RUST Suicide Command, Hints and Tips

RUST suicide command, what it does

The RUST suicide command will immediately cause your character to turn into a corpse, which can then be looted by all players and will decay over time. RUST players who use this command will be immediately presented with the re-spawn options screen and can choose to re-spawn with any of the available options.

When a player selects a sleeping bag to re-spawn into, a timer is initiated in which the player will not be able to re-spawn into that sleeping for 289 seconds. If the player chooses a bed to re-spawn into, it will have a time of 102 seconds. There is no time for the random location option.

If the player was actively holding an item in their hotkey bars, such as a tool or weapon, it will fall to the ground and will not show up as an item on the player’s corpse when someone tries to loot them. A player will have to locate the item on the ground and manually loot it. This can be difficult if the item has fallen into a grassy area, for this reason, it’s important to enable the grass displacement setting.

Also note if the player enters the command more than once into the console, it will have no effect until they have chosen a re-spawn location, whether it’s a random location, a sleeping bag or bed. After the player has re-spawned they can enter the suicide command again and will be presented once again with the re-spawn options screen.

Some practical reasons for using the suicide command:

  • Re-spawning at a sleeping bag or bed, for fast travel across the game world
  • Quick access to a deeply honeycombed base, tall tower base, or deep cavern base
  • Re-spawning at a random location in the game world
  • Preventing other players from confirming long distance kill shots, by obfuscating the combat log
  • Freeing yourself when stuck on the game’s geography or objects
  • Getting out of a raid gone bad or when having fallen into a trap base
  • If you’re looking to start fresh because the clan next door pillaged you into oblivion

Who can enter the RUST suicide command

The suicide command can be issued by all RUST players, moderators, and administrators.

Note for administrators and moderators, the suicide command/kill command will not work while inside of an RCON console, as the kill command works only in the context of the player issuing the command into the console. Administrators and moderators cannot pass other players names as a parameter for this command. If they attempt to do so in the game, it will backfire and kill the administrator or moderator immediately.

RUST suicide command syntax

The only available suicide command in RUST was changed to the following syntax listed below:


How to enter the RUST suicide command

The RUST suicide command/kill command can only be issued from the in-game console while logged into a server. Players must press the F1 key on their keyboard to first open the in-game console. Once that is open, they will then type the kill command listed above into the console and press enter.

The console will then display the following upon success:

You died. suicide by Suicide
Got Respawn Information 
LocalPlayer.Entity.SecondsSinceDeath: 0.009845832
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