RUST: Trainyard Unloading Update

What’s new in RUST’s Trainyard Unloading Update

Facepunch released RUST’s Trainyard Unloading Update on August 4th, 2022. This update focused primarily on the Trainyard’s new Unloading event, which required integrating the above-ground railway system with the monument. The railway is expected to connect with the remaining monuments in future updates.

RUST’s Trainyard gets made over

The Trainyard’s layout was shuffled a bit during this update. In addition to some of the cleanup and lighting work that was done, the biggest change to the monument is the addition of the new Cobalt Logistics Coaling Tower. This new building is key to the unloading event and requires a Green Keycard for entry and a Fuse for accessing the console controls for the tower.

Unloading RUST loot wagon from the coaling tower control room

The console contains controls for advancing or reversing the train queue, making it an easy task to unload several unloadable wagons with the literal press of a button. Once the wagon is fully unloaded, the contents of ore or low-grade fuel wagons will be made available in the output hoppers on the bottom floor of the coaling tower.

Find unloadable wagons filled with goodies.

Players can now find unloadable wagons of various types on the sidings of the railway. These wagons contain ores, Low Grade Fuel, and loot crates. Ore wagons currently come in sulfur, metal, and charcoal varieties; no high-quality metal at this time. Curious players can take a peak into the contents of the wagon, but only using the coaling tower can they extract the goods.

RUST Unloading wagon at the coaling tower

Players can pull these wagons to the Trainyard using a workcart or locomotive and push them under the coaling tower to have the contents extracted and output into hoppers inside the coaling tower. Once a wagon has been emptied, it will soon decay, so loot up quickly.

New weapons: Molotov Cocktail and Flashbang

The newest additions to players’ raiding arsenal are the Molotov Cocktail and the Flashbang. Both items are throwable, incendiary weapons, and both are available for crafting in the Techtree. 

RUST's new molotov cocktail weapon

The Molotov Cocktail is a short-range attack that emits fire damage to nearby objects over time. It can be a lethal attack against wooden structures and people who get in the way. Learn more about the RUST Molotov Cocktail on our item page.

RUST's new flashbang weapon

The Flashbang is a short-fused explosive that delivers momentary blindness to players in its radius. This disorienting weapon does a tiny bit of damage but is better suited for internal base-clearing operations. Learn more about the RUST Flashbang on our item page.

Other notable changes in this update

  • Cleanup to improve performance when approaching NPCs.
  • All three tiers of scrap teas have been buffed with better scrap yields and longer timers.
  • All wooden signs have received world-model updates.
  • Fix for an old bug for invalid projectiles when mounted in a vehicle.
  • Cliffs have received several collider updates to make them easier to climb. 
  • Introduction of a custom ambient lighting model to improve environment lighting and create richer, more realistic environments.
  • Monument light switches are now live for monuments that received lighting upgrades. 
  • The workcart implemented for the above-ground railway now has reduced pulling power to make the locomotive the superior choice.
  • A variety of improvements to performance
  • 6 new radio stations were added for the boombox
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