The RUST Tutorial Island Guide

A soft welcome to the isle…

Introduced in March of 2024 as a means for new players to learn the basic gameplay mechanics, the Tutorial Island offers players a less harsh pathway to surviving the brutal island of RUST. Players can adapt and learn essentials in the tutorial, such as resource harvesting, hunting, building, and crafting basics. It serves as a no-risk alternative to the normal style of progression and development players could otherwise expect for the first time.

This guide provides detailed information about the Tutorial Island, enabling you to identify basic facts quickly and helping you to prepare, access, and successfully run through the sequence. Nothing you do, gather, build, kill, or place while on the island will matter in the scope of the live game world. More on that later.

Monument overview

RUST is a very hard game to learn, with the chief inhibitor to player progression being other players and the game’s environment. The developers have created Tutorial Island to bridge this learning gap, using pre-staged and sequenced events to guide players through RUST’s gameplay basics without the fear of being ambushed by other players, animals, or scientist NPCs.

Early feedback from the community goes one step further, saying that the tutorial scenario is entirely unrealistic. The AI you encounter is weaker than the AI you will fight in the live game. The resources are hand-fed to players. Regardless, Tutorial Island might be what the uninitiated need to learn the basics before the training wheels are removed completely.

Running the Tutorial Island sequence

Starting the sequence 

A prompt to enter Tutorial Island will appear by default when every player spawning on every server loads in for the first time. Players can choose to go immediately to the island and begin the sequence or take their chances on the active server immediately. 

Quitting the sequence 

If a player elects not to continue at any point during the tutorial sequence, there is a very simple method of terminating. Open the overlay menu by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard and press the Quit Tutorial button at the bottom left of the screen.

Restarting the sequence 

Hypothetically, let’s say that you quickly closed the screen to do Tutorial Island your first time on the server or wish to return and do it over for safety’s sake. To reinitiate the prompt, players must press the ESC key again to bring up the overlay menu. Then press Options, and under Options, press Start Tutorial at the top. Once this opt-in is pressed, players will be greeted with the join prompt the next time they die. Players may use the Suicide option on the menu screen to force this to happen.

Players cannot take items to Tutorial Island or back to the real world from it.

Foraging and crafting 

When entering the island sequence, we are greeted by a Survivor at the wreckage of a helicopter crash. Follow his chat prompts to start your initial resource forage and crafting quests.

We start by moving to gather 400 Wood at a nearby tree by equipping our Rock and pressing the Left Mouse button to swing, followed by doing the same to gather some stones just a bit further out.

Once you have these items gathered, open the crafting menu by pressing |Q| to begin making your first Stone Hatchet and Stone Pickaxe. Then, head back to the Survivor to proceed to the next part of the tutorial.

Building a shelter

After gathering our initial tools and resources, it turns out that the Survivor was holding out all along. Move first to gather the resources in the small red toolbox to your right. Once you have this extra wood, craft a building plan.

Move left towards the blue base outline and use your Building Plan to build along with what is shown. First, use square foundations, then walls, then a single doorway frame, and finally, some roofing. Return to the Survivor afterward for your next assignment.

More resources, crafting, and deployment

Once again, the Survivor has generously held out and donated even more resources to our cause. Go ahead and gather them from the small red toolbox to your right. Once you have this extra Wood, start toward the new green marker on your overlay. This should take you past your original resource-gathering location.

As you move along, pick up any ground resources that present themselves. Once you have obtained at least 3 Cloth pickups, head back to your shelter.

Craft a Tool Cupboard, Wooden Door, Key Lock, and Sleeping Bag. Once complete, deploy each in its newly visible predesignated locations, indicated by a blue opaque outline.

Upgrading and maintaining

Gather more Wood from the small red toolbox and queue up a Hammer. Once you have this extra Wood and tool, ensure the Hammer is equipped on your hotbar and use it. Move to your shelter, look at any building piece, and hold the Right Mouse button. Select to upgrade to Wood. Do this to all thatch pieces until finished.

Open the Tool Cupboard and insert at least one day’s worth of upkeep.

Return to the Survivor to continue progression.

Hunting and cooking

Gather more Wood from the small red toolbox and queue up a Wooden Spear. Once crafted, make your way over towards the chickens, indicated by an overlay icon. With a spear in hand, take out all of the frustrations one acquires in a day on said chickens. Make them regret ever having clocked. Use your Stone Hatchet to harvest meat from their bodies, and make sure that you kill at least two chickens.

Queue up a Camp Fire and move to your shelter. Match up the outlined location with the Camp Fire and place it. Insert the Raw Chicken Breast and turn on the Camp Fire, waiting for it to cook. Once two meats are cooked, consume them.

Return to the Survivor to continue progression.

That had to hurt…

This is probably the simplest part of the tutorial: stand still and look at the pretty flowers. Once the bear has wreaked havoc on your (now) corpse, spawn back in the Sleeping Bag you placed earlier and move to retrieve your things.

Return to the Survivor to continue progression.


Loot the available resources again from the toolbox and start crafting the specified items. You will need a Hunting Bow, at least six Wooden Arrows, a Bandage, a Burlap Shirt, and Burlap Trousers.

Once crafted, suit up, get your hotbar ready for combat, and head towards the hostile marker on your overlay.

The bear is a pushover compared to normal world bears, requiring only 4 shots to dispatch. Gather your arrows after the kill, make sure you use at least one Bandage, and skin the bear for its meat and fat.

Return to the Survivor to continue progression.

Furnace creation

Loot the available resources again from the toolbox and start crafting as much Low Grade Fuel as you can. You might need to gather more Cloth as you did before, but this shouldn’t take too much effort. Once the fuel is crafted, craft a Furnace.

Return to the base and place the Furnace in the outlined blue spot chosen for you.

Farming, Smelting, and Workbenching

Loot the available resources again from the toolbox, and begin making your way towards the Metal Node indicated by a marker on your overlay. Mine the metal node in its entirety with your Stone Pickaxe.

While in the area, head over and collect the Scrap and Metal Blades required for the quest. Return to base.

Insert Metal Ore and Wood into your Furnace and begin smelting. Wait out the timer until there are 10 cooked fragments inside, and then remove and use them to craft your Workbench Level 1. Place it in the blue outline provided.

Crafting Freedom

Head back, loot the available resources from the toolbox, and quickly return to your newly deployed Workbench Level 1. Queue up and craft a Kayak and Paddle.

Return to the Survivor for the final time.


Make your way to the dock area where you found the Scrap and Metal Blade. Head towards the water and deploy the Kayak in the designated outlined area. Mount it by jumping on it and pressing the M key. 

Use your Paddle to accelerate and navigate by alternating right and left mouse clicks until you enter a cut scene. You have now completed the RUST Tutorial Island scenario.

Welcome to RUST…


As this is brand-new content, players are sure to find different exploits and bugs related to what we have presented today.

We will make every effort to keep the information within this guide updated and accurate. Please reach out to us in Discord if there are any details you’re looking for or any unanswered questions; we’ll do our best to get the answers you need!

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