RUST Twitch Drops: Tips & Tricks

Looking to acquire RUST Twitch Drops?

On November 12, 2020, Facepunch rolled out the first-ever Twitch Drop event for RUST. The overarching premise of the event is simple; players are invited to watch their favorite RUST streamers compete against each other in officially sanctioned event formats, with or without prize pools.

For the players, time invested in watching the event on the Twitch platform can result in the allocation of free event-specific RUST skins. These skins are generally exclusive to each round; once the event concludes, they are no longer obtainable. Twitch drop skins are typically non-transferable and cannot be sold on the Steam Community Marketplace.


Connecting Accounts

To get started, players are encouraged to head over to RUST’s Connect Account page and link their Steam and Twitch accounts. See our guide on How to Get Twitch Drops for RUST for step-by-step instructions. Due to the nature of the event, players will require both types of accounts to participate. Accounts can be unlinked anytime; no purchase is necessary to set up either account.

Players must have the RUST game in their Steam library on their account within 180 days of claiming each prize but are not required to have Twitch Prime active to acquire skins. Drops claimed after this timeframe will expire, and you could lose the ability to use those skins later.

Drop types

Streamer-Specific Drops

This drop type is specific to the particular streamer bound to the Skin Entity on the Twitch platform for the RUST event. These are not acquired.

Time invested watching any streamer counts towards this category of drop, meaning that they are acquired at the same time as Streamer-Specific drops.

Generic Drops

All-purpose, or Generic Drops, are acquired through standard watching of any participating streamer or entity on the Twitch platform for the RUST event. Generic Drops are what their name implies, being more basic skins, usually taking on the Logo or color scheme of the event, and their acquisition is the simplest of either type.

Time invested watching ANY streamer counts towards this drop category, meaning they are acquired simultaneously as streamer-specific drops.

Progress on both types can be tracked and redeemed on the Twitch website’s Inventory Drops & Rewards page.

It is vitally important to note the following regarding the drop/redemption process:

  • You cannot stream from multiple devices, for multiple streamers, on a single account. You will only be given credit toward one streamer-specific viewing at a time.
  • You do not get credit when the stream is paused, or the streamer has not yet enabled drops.
  • You cannot receive the same skin drop multiple times on a single account.
  • You will not receive credit for the next sequenced skin drop until you claim the first one you are working on. This goes for Generic and Streamer-Specific drops.
  • Streamers must typically put in predetermined amounts of time during the Event to facilitate drops being acquired. Viewers are advised to use discretion when picking whom to watch first, as this could lead to not being able to acquire all skins.

Viewership platforms

Many viewers of the Twitch platform alternate between devices, with some opting not to bog down their primary gaming PC with high-quality live streams during gaming sessions. Some watch on their phones, tablets, or other portable devices. Whatever your method, progress can be made for skin collections so long as you are logged in on that device and keep an eye on your inventory page.

For more information, check out Twitch’s Mobile & Console Apps section for the wide assortment of platforms that support viewership.


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