RUST Tutorial 2019: Your First Base (Ep 4)

RUST Tutorial 2019: Your First Base

RUST Tutorial 2019: Your First Base (Ep 4)

This RUST tutorial video series is brought to you by TinyPirate, who enjoys covering builder, survival, and sandbox based video games. He provides in-depth tutorials, guides, Let’s Play series, and all around fun times for all interested in watching his content. This time around, he’s worked on an updated, in-depth RUST Tutorial Series for 2019, broken apart into four digestible episodes.

This post covers  Your First Base, the fourth episode in a four part RUST tutorial series.

With that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Ahoy here. I’m TinyPirate, welcome to my fourth Rust tutorial. I’m hanging out on the Intoxicated Gaming Sandbox because you get to build to your hearts content and experiment, which is something that if you get into the base building in Rust you’re going to want to do.


So what’re we going to cover today?


We’re going to cover first of all the Meta, the base building Meta as it stands early 2019. We’re going to cover the basic concepts around base building such as the tools you use, what is a good base defense and what isn’t, all that kind of stuff. It’s pretty interesting I think you’ll agree. Finally we’re going to talk about your very first little newbie base. So without further ado, let’s get cracking.

Chapter 1: The Meta

So when we’re talking about the base building meta we’re talking about what styles and trends are currently popular and what that means for you as a Rust player. So the first thing to note really is that the very simple bases don’t change. Simple starter bases that people build are pretty commonly one or two rooms with an airlock. And an airlock, if you don’t know, is a door, a room, and a door. You can keep one of those closed at any time, ideally both and in that way you can exit into your base without leaving all the doors open and letting the bad people in.


There are evolving styles and trends for basis and any Rust base building search on YouTube will pull back a lot of interesting channels doing really interesting builds. I encourage those of you who fancy themselves as elite based builders to go and watch a bunch of channels and look at what is currently the way things are being done and the way things are trending. All of this changes all the time as Facepunch, the developers, modify the way that buildings are made in Rust and add new features and options like electricity which was added relatively recently.


People designing bases on YouTube are usually trying to maximize the difficulty of a base being raided, that is attacked, by other players. Over what may be expected for the reward from the base. So a small, really tough base, may not be worth raiding at least not until other bases have been raided. Whereas a really poorly made base that’s looking like it’s full of juicy loot is going to be first on a raiders list. And also some base building video makers are just in it for the most interesting and unusual exploits, based on what the current build system allows. And that stuff is pretty entertaining to watch.


And some people really love this part of the game, and spend a lot of time trying to figure out really interesting and complex base designs with all kinds of traps and tricks in them to fool raiders. Other people just slapped down a 2×2 square, call it a day. You’ll find a lot of YouTube streamers do this.

Chapter 2: Basic Concepts

So let’s look at the tools as the first part of our basic concept. So the first thing is we have a plan, and as you can see when I’ve got it, I might have equipped, I can look around and place it. If I can’t place it I’m either trying to place it in the sky, I’m near someone else’s building and their tool couple blocks me (more on that later), or I’m near a monument or cave or something like that. They do have a blocking radius around them. So I’ve got this plan and I can just click to lay stuff down and that takes wood out of my inventory.


Now because I’m on this build server, everything is free. On the Intoxicated Server, a middle click pulls up this options, and you can read about this yourself. I’m not going to do a tutorial on the build servers, but this is a pretty good one and it’s really easy to use. And as you can see I can look around and snap my foundations to each other. Oh look, there you go, I’m turning into a YouTube streamer, I just made a 2×2!


What’s also cool now is I can right click and this allows me to choose other building features. So that was the foundation. There are also triangle foundations, and I would want one of those for an airlock usually, a cheap airlock. And then I can choose walls, which are like this. And clicking lays out some simple walls all the way around my base. Now when it comes to making a doorway, I want to choose the doorway feature.


Pretty technical, I know, but we’re getting there. And for a roof, I would choose a floor. There’s no roof feature, well there is a roof feature, but we’ll cover that another day. And yes you could build it, but for now, we’re just going to go with a very simple floor, floor, floor. And this gap I want to put a triangle down for another floor and I need to be here. There we go, so we’re almost kind of secure with doors. With an upgrade of everything this would be fine.


