RUST Team Guide – Create, Invite & Manage a Team

Introducing RUST Team Management

The RUST Team system allows players to form a group to provide private in-game chat and map visibility for each online team member. The RUST team concept was introduced in The Team Update, allowing RUST players to formulate teams of up to 8 members on vanilla settings. With the addition of the RUST+ app, team mates can also chat in team chat while logged out of RUST, which provides an alternative to using 3rd party apps like Discord for team coordination.

With the team system in the game, players are able to identify team players from non-team players, with a visual indicator system.

  • White Dots identify that the player is not in your team roster.
  • Green Dots identify that the player is in your team roster, currently online and alive.
  • Grey Dots identify that the player is in your team but offline.
  • Red Dots identify that the player is in your team and dead.

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Creating a new team in RUST

All players are able to create a RUST team, regardless of their role. When RUST teams are created, they automatically add the initiating player and mark them as the team leader.

Follow these steps to create a new team in RUST:

  1. You must not be part of an existing team
  2. Press the Tab button to open the inventory screen
  3. Click on the Create Team button

Once a new team has been formed, the team leader’s name will appear in green on the lower left of the screen, with a checkmark to the left of their name. The green check indicates the team leader role. All other active team members will also appear on this team roster, in chronological order from which they were invited.

Create a RUST Team

Create a RUST Team

Inviting new team members

In order to invite new team members:

  1. You must have the team leader role
  2. In the game, walk up to the player you wish to invite
  3. Then press the E button to invite

Once a new team member has been invited, they will hear a notification sound and will have a prompt displayed in the lower left of their inventory screen. When the invited player accepts the invitation, they will be added to the team and appear on the team roster as an active member. Their name will now appear green with a green dot below their name. The controls to leave the group will become available. In addition, they will also become available for promotion to team leader.

Inviting New RUST Team Members

Inviting New RUST Team Members

Joining a team

When a player wishes to join a team, they will need to be invited by the specific RUST team’s team leader. The group’s current team leader can be identified by the check mark next to their name in the Team UI.

In order to join a team:

  1. Locate the team leader in game
  2. Ask and wait for an invitation
  3. Press Tab to open the character inventory
  4. Click on the Accept button

When an invitation is sent, a prompt will display in the inventory screen, displaying the following:

Join a RUST Team

Leaving a RUST team

When a player has joined a team, they can choose to leave that team at any time.

In order to leave a team:

  1. Press the Tab button to open the inventory
  2. Click on Leave Team button

Once a player has left a team, they will be removed from the team roster. They will no longer have a green name and dot displayed above their character. Their name will be white and a white dot will persist over their head. In addition,  they will also be able to be invited to and join, different teams or create a new team them self.

Leave a RUST Team

Promoting a team leader

Current team leaders can pass the role to other members of the team. Promoting a different team member will pass the role on and remove it from the prior team leader.

In order to promote another team member to team leader:

  1. You must have a team leader role
  2. In the game, walk up to the new target leader
  3. Press and hold the E button until the progress bar completes

Once completed, the new leader will now have the green check mark next to their name. If the team leader leaves with no additional team members, the team will automatically be disbanded. Otherwise when a team leader leaves, without promoting a replacement leader, the next player in the team roster will take over and be marked as the new team leader.

Promote a Team Member

Locating RUST team members

When a new RUST team member is added to your team roster, that player will now be able to be seen on the map. There will be a small green dot, with the team member’s in-game name displayed above it. Your avatar will remain as a yellow dot indicator on the map.

In order to locate team members:

  1. You must first be in the same team
  2. Press the G button to open the map
  3. Observe the green dots with team member names

Locating RUST Team Members

Kicking a team member

If a team member needs to be kicked, the team’s leader has the ability to individually remove team members through the interface. Team members can be removed regardless if they’re online or off, in the line of sight or not.

In order to kick team members:

  1. You must be the team leader
  2. Hover the cursor over the team member to kick
  3. Press the Kick button

Once a player has been kicked, their name will be removed from the team roster. Their name tag and a dot will turn white.

Kicking a Team Member


Frequently asked questions about RUST Teams

Can you disable the team system?RUST admins can disable the team system if they choose to for their server. It is enabled in the base Vanilla game by default.
Can you join multiple teams?No, only one team per player.
Can multiple teams align or join together?No, only one team of 8 players may be grouped together.
Can you change the color of the team roster, dot, or names?No, colors cannot be modified in Vanilla.
Can you see team members through walls, buildings, and geography?No, as of the Bandit Camp Update, this was modified so that line of sight is required to see your team members.
Can team sizes be changed?Yes, teams sizes can be modified by server administrators. It defaults to 8 players in Vanilla.
Do teams work for tool cupboards and traps?No, they are completely separate systems.
Can you see a sleeping team member’s green dot or name?Yes and no. When you are in the line of sight of the sleeping team member, the player’s green dot and name will show. If you have lost line of sight however, you will not see their dot (or name).
How do you tell who is the team leader?The team leader will have a check mark next to their name.
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