RUST Update 11th March 2022

Ziplines incoming! | RUST update 11th March 2022

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

We are now a week into March’s wipe, and development work continues to zip along over on the RUST branch. It appears that a series of hidden commits had been hiding a new mode of getting from A to B: a RUST zipline system!

The commits show that the zipline consists of two nodes: a zipline launch point and a zipline dismount point; ZiplineLaunchPoint and monumentZiplineDismountPoint, respectively. It sounds like players will be able to zipline themselves into monuments but not zipline themselves out yet. A platform system looks to contain up to 2 launch points, which means that players will need to locate zipline platforms to use the system. More on this new feature as we find out more!

Other highlights in this RUST update include:

  • Hidden commits now reveal a zipline system is in the works
  • Work continues on the above-ground rail network to optimize track placements
  • Progress on above-ground rail train placements and movements
  • Relighting of monuments continued this week with the airfield
  • Hapis work continues
  • A series of new achievements are in the works, some of which involve:
    • Fishing achievements for each type caught
    • A car passenger achievement
    • CCTV achievements
    • Kayak achievements
    • Possibly a number of emotes-used achievement
  • More fixes for Snowmobile lighting
  • A new particle effect for premade sprays for the spraycan

And with that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here with all your latest development news from that game that after 8 years still doesn’t have tier two cooking or pies, although it does have a new mine model on staging which strangely does look a bit like a pie. They’re trying to kill me, I tell you!


Yes, so that’s a thing. Let me know what you think about the new model. Personally, I think it’s so much stealthier than the old one, what with the big red button that says ‘do not push’ on the top. Sneaky…


Oh, actually, it doesn’t say that, but you get the idea. Whatever next? A beartrap that looks like a pasty, perhaps?


The emphasis in development at the moment seems to be on traversal, and assuming you haven’t stepped on an exploding pie, you’ll soon be able to jump on ziplines at some monuments, it seems, and possibly other places.


News on this one is a bit sketchy right now; it looks like they’ll make use of powerlines. They will be a one-way affair, so nothing gravity-defying, but I don’t think you’ll need anything special to use them, apart from perhaps a bit of vaseline.


Work also continues on an above-ground rail network for procedural maps. Lots to sort out on this one so that it all plays nicely with the roads and monuments, although it is on track to stay separate from the below-ground stuff, at least for now, as far as I know.


I’m hoping to be able to show you this in the not-too-distant future, so stay tuned for that.


The monument darkening update continues this month with work on the airfield, and a number of new achievements seem to be on the way, such as ones for fishing, some vehicle-related stuff, and one for CCTV.


Apart from that, everything else is all background boring stuff that you won’t see the results of for a bit longer, such as the new pet system to let our furry friends tag along, no, not those ones, and of course our favorite long lost uncle Hapis island.


Lastly, in this short but sweet update vid, Alistair tweeted out this week that a PvP patch is on the horizon with a rework to a few things. Let me know what you think down below.


That’s the news, but if you want more of me, then may I suggest following me on Twitch, plus Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and my steeeam group. If you’d like to support my channel, you can do so with channel memberships, Patreon, or my merch store. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty, cheerio.

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