One of the things to note, however, is that this is alone not enough to be secure. Because watch what happens if I get myself any kind of basic weapon, I can just spawn one from the F1 menu, I’m going to show you this once so just so you know how this works. So let’s pull out this wonderful salvage dance, it’s how the build server works. I can whack on this, and as you can see, it’s not going to be too long before this wall is coming down because right now this is just a twig foundation and bullets shred these. Anyone with malicious intent is gonna ruin your life.


And as you can see when I mouse over down here it tells me how much wood they cost, so you need to have enough resources to place these down for starters. And then you need to whip out your trusty hammer and do an upgrade. So the hammer has a few jobs it can do. First of all it will let you pick things up. So for example down here with my hammer in my hand I can look at this box, hold down e, and pick this up. It does a little bit of damage when I pick it up, but because I’ve got the hammer and I’m not in anyone’s control zone I can just run off with those.


They’re often a lot of bases you find abandoned on the map, and if you’re lucky you can steal their boxes, which is a real weasel saver. The other thing you can do with this is right click and upgrade things. So I can upgrade things to three different levels: wood, stone, sheet metal, and armoured. So what I can do here is just right click on things to upgrade them to a higher quality. If you can avoid going to wood, you do. It’s generally best to do with stone. Wood is more vulnerable to things. It is vulnerable to fire, vulnerable to people wrecking it.


It is not as vulnerable as twig, it will hold for a while but if you have a wooden base you’re going to be first on the to-raid list, so you’re going to want to get stone. And then bam you can see I’m upgrading to stone, and so the foundation is upgraded and that’s a nice place to be. These foundations as you can see show, see you stone, they are wonderfully prepared to keep everything bad away.


Next on the list is upgrading the walls, and the very good builders can get very fast at this. I’m just going a touch slow. Oh, I whacked it. If something was damaged, like this one here, I can whack it with my hammer if I have the wood or the stone or whatever. The result is I will repair. Looking up I can repair these, you do not want to leave your ceilings as twig, people will come and bash their way through them.


As it stands I now have a fully stone base. That is a reasonably tough start. Later on you may want to upgrade this to metal. Something to note about these walls, first of all, is that hey have two sides. As we can see here the texture on the outside is different than the texture on the inside. The outside texture means that I can whack on this pretty much forever with any kind of tool and I’m not going to do any damage at all, but on the inside, I switched over to a pickaxe, and as you can see the wall is slowly coming down.


If you put a wall on backwards you can have issues. If I have this jack hammer then it’s even more disgusting how quickly this wall will come down. If I’m on this side of the wall, see, much slower. The final tool we’re gonna talk about is the electricity tool. I’m not going to be messing with that in this tutorial. It’s for all the components that you may find the logic components or solar panels or all that kind of stuff. The electrical lights, and door controllers- that’s really not a topic we’ll be covering any time soon. There are plenty of electricity tutorials out there for those of you keen on looking at such things.


It should be noted that the hammer can reverse things. So if you’ve got a wall on the wrong way around, you’re placing your twig and you didn’t get it the right way around, you can just use the hammer to reverse it. And you can tell if the twig is the right or wrong way around by looking at it. So for example, here, this is what we call the soft side. It’s the side with the X. So if I wanted to make an extra layer of honeycomb or walls or doors to get through, I wouldn’t want to soft side facing people coming into the base. So I might turn it this way, and then if I was feeling crazy I’d put this here, and looks like that’s the wrong way around as well. Rotate it, and upgrade it.


You can only rotate your own walls for a few minutes after you’ve placed them and it’s really important to note after a few minutes you cannot rotate them anymore. You can upgrade them. So if you’ve made a mistake, like you’ve put in a wall like this, and you’re like ‘ah damn it, now someone can burst through here’. What you can do is actually just upgrade it to sheet metal and that is a lot stronger and in fact, although it has a side, you can see the difference between the two here.


Practically speaking, the raiders is going to have the same amount of trouble to get through. It’s not soft the same way that stone is. If you’re looking at a soft sided wood doorway or wall, then what you’re seeing, what you’re looking for is the difference between those kinds of planks and those are logs on the side.


