RUST Underwater Vault Base Design

RUST Underwater Vault Base Design

In this RUST base design video, xRaw introduces us to an underwater vault base exploit, discovered by the renowned RUST base builder, Zedge.

This base design concept traces back to Snowballfred’s “TC-less base exploit“, which inspired Evil Wurst’s base design, “The Ocean Vault“, and would later be patched out of the game. While this base design exploit carries community history with it, it enables RUST players to keep their primary loot out of sight and out of mind, where it’ll be exponentially more difficult for raiders to find.

The immediate benefits of utilizing this underwater vault base include:

  • Keeps loot out of sight of raiders
  • Keeps your loot safer than other base designs
  • Doesn’t require any blueprints to set up
  • Overall low-resource cost
  • It’s straightforward to execute and memorize

With that, you’re here to watch the base design video!

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Video Transcript

When a clan makes it their mission to track you down and raid every last base that you have, what can you do? The main base that you call home for the wipe? Raided. Your 2 by 2 starter base that you kept as a backup? Raided. The small farming base that you left in the mountains? Raided. But the underwater vault base hidden from sight? I don’t think so.


Hey guys and welcome to the first episode of Community Features where I feature outstanding ideas from builders that you otherwise might not have heard about. In today’s video we’re looking into a Rust Base Building Exploit which is brought to me by Zedge. The exploit allows you to hide all of your loot in an underwater vault base, keeping it out of sight to insure that the clan that you pissed off won’t find it.


I felt that it was time to expand my channel and therefore I decided to start this series. The primary focus of this will be to share some of the amazing ideas that other builders have that cannot share themselves as they may not have a channel of their own.


The underwater vault base was first brought to you by Evilwurst on 21st of October 2018 and was made possible thanks to Snowballfred’s TC-less base exploit. Unfortunately, this TC exploit was later patched, making this method no longer viable. The underwater vault base then made a return when Zedge brought it back on the 1st of December, 2019 and was made possible thanks to twisited’s discovery of a new TC exploit which operated in a similar manner to the first. Unfortunately, this too was later patched, making this method no longer viable.


The new method exploits the fact that a base does not decay for up to 24 hours after the tool cupboard is destroyed, so long as the resources required are present in the tool cupboard.  Main idea of this method is to reset the 24 hour no decay period every 24 hours. This is done by building upwards from the underwater vault until you reach the surface, placing the tool cupboard, and then giving it the required resources, and then destroying it as you’ll see further into the video.


The main benefits of this new method are that they’ll keep loot out of sight, keep loot safe, doesn’t require any blueprints and it doesn’t cost many resources. Finally, it’s pretty easy to do as you’ll see in the tutorial shortly.


The negatives of this new method are that you have to reset the TC every 24 hours to insure that it doesn’t disappear or decay. You’ll also have to have diving gear, mainly the breathing tank. The goggles are great for seeing, however not essential and the flippers are great for speeding up swim speed but again, are not essential.


Of course, for casual players this is not really needed and may seem a bit over the top, but for anyone who plays RUST alot, we all know the pain of losing our stuff and the pain of having to gain it back over time. And having that little backup base is always a great help for getting back going again in the wipe.


Now to build the actual base, you simply need to go to the coast line and equip your diving gear. It’s recommended to build this in the snowy area of the map because it’s got no scrap piles or diving piles for loot. Not only this, but it’s reduced visibility, meaning it’s unlikely that other players will find it.


Once there, swim far enough out and begin placing your foundations. You can change the footprint if you like but be sure to cover the vending machines up so that their light is not visible. Because the vault is built underwater, it renders rockets and explosive ammo useless, making raiding far more difficult.


Other explosives are still usable like C4, so you may want to swap the sheet metal doors out for garage doors to make the base stronger. I chose to use sheet metal doors because they are quick to get in and out of, but it’s your choice. Be sure to disable broadcast on the vending machines, otherwise they’ll appear on the map and defeat the idea of the base.


Once the base is complete, you’ll want to exit and place door frames until you reach the surface. Use a half wall on the top if needed to ensure you can place the floors as close to the sea level as possible. Finally, place the TC on the top and provide it with the required resources for 24 hours of upkeep, then destroy the twig.


Pick up any spare resources left in the bag when the TC is destroyed. You’ll need to top this up every 24 hours to ensure that the base doesn’t decay. Or, you can build a fresh one every 24 hours if you have enough resources.


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