RUST Update 12th March 2021

RUST Update 12th March 2021

Console Footage, submarine models | Rust Update 12th March 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

As console beta testing is underway, so is the footage of gameplay. Many have already noted some stark differences between the console and PC versions, including a considerable throttle on recoil, outlines to pretty much every object and a take-all button which basically boils down to “do it for me.” That said, it would make sense that support for cross-play between PC and console versions is probably a no, seeing as we are playing two different games here.

In other news, the HDRP backport is still steaming along with copious commits. It appears from the commits that train tunnel entrances will be incorporated into the monument itself rather than as a nearby procgen spawn. Additionally, a working crane and the previously mentioned shredder have been added into the junkyard revamp. Perhaps there will be a use for cars yet.

Here are some of the highlights of the update:

  • The release window for the console version has been narrowed down to sometime “this spring”
  • Some official console footage has made its way onto Youtube
  • Console recoil is greatly toned down, almost everything has outlines
  • It appears no cross play will be available
  • Slot machines are getting improvements to the UI, mounting and custom wagers
  • Texas Hold ’em sounds like the next card game that we’ll be seeing added to the minigames
  • Cloth harvest yield from NPC corpses has been reduced
  • Fixes for dismounting the workcart sometimes changing view angle
  • Fixes to disable auroras, rainbows and other lighting effects when underground
  • More work on the gesture system including a UI and some planned additional gestures
  • HDRP backporting is getting closer to completion, meaning beautiful new assets and monument upgrades
  • The new shredder looks to be finding its home in the revamped junkyard
  • The new submarine modeling looks to be complete, no info on when it’ll be playable
  • A new feature has shown up in the commits to create a records system that records player interactions

And with that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here with your weekly train ride of Rust development news, and it’s going to be a short one this week, only a couple of stops. But first, please stomp the subscribe button to stay up to date, it helps me a lot, and you can always abandon me later.


So, to begin with, for those of you still asking, WHEN CONSOLE? The window for release was narrowed down further this week by Double Eleven, the company responsible for the port. And we now know thanks to a Gamespot article from Tuesday that it’ll be ‘this spring.’ Of course, they could pull a sneaky on us and say that they meant the spring in Australia or something. But presuming that’s not the case, you should be able to get your hands on it soon—dead game, by the way, 3/10.


As regular viewers will know, an unspecified number of applicants have already been able to take part in stress tests, and more are being added. If you want, you can still volunteer yourself via the mailing list, which I’ll put a link to in the description, although no guarantees you’ll get in, of course.


Just over the past few days, some actual official footage of console version gameplay oozed onto YouTube, and I’ll put a link to it down below as well. Now there’s a lot to unpack here, and I will warn you that some of the footage may be painful to watch for the PC master race. But you’ll no doubt notice that recoil is toned down hugely. Naturally, it can’t work the same way as on PC.. and there’s generally a ton more hand-holding going on with outlines on just about everything and even a take-all button.


I know a few of you have asked about cross-play between console and PC, but I think it’s safe to say as Double Eleven is clearly taking the console edition in a slightly different direction from PC, this would mean no cross-play between the two… I mean, you wouldn’t enter the Grand National on a donkey, would you? Tell me what you think about all of this in comment land down below.


Back to the actual game now, and there are some adjustments coming to slots. There are improvements coming to the UI, and the way machines are mounted, plus apparently, you’ll soon be able to specify how much to bet on a spin with the potential for higher returns, of course. Because some of you have scrap to burn. Also, more work is happening on card games, and I’m reliably informed the first one we’ll see is Texas Hold ’em.


There were a few minor fixes and tweaks, such as one for dismounting the work cart, sometimes changing your viewing angle, the disabling of auroras, rainbows, and lightning effects underground. A fix for some gunshot volumes, the velocity projectiles inherit from work carts being lowered to 50%, and a reduction in the cloth harvest yield from NPC corpses.


Also, on staging, the UI for the news section has had a big update so that it now shows the entire post with images and YouTube links, plus better scrolling.


Over to works in progress, and a lot is happening on the gesture system, with a proper UI and some additional gestures being planned. So hopefully, this isn’t far off.


And a huge amount of work is being done by the TEAM on the HDRP backport, which seems to be on the home stretch now. Not only does this mean we’ll get a lot of sexy new high-quality assets, but it will also usher in a few changes to monuments, such as all of the major ones seemingly receiving integrated train tunnel entrance stations and a rather large overhaul to the junkyard in particular which you can see a couple of shots of here.


And yes, that thing in the center is the new shredder which I believe will give you something to do with your old banger once you decide to trade it in. Or maybe if you just want to make the world a tidier place.


The submarine model seems to be done now pretty much, plus a second even rustier version, but no actual word on when it’ll be playable.


And Helk has kicked off early work on a system to create a record of players you’ve interacted with in-game, with the potential for tracking acquaintances, allies, and even enemies. Not sure exactly how it will function; it’s early days, SUBJECT TO CHANGE blah blah blah… But more info when I get it.


And lastly, you’ve probably seen something about this, but earlier in the week, a fire broke out at OVH in Strasbourg, which fortunately didn’t injure anyone but did knock out 4 whole data centers, completely obliterating 25 EU Rust servers along with many other services. These servers should now all have been replaced, but the data is forever lost. So a moment’s slience now for everyone’s BPs, including my own. Always back up your data.


Right, that’s your lot; please leave a like and batter the subscribe button. Follow me on Twitch for streams, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and my steeeeam group to stay in touch with my content and consider supporting me on Patreon like these amazing chaps on the right. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty, Cheerio.

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