RUST Update 12th May 2023

Rust on a handheld? | Rust Update 12th May 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

It’s been a week since the wipe, so how are we all getting on? As you may already know, a few hotfixes have gone out since the whip to fix a few issues in the NMS–a fix for a glitchy collider and an elevator sign updated to an exit sign, probably at the request of the floor safety marshal. 

A couple fixes for the roaming Bradley have also been hotfixed. Currently, players within a safe zone will no longer be targeted by Bradley, and if a targeted player runs into a safe zone, Bradley will de-aggro that player after about two seconds. This may change in the future, but for now, enjoy the safety of those safe zones.

Hackweek projects

Another hackweek is underway! The Caldera branch has been active for what looks to be the third hackweek, giving us good feelings that we may someday see this feature come to release. This development round shows that lava-hurt volumes and lava bergs and sheets were added, leading us to suspect that we’d be able to base inside calderas! 

Another repeat hack project is the chat emoji branch. Players could set their desired skin tone and use an autocomplete suggestion tool to help them find their desired emoji in a hurry!

Other interesting hack projects include a new charm branch, one which already includes a handful of charms. These would be weapon charms, but no indicator as to how players earn/acquire them. 

Twitch Rivals Round 3

The third Twitch Rivals event is just around the corner, and players can earn quite an extensive collection of drops just by watching select streams. Each team has team-exclusive drops that can only be earned by watching drops-enabled streamers of that team color, so be sure to check out Facepunch’s drops page to plan for your most-desired drops.

Other changes in this RUST Update

  • Patrolling Bradleys will no longer target players in safe zones
  • If a targeted player enters a safe zone, Bradley will drop aggro after 2 seconds
  • Bradley should once again abide ConVar.AI.ignoreplayers settings
  • Detonator frequency can now be set from inventory
  • Pager now has silent option


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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here with a quick update today from the cutting edge of Rust development.. where I’m talking about Mocap, Lava, and Handhelds? But first, it’s been just over a week since Rust went Nuclear, and a few obligatory hotfixes and tweaks have been made, as everything is always SUBJECT T’CHANGE lest you ever need reminding.


As far as the silo itself is concerned, apart from a collider being fixed that was causing some glitchy movement and the elevator sign on floor 2 being replaced with an exit sign.. it all seems to be working tickety-boo.


A couple of changes to the roaming Bradleys to note though(after feedback, no doubt). They should no longer target players in a safe zone.. and if a targeted player enters a safe zone, then they should disengage, although this can take up to 2 seconds. These changes should have been hotfixed in now.. and I was also asked multiple times by you, chaps, if the end of whip roaming Bradleys give the same loot as the stay-at-home version, and indeed yes, they do. Go get ’em, soldier.


And in a change that’s coming later on, I believe you should be able to alter a detonator’s frequency from your inventory (same as you can with a pager).


In other news, in a few days, Twitch rivals will be kicking off again, and with it, the thing that you actually watch it for… More Twitch drops! Which you can now see listed on the official Facepunch Twitch info page (link in description). And there’ll be 5 generic and 18 streamer-specific ones for you to grab.


Also, it appears that another hackweek is taking place at Facepunch.. which is basically when the TEAM gets their shackles removed for a week in order to work on whatever projects they REALLY want to on instead of the normal feature grind, and it’s always a good way of determining what their own individual visions for Rust are.


You know, I’m sure we only had one of these a few weeks ago. Apparently, they are a quarterly thing, but it just feels like they are getting closer together… but then I guess every week is hack week when you’re playing Rust, know what I mean?


So what’s being worked on this time around? Well, there’s that caldera that has been ongoing for a while, so it is looking more and more like it’ll definitely be a thing one day. Current work includes lava lakes and lava bergs?


There’s an ai test arena.. which looks rather interesting, but I’m not sure if that’s just intended as an internal project.


Weapon charms are another thing being explored.. with versions including a disco ball, pixel SMG, beancan, and boots. Bit disappointed there’s no mention of pies charms.


Chat emojis are still going too, and getting more love. There’s more work on the skin viewer from the last hackweek.. and I think my favorite this time round has to be Tom’s handheld console for playing MINIGAMES.. and which, dammit, should just exist to give us the version of Rust we all need to be playing. Not sure exactly how this would be implemented if it did exist, although Tom told me he thinks it could be found on NPCs and be part of the Cobalt rewards program for employees.


Shout out to Arkhai on Twitter for making the pixel art that Tom used as a placeholder for this too. Which, in turn, was originally made for ItsGev on Youtube.

Anyway, let me know what you think of all these in the comments, please, and which ones you think will actually make it in one day.


Lastly, Paddy at Facepunch, who is responsible for the incredible cinematics that accompanies the monthly updates, has been sharing some of his work, and I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that he uses mocap to get some of the shots you see. But this was Oscar-worthy. I just wish there was a mini survivor in the scene in a scaled-down hazmat.. I’ll see if I can convince him to do that.


Well, that’s it for this week, a short one, but that’s the way it goes sometimes, and you are now officially up to date. Leave a like and sub, join me in all the places I also hang out; links are below, and come say hi to me on Twitch if you get a chance. Thanks to my amazing supporters once more who keep me going and motivated, and if you made it this far, then I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, you know the drill. Keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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