So this is the tough side, that’s the soft side. If this was my base I’d want to turn it round to make that inside wall a little stronger. The final type of material I’ll quickly cover is the armoured material. So if you look here you can see it’s 2,000 hit points compared to 250 for the wood, thousand for the metal, 500 for the stone. It doesn’t have a hard or a soft side, just like the metal. Only problem is it is made out of a lot of high quality metal fragments compared to the metal fragments for just a metal wall. High quality metal is a little hard to come by and usually used for making weapons, so people use it very sparingly on bases.


You will often find people using sort of high quality metal walls for armoured walls, as they get called in game. You’ll find people using them further for the tool cupboard which we’ll talk about in a second, or at least for the bunker for the tool cupboard. The next basic set of tools we’re going to talk about is the door. And here is a wooden one, so I’ve asked people in the third tutorial to make a wooden door, and as you can see, yeah it’s very nice!


Problem is without a lock, anyone can walk in and out of it and they can, even if the door is open, just walk off with it by holding e. So what we do it put locks on them, and I’ve just put that door around the wrong way. We’ll discuss that later. We’ve put a door on the base and then we have a lock. So there are a couple of different locks. The first one I’ve got highlighted now is the key lock. It’s quite cheap to make and anyone can make this very simply with I think it’s like a hundred wood. Once it’s on there you can see it’s green, it’s not currently locked.


Very important thing to remember. You need to hold E on it, and you need to select lock. Now it’s locked. The person who puts the lock on, and locks it, can open and close it themselves, no one else can unless you create a key, which almost always you don’t want to do, but I’m going to show you what this looks like anyway. So I’ve created a key, it’s now in my inventory, I could give that to a friend.


Only problem is if they die with it then, and if they had that, so anyone who has that key, whether it’s your friend or someone else, they can use that key and get in and out of the base and open the doors. You need one for each of the locks. They aren’t very common. They used to be somewhat common for new players to use them while they are waiting to get a code lock, but now no one uses keys because they added the feature to just have it keyed essentially to the person who closes the lock. So for solo players, just a little key lock like this is ideal.


It is not uncommon for people to have one person in the base at all times so that until they can make the code lock people who come in and out easily. They can open and close it all for them but pretty much everyone as soon as they can wants to move off this lock. They want to move on to the code lock which is the next type of lock. So we’ll get rid of this, the code lock is a good one for teams really.


So we just hold e, we get unlock, we pick it up, and we remove it. And we have to be very careful now that someone doesn’t come and slap a lock on because you could get locked in your base if you’re not quick. If you have people that you’re teaming with, good idea to ask them to hang around outside while you finish the doors locks. If you’re a solo player, you’ve just gotta get really quick at this process of putting doors on and putting locks on.


So for a code lock, its a hundred middle frags to make, and you just put it down. It’s currently unlocked. So we have to go change lock to lock it. You can then just type in with the number pad, or you can just click a code like that and you get a book and it’s now locked. Now I can get in and out. And anyone who didn’t know how to get in can come up, hold down e, and choose unlock with code, and that will allow them to then also access the same door, so that way bases can set up doors and what have you, that multiple people can use as long as they know the code.


Obviously be very careful about how you share that code, anyone who had that code or who guesses that code can get into your base. With a code lock unlocked you can actually set things like a guest code, and a guest code means that someone can use the lock but they can’t then take the lock off, they can’t change the code, which I would disable to do now. They can’t remove the codes or do anything to it really, so if you don’t trust people that you’re teaming with or you want to invite people into a certain part of your base you can set guest locks on part of things and they can come and go but they just can’t do anything else. So quite handy. I can lock it with the existing code, change the pass codes, and it’s going to lock it now.


That’s a pretty good start, the only problem is that these wooden doors are quite vulnerable to damage. They are a little bit risky to use, but for a start they’re kind of cheap to make and they’re a good place to start. What you want to get to as soon as possible is a nice metal door. Now I’ve got a skin on mine so when I place it down it’s going to look all fancy, but most people will, as you can see what it looks like, get a very simple one. I can just put a code on it and lock it up. Type in my code, and now I have a very simple airlock, and the best thing about this airlock is that if all the doors are open, it’s still kind of impossible for someone to squeeze through.


