RUST Tips & Tricks (2019)

RUST Tips & Tricks (2019)

Today we’re bringing you some quick, RUST Tips & Tricks from our partner, xRaw.
These tips are great bits of advice for new players just starting out as well as experienced players looking to step up their game. XRaw covers tips for safe resource farming, scrap farming, resource trading, base building and waypoint travel around the map.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to another video. In today’s video we’re looking at some quick tips and tricks for both new and experienced rust players. I’ll also be giving away this knife skin next week in my discord. Just leave a comment on which tip you liked and what you think I should use for future videos.


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Tip 1: Farming
You can farm nodes and trees within the safe-zone that the outpost provides. 5 second timer resets if you switch to an empty slot, and you can switch every few hits to avoid going hostile. This is really good for solo players because it means that you can farm in peace knowing that no one will kill you. If they do, they’ll die. If they are shot far enough away from outpost and they aren’t in the safezone, you can even loot and take all of their stuff.


Tip 2: Farming
Similar to the previous tip, you can also farm barrels and loot crates within the safety of the outpost. To gain scrap and components without worrying about being killed. Although, this is somewhat limited to the amount of roads located around the safe zone.


Tip 3: Low Grade Fuel
If you are struggling to find any animals at the start of the wipe and you are running past outpost anyway, grab a few barrels outside and recycle any components that you’ve collected along the way. In this shop you can buy 25 low grade fuel for 5 scrap. Many a furnace will only cost you ten.


Tip 4: Farming; Wood for Stone
If you are struggling to find any stone nodes you can trade wood for stone at the same shop in the outpost. The trade price is 500 wood for 150 stone. While this doesn’t actually sound that good, think about this: you could spend 5 minutes running around to only find 2 or 3 stone nodes if you’re lucky. That’s around 1.5 – 2.2k stone using a stone pick. Which is around 300-440 stone per minute. Or, you could spend the same time farming trees, that grow next to each other, and get just under 2.5k wood per minute which, if traded in outpost, equates to 730 stone per minute.


Tip 5: Sleeping
When spawning on the beach on a fresh wipe, run straight to where you want to build. Pick up hemp along the way and craft bags to place along your journey. This creates way points on the map you can respawn at each time if you die, reducing the time it takes to get to your base location and get your base down.


Tip 6: Ocean Farming
You’ll often find that the roads have no barrels left to farm, or, if there are any, you get killed by a group before or after you’ve collected them. To avoid this, try collecting some low grade fuel and farming for scrap in the ocean via boat. You usually get more low grade back than you will use and all you need is a boat. Just build a small base in the water to keep your boats at and you’re set.


Tip 7: Space Efficiency
When building your base, if you have a triangle near the middle, build this slightly lower. This will allow you to place three furnaces in the gap. There’s no increase to the cost of the base and no effect on the functionality, it just gives you extra space.


Tip 8: Testing on Creative / PvE
If you seen a nice base design on YouTube, or a guide on shooting and recoil, don’t jump straight into a server and use them. You could spend ages farming the resources only to mess it up or die mid way. Always jump into a creative or PVP server first and give the ideas a test run. It will only take a few minutes and it could save you half an hour, an hour, or even more on a real server.


Thanks for watching. If you did enjoy, don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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