTV UI.


In optimization there’s much work being done still to improve Foliagegrid performance, plus terrain instancing now.. More on the results of these when I get it.


The avalanche of Cinematic tools continues, with the ability to spectate other players in the first person during a demo being added, being able to list nearby entities within a certain radius, and being able to view the map UI during demo playback as well.


Farming 2 is still plowing its way along, with corn, potatoes, and pumpkins being compostable and news that the sprinkler will lose a bit of health each time it sprinkles.


Vehicles are still eagerly awaited, well for some but the latest work shows that there will be an engine UI and stats panel, an armored module, wheelspin, exhaust and damage sounds and effects, and the ability to push over and flip vehicles, in much the same way as boats I presume. Hopefully also whilst people are inside.


There’s plenty of progress being made still on the HDRP branch of course, which is still quite a way off, and on Staging the new version of Unity (2019.3) has finally been merged in after most of the issues have hopefully been fixed.

Right! You’re up to date.


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Links below, I shall catch you all soon but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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