Ultra Compact Starter Base Design (2018)

The Ultra Compact Starter Base Design

The Ultra Compact Starter Base Design, it’s all in the name. This RUST base design video is brought to you by our partner Everherd.

This compact starter base can be quickly set up and highly effective for a solo player. The base provides the necessary functions for a solo base while maximizing the available space for storage. With that, it’s also not “unusable” and all of the components come together for an effective base, including:

  • 4+ Large Loot Boxes
  • 3 Furnaces
  • Camp Fire/Cauldron
  • Airlock Entryway
  • Shotgun Trap Entry
  • Work Bench
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Tool Cupboard
  • Shelf

Out of the door, this base will serve new players well, allowing you to focus on scavenging while having a secured a low-cost base. Another great thing is this base can be built without any blueprints and later upgraded and easily expanded, either as the base’s core or as a node.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hey what’s up my name is Everherd!


Okay so as we come inside this base we have a double door airlock with a shotgun trap and a fog machine right here.


The fog machine makes it so that people can’t really see the shotgun trap.


And in here we got three furnaces.


And in here is our main compartment we’ve got our workbench in here, we’ve got some boxes, a campfire, our TC as well as a bag.


In my opinion this is definitely enough storage for a starter base.


So, to build this you wanna place one triangle as low to the ground as you can, higher foundations right next to it.


And you want to make this little compartment for your furnaces.


This is so we don’t have to place them inside the base.


It makes it a little more compact that’s it.

Setting up the Main Compartment

Now you want to make this little two by one this is gonna be our main compartment. Right here place a doorway place another doorway right here just so that we can make a simple airlock and here place door frames.


So now you want to place your TC I’d recommend placing your bag first just place them both as close to your walls as you can you can.


See here what happens when you don’t place it tight enough, you won’t be able to place one of these things.


This is why I recommend you start off with a bag however if you know that you’re able to place a TC as close to the wall as you can you can just start over TC now, we can place a bag right here now we wanna place in our shelves.


Place in your workbench right here. It doesn’t have to be a level two you can place in a level one. It doesn’t really matter.


Here you want to place your boxes we don’t want to place one on the bottom left. Since we don’t want to block off our TC as well as our bag.


In here place one more box as well as your campfire. Now we can fit one more box under the workbench.


Now you want to do this to place in a triangle inside like this you can see that it’s kind of sticks into our workbench which helps us save some space.


Anyways we wanna place in boxes on top like this and now we wanna place in a small box right here.


You can place in two however I think that is pretty useless since you won’t be able to access the other one.


Now we just want to place in floor tiles on top of everything.


Place in a shotgun trap right here as well as a door right here.


You can see that it kind of blocks off the shotgun trap. That’s so that if somebody tries to go deep on you he might get killed by a shotgun trap, because he won’t notice it.


Now you’re gonna place in your garage doors they’re a lot stronger than normal doors. If you don’t have those then it doesn’t really matter it, but I’d recommend garage doors.


Now you might notice that we don’t have a research table but that’s not really that big of a deal since you can just place one and pick it up when you’re done researching something.


Anyways this was Everherd. If you enjoyed this video, then make sure to like it. Subscribe as well as press the bell button, so you never miss an upload see you guys in the next video.


Bye bye!

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