RUST Update 11th August 2023

Player Attack chopper, Backpacks | Rust Update 11th August 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

The player-controlled Attack Helicopter is the latest news to hit the Staging Branch this week! Remember that there is much room for change as the next update is still four weeks off, but here are the main points to know about this new vehicle.

Players interested in taking an Attack Heli out for a spin can find them for sale at the Air Wolf vendor in the Bandit Camp. The current price of ownership is 2250 scrap, but this could easily be increased or decreased by the devs as play testing progresses.

Like the Minicopter, the Attack Helicopter can seat two: one pilot and one gunner. The pilot has access to a dashboard of information, including a compass, altimeter, fuel gauge, and a nice little light feature that provides a bit of visibility for stealthy nighttime missions. When using weaponry, the gunner will have access to a computerized view of the surroundings below. The gunner can fire rockets using the right mouse button and control the turret with the left mouse button. The Attack Helicopter’s turret is customizable, and players can add any weapon they like.

The new Attack Helicopter runs on low-grade fuel and can be repaired with metal frags. The heli currently has 850 health, which feels fragile for the scrap investment but may change over the coming weeks.

Other changes in this week’s RUST Update

  • Flyby planes for the end of wipe event are getting new models
  • Skin tones have been removed from the server chat emoji set
  • Some additional changes to stack sizes for a few items, namely the water pump and water purifier
  • The “boats at world’s edge” branch aims to stop boats and other vehicles from reaching the edge of the map as well as repels them towards shore
  • Work on a homing missile launcher may be a counter measure against the new player attack helicopter
  • Backpacks look to be the real deal as the branch has been receiving many commits
  • Progress continues on the frontier building skin branch (wood skin)
  • Torches may be getting a refresh soon!
  • Whispers of a just-emerged scrap plane?!


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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here with another choppertunity to bring you the latest in Rust development news, and in the last 24 hours, this has whirred onto the Staging branch for testing.


The new player-piloted attack chopper has now arrived, faster and easier to fly than a mini, and rammed to the rotors with features. It’s only on Staging right now, so take everything I tell you about it with a massive SUBJECT TO CHANGE pinch of salt, but here are all the details as they stand.


You can get one at the Airwolf Vendor for a mere 2250 scrap; that’s inflation for you, but just wait until you see what you can do with them.


Just like a mini, they seat 2, a pilot and a gunner, but although it looks like you could get a couple of extra people to stand on each side, there’s no parenting, so you’ll have a job staying on. The pilot has access to a compass, altimeter, and fuel gauge, and there are some lights on the front to supposedly give a better view during those nighttime excursions, but which are currently about as bright as the one in a Ford Mondeo’s glovebox.


The gunner, when using weaponry, gets a computerized view (Which I’m assured is going to be a higher resolution than it is currently) and can use rockets with the right mouse button and the front turret with the left, which will auto-reload and this is where the chopper is highly customizable because from the outside – and the outside only I might add – you can insert anything into the turret that you’d be able to in a normal one, including, yes, an eoka and, thankfully, even a trumpet handy for keeping the neighbors awake.


And the rocket pods – which incidentally share an inventory – will accept hv and incendiary, it seems, at the moment, and nothing else. It’s also up to the pilot to aim these as they are fixed. Also, right now, I’m not sure if it will stay this way – there’s no way for the gunner to swap between different ammo types. At least not that I’ve found.


Fuel-wise, it runs on low grade, can be repaired with metal frags, and has 850 health – so only slightly more than a mini, but it does offer a lot more protection for the passengers.

It seems that next month’s patch is shaping up to be some kind of air-based update, as not only is the new chopper on staging now, but word on the street is that some new items are being planned as a countermeasure for instance, as mentioned last week there was word of a homing missile launcher. And even the Hot Air Balloon appears to be getting some armor not quite sure how that’s going to look, but hey, ho.


Also, the end of Wipe flybys are getting some attention, with a new model for the planes, which will hopefully look a bit more Top Gun and less Mission Implausible.


Let me know your thoughts on all the above in the comments below, please.


Now to other changes. And oh dear, it didn’t take you long to get sent to the naughty step, did it? Skin tones for the emojis are being taken away already due to some people using them a bit too “creatively,” shall we say, which absolutely nobody saw coming whatsoever.. and from now on, it’s Simpsons all the way! Hooray.


There are some stack size adjustments coming, namely water purifiers and pumps increasing to 3 each and fluid switches going up to 5.

And a branch called “Boats at world edge” seems to aim not only to stop boats actually reaching the edge of the server world by repelling them but also to stop people camping at the edge of the map by making unattended boats slowly drift back to shore, now if only there was an invention that could keep boats in one place. Someone should really get to work on that, they’d make a fortune, anchorrect me if I’m wrong, but this does mean you might find some interesting flotsam ending up on your local beach.


To stuff being worked on further out now, and there are several interesting branches to keep an eye on. It looks like, finally, after many years of teasing, the TEAM is working in earnest on backpacks! You may remember this was a hackweek project most recently, but it seems that it will soon be a reality; the exact functionality of them is still being ironed out, but as far as I can see, they will drop off of you when you die – not sure if that means there will be two backpacks on the ground eventually or not – and there is mention of yellow and orange variants so there may be a slight visibility trade-off potentially. I mean, it’s all subject to change, innit?


As well as this, there’s more work on the skin viewer, again a hackweek project that should let you preview skins before applying them to things. Also, a torch two branch that I’m assuming is for a refresh to the existing basic torch model with better fx, etc.


Lots and lots of other things are being worked on, of course, that if you are following along, you’ll know about, including but not limited to the nexus system. Clan tables, global networked bases, two more new building skins, brutalist and frontier, weapon racks, and Parachutes, so there is plenty to look forward to, and you know I’ll bring you all the news as and when it lands on my doorstep, so stay tuned, sub to the channel and if you enjoyed this update slice, then please leave me a like.


And wait, hold the front door; what’s this? A commit pops up just as I’m editing about a scrap plane? No info on this right now apart from what you see here. Guess I’ll be able to tell you more next week, hopefully!


You are now up to date, so please let me know what you think of this week’s stuff. Come and join me on Twitch for streams, you’ll find links to all my socials below, including my Steeeam group, where you can stay updated on my content, and if you’d like to support me, you can do so with super thanks, YouTube memberships and on Patreon. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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