RUST Tool Cupboard Stacking Exploit (2018)

RUST Tool Cupboard Stacking Exploit

Our partner Lloydz has a new video out, covering a great tool cupboard stacking exploit. He caught wind of this trick from another Youtuber, by the name of Ideals. Be sure to check out his channel as well for some quality RUST videos. This exploit will allow you to setup multiple tool cupboards in a single base’s area of influence, making loot rooms utilizing windows even more of a pain for raiders.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

What’s going on everybody welcome back to another video, now, first of all, all credit goes to Ideal for this exploit I’ll leave a link to his channel down below.


Now, I’ve seen a lot of players using this trick where you need to the TC to take off the window, but what if your tool cupboards are stacked and they need to find two.


Today I’m going to show you how to stack your tool cupboard in building 3.2.


So start off with your base and come out eight squares from your base and place your tool cupboard in the 1×1 at the the end, come back to your base and remove the first square and you’ll be able to place a second TC.


If raiders blow the first TC they still have to blow the second as I’m still in building privilege, this is great if you have the window looting trick.


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