That might be able to be done by friends, but it’s not common for people to do that as sort of actively. And if you’re quick you can always lock the doors if you spawn inside your base if you died in the doorway or something. But as it stands now that’s a nice doorway, I can close this door, come in, and get them in and out of my base this way. Very handy. And to change the door for metal one, just unlock, now where is it, remove lock, open door, pick the door up. I’d have one hopefully in my inventory already, and I’d look left or right for whether I want the door to come in or out when it opens. I want it to open in.


The reason for that is if I’m inside the base, it’s still accessible to me, and bam doors locked. Now I can go about my day. Metal doors are much harder to take down. Not as kickass and tough as armoured doors. I’m going to pull one out so you can have a look at one. Here we go, armoured door. Armoured doors are rather cool. They have a little hatch that you can look and shoot through, but you may not find one in any normal playthrough of a newbie player. It could well be that you just never come across these in the game. Much more likely to be using a lot of sheet doors to keep yourself alive and keep your base safe.


It’s now time to talk about the tool cupboard. So I’ve made one here, they cost a thousand wood. As soon as you have a thousand wood they come up as an option. When you have it in your inventory and ready to place, if you have no one else blocking your build you can place it anywhere on a foundation. I’m trying to stand up this one right and nice and neat in the corner.


Once I do, I can run up, hit authorize, and now it says that I have build privilege in this area, which means that for a radius around the foundations that are attached to this foundation that’s build up, no one else can build except for me. What it’s also telling me is that this base is decaying. So tool cupboards do a couple of things, and I put some resources in here to keep it. It’s still decaying because of the high quality. I’m gonna just cheat and get myself, here we go, some high quality metal. Bam. There we go, that’ll do the trick. Put that in there. There you go, my base is now protected for a day.


So tool cupboards are where you put your loot for upkeep, bases require resources. If they don’t have resources, what happens is the walls and everything start to take damage and will eventually crumble and fall down. It is very important to make sure your tool cupboard is well stocked with whatever it requires. So right now, it looks like arguably I’m a little short on stone. So if I put more stone and it’s going to ramp that maintenance up for a lot longer.


As soon as it expires, the base is going to start falling over. And I have some hours before all the walls on the outside pretty much start collapsing. You can also put other resources in here. So I can put cloth, I can put fuel, you can put all kinds of bits and bobs and dump it in your tool cupboard. Quite useful as a secondary storage, this makes it a pretty prime target for any raiders to get to. People do want to get tool cupboards. They do want to chop them down, which takes a while, but is doable with tools. They are pretty tough but not impervious to damage.


So you also want to stop people from just running up to it and hitting authorize. Because anyone can just run up and hit authorize, they can also just come up and clear the authorize list like this. And this means that I can’t build in here anymore. What you want to do is put a lock on it. So in this case I’m just gonna lock it with a simple code lock, and now I can access it but no one else can. That’s a very good idea. You always want to be code locking your tool cupboard. The tool cupboard is also vital in determining who gets shot by traps.


So say if I put this trap here and put some ammunition in it, and I put one shotgun shell, yep, no, no it only takes handmade shells, what am I doing? Dumb pirate you idiot. So here you go, we’ve generated a shell for us. That’s what’s great about being on the build server. Put that in here, and it’s not going to shoot me because I am authorized. But if I come here and deauthorize… ahhh! It’s going to shoot me and anyone else who isn’t authorized, so I need to be authorized to get in. If your tool cupboard is locked with a key lock you can always come along and just go unlock so your buddies can come and authorize, and then you can just lock it again when you know they’re authorized.


Probably want to take ammunition out of any traps you’ve deployed before they do that. So that works with a shotgun trap, for the flamer trap, and for yeah for the shotgun trap and the flamer trap. The turret, the order turrets likely need to be controlled by electricity, and has its own authorizing and permission system that I’m not going to cover today. But if you’re a new player, you’re more likely to come across shotgun and flamer traps than you are auto turrets. So just make sure when you put them down everyone else around you has authorized on the tool cupboard.

Chapter 3: Your First Base

So it’s time to put down your very first base. You’ve chosen your ideal location and you’ve had a good think about where that is, and you’ve had a good explore and you’re confident with what you’ve got, You’ve got your tools, your plan, you’ve got your hammer, you’ve got your tool cupboard, locks, and at least one door, maybe two, and you’re ready to go. So what’re we going to build?


