RUST Update 12th April 2024

A “New” Legacy monument?! Bicycles! | Rust Update 12th April 2024

We’re now a week into April’s update, and I hope everyone is enjoying the wipe so far. As mentioned in today’s update, we did receive an optional client and server hotfix last Friday to fix a collection of issues related to the new content. Players and/or server owners experiencing performance issues are encouraged to patch their servers and clients. And now, time to look at what’s in the works for the next update.

RUST Update for April 12th, 2024

Legacy Radtown Redux

This one is interesting–a recent new branch looks to be reviving the old legacy Radtown. The commits show a build-up from gray box implementation in the works of the houses, sheds, and storage buildings found in the original radtown. After the recent additions of the Legacy Furnace, Bow, and Wood Shelter, it’ll be fun to see how this re-imagining of another legacy component is brought into 2024 RUST.

Motorbikes and bicycles

Over on the Bikes branch, progress on pedal bikes seems to be getting on. We have mentions of both a bicycle variant and a tricycle variant in the commits. No word yet as to where and how players will be able to find or acquire them or what kind of condition they might be found in. Could we potentially see bicycle parts for upgrades in the future, too? Might we have the good fortune of finding a bike sticking out of a bush or abandoned on the side of the road?

Cargo improvements

The team is currently working on changes for the cargo ship–focused around the docking event. The containers that spawn for the cargo loading event will now spawn earlier in the docking sequence to allow players more time to get inside before the cranes start loading them onto the cargo ship. Containers should soon spawn once Cargo makes its docking approach rather than once it is docked.

Cargo’s map marker will also get a bit of finesse added. The tooltip for the cargo icon will soon let players know if the cargo ship has started its docking sequence or if it has already docked.

Other changes in this RUST Update

  • A fix is underway to stop shotgun traps from shooting an authorized player in front of it if the TC gets reskinned.
  • A similar situation with storage adapters not working after a TC reskin is also being fixed.
  • CCTV cameras will be able to snap for cleaner positioning.
  • All neon signs and electrical heaters will be able to snap, too.
  • Fluid switches and pumps will also be snappable.
  • Commits show progress in reworking cliffs.
  • A wire-slacking feature is being worked on, potentially similar to one created by a well-known plugin developer.
  • The Bradley scientists may soon upgrade to Heavy Scientists along with additional AI to make the event more dynamic.

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Thanks for reading, and see you in the next RUST update!

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here once more with your weekly bucket of Rust development offal.. where I’ve also got the latest on bikes, and news of another new monument coming to Rust.. and this one might be familiar to some of you..

But first! As is tradition after a big patch, there’s usually a bit of a clean up afterwards and we did have a few things hotfixed last Friday in an optional server and client update.. including..

Fixes to directional sound, i.e. sound everywhere all at once. Sounds like a trip to IKEA.

Moonpools reflecting the sky, not being able to drop items when mounted to vehicles, NPCs leaving doors open on the cargo ship.. What were you? Born in a barn? The ping estimator was causing minor server stalls. The heli not shooting rockets, several areas on the oilrig appearing blocked when using low object quality and some other misc stuff.

If you’re interested in keeping track of hotfixes like this there’s a dedicated channel on the Rust discord.

There are some other changes and fixes taking place for the future.. first a fix for shotgun traps going off if an authed player is in front of them when a TC gets reskinned, ouch. And also for storage adaptors not working after a reskin. I don’t think either of those are hotfixed yet.

It looks like further to the Bradley scientists being added this month, the next thing to come will be heavy Bradley scientists.. along with some extra AI tweaks including chasing.

You’ll be able to snap and rotate fluid switches and pumps soon, it seems. Hopefully, at some point, we’ll be able to rotate electrical components too. And there’s a thing called wire slacking being worked on, which I believe is poaching off of–I mean implementation like–the awesome grid power plugin by Nikedemos I covered a couple of years ago, where you can actually add slack to wires to make them hang realistically. Hopefully, we’ll get the ability to snap wires to angles, too, eventually. I’m going to keep going on about that until it happens.

Some more changes are coming to electrical components: branch minimum output is being reduced from 2 to 1, the button press time is being reduced from 5 seconds to 1. and power burst is being reduced from 2 to 1 power.

There’s a new admin command, “pipette,” which gives you the item you’re looking at and places it in your hands, and if you already have it, swap it with your currently selected item. And two other admin commands: New, which do pretty much exactly what they sound like.

And the map marker for the cargo ship is being modified so players can tell if it has already docked The map marker tooltip will now read “A Cargo Ship – Docking” while it is docked and “A Cargo Ship – Already Docked” once it has departed the harbor.

In other works in progress, the Nexus system has reared its head in the commits again, but apparently, this is still a way off, and there’s nothing to get excited about just yet.

There’s more progress on reworks to the cliffs, too. No date on when that’ll be ready.

You’ll remember hopefully that I showed you progress on the bikes that are being worked on currently, with a motorbike and one with a sidecar both looking extremely polished; I’m sure you’ll agree!

Well, this week, we have yet more footage, but this time of something I’ve personally been campaigning for a while, a bicycle, and apparently, according to the commits, a trike too! If you ask me, this is what Rust should be about, a much jankier means of doing everything, and I will watch their progress with interest let me know what you think below!

There’s still work ongoing of course to the new compound redesign, an SKS skin and an M939 truck model.

And lastly, one thing we seem to always need more of is monuments! After all, there’s just so much spare land floating about going to waste, isn’t there? Well, imagine my joy at seeing these commits relating to a radtown_redux with a warehouse, storage building, and houses. And yes, having checked into this, I can confirm that it is indeed a rework of the Legacy Radtown that I’m sure many of you will remember all too well, and that may trigger the odd episode of PTSD.

For those of you who cut their teeth on Legacy this is the one with the road running through it and hopefully it will be the same situation with the rework and it’ll be as close as possible to the original.. I’ll try to get pics as soon as I can but let me know what you think to this blast from the past in the comments please!

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