We’re going to start very simple. I’m going to advocate that you just build a very simple two square base with an airlock on it. I know it’s not fancy, but it is very cheap. And the way I’m going to do this is very slow, but what I want you to do is try and get this very quick because people will love to interrupt you when you are building, and if they do they will steal your stuff and kill you and laugh like maniacs into the distance.


So you’re going to choose where to place your first foundation, like this. And what I like to do then is I like to get my tool cupboard down straight away and lock it. So we’re just going to go for three walls, and then you’re gonna grab the hammer, you’re going to upgrade to stone, each one of these before it gets too late. Then you’re just going to pull out the tool cupboard and you’re just gonna whack it as neat as you can straight in the corner.


You’re gonna hit authorize on it, and then you’re gonna put a lock on it, you’re going to hold e, and you’re going to lock it. Now, you’re basically kind of safe at this point. Yes, you could get killed and yes, all your stuff could be stolen, but this is always going to be here. No one can come along here and build on this area at all. They can’t build for a radius around here. This location is essentially secure for the time being, even if it’s not a base yet. But lets just presume you made it through this tip without issues.


Next thing we’re gonna do is put down another foundation. Then we’re gonna put down a twig foundation to one side. I like to have it to one side not at the end, I think it gives you a little more internal room. We’re gonna surround three of those with walls, and then we’re gonna put two doorways down. Pull out the hammer, and right click them. I should start with foundations first, because if they get destroyed what they’re stuck on falls off.


We’re gonna get at least these ones down before we put out this door on. And our doors gonna just open that way and we’ll get a lock and a lock. We are now, I wouldn’t exactly say secure, but we’re a little more secure than we were before. And I can go ahead and put the floor on. That’s two squares. And now I can get to the stoning of them, and wow we now have a stone base. If you’re very short on resources, stone for the foundations, at least wood for the walls or ceiling is okay. But you should be able to do that with the resources you get on your first campaign run. Yeah.


So now you can kind of go, ‘oh thank god I’m safe-ish, I can log off now and never play Rust again because the anxiety has vanished!’ But now is a really good time to put down any deployables you’ve got. So if you’ve got a sleeping bag, you wanna put that down and I would just put it near the door because it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t get in the way. You can walk over it, other things you will want to have down.


If you have a bunch of stuff on you, you can make a box. They’re about a hundred wood, from memory. If you know you have enough resources to complete the base you probably do. If you lay down all the twig, you can put that down. I like to snug it in there, but if I don’t like it later on I can just come around and pick it up. Now I can open this and store a bit of my stuff. Of course, I will also want to put some resources in the tool cupboard to stop the whole base from slowly decaying. Yeah, it’s happy now. What does it require? Not too much for 24 hours.


And while we are hopefully there we can get on and do the rest of the upgrades. I’ll close this base door behind me, oh… Well that’s wonderful I suppose. You’d probably upgrade it to stone, get the ceiling on, upgrade that to stone, and then your final door would go on. And hopefully along with it, you’ve prepared yourself a, I was gonna steal one off the build menu on the main server, you’ve prepared yourself another lock. And lock. Now you have an airlock, and I’ve put it on the wrong way around.


This is how you don’t do it. So I can unlock and pick the door up in my haste, there we go. I want this opening inwards. That way if all else fails, say the worst happens and somehow I’ve died and I’ve left both the doors open, I don’t even have to get outside the base to close it, no one can come through here because the doors jammed them. So I can actually come in here and close this door, close this door, and the base is secure again.


And now I can then go running off into the wild. So let’s have a little look at what we’ve made. Ignoring my metal wall there, it’s a very very simple base. It would keep you going for a while. There’s a bit of room in there for tools and other things we’ll talk about later, and the nice thing is I can made it more secure by adding more foundations and walls. So later on as I gather a bit more resources I may want to come in here and just kind of put down a little more doors to get to all of my loot, and that could keep the base even more stronger and tougher to raid.


Until such time as people just blow through the walls. So I hope you’ve found this video useful. I know it has been quite long and detailed but honestly a lot of people who get these basic wrong. You will see, out in the wild, people using backward walls, using all kinds of mistakes, not securing their bases properly, and they get raided and they lose all their stuff and they get upset and they cry. We don’t want that for you, you’re a smart player. You’re willing to sit through a decent tutorial on these things.


Anyway, until next time, I’m TinyPirate, and thanks for watching.



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