Strongbox Base Design (2018)

The Strong Box, a Starter to Main Base Design

The Strongbox Starter to Main, created by our partner xRaw, is another solid starter base configured specifically to expand into a larger main base design.

This RUST base design features numerous anti-raid mechanics and a tight, compacted internal build. Both internally and externally, you’ll find multiple areas for active base defense.

There’s also complete roof access, allowing for a helicopter tower or additional storage to be added to the top after the final build stage has been completed.

Be sure to take note of the base’s main entry point. The trio of shotgun traps has proven to be quite effective and their well-positioned location on the angled roof makes them extremely difficult to avoid and destroy.

Building Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 10,800
  • Wood: 7,200
  • Stone: 27,500

Upkeep Cost:

  • Metal Fragments: 3,800
  • Wood: 100
  • Stone: 5,300

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

Video Transcript

The Strongbo, Solo-main Compact Base Design


Anti-Raid Mechanics


Solo-Main Base


Coming in to the base here we just have a few garage doors to open up this area.


If you jump on the furnace and up to the second floor, there’s two windows with window bars.


So coming around to the side and continuing up you have roof access. You can build a heli tower or fill this area with boxes.


Let’s continue around here to the bottom of the base, and jump in through here we have the middle of your base.


Shotgun traps are well placed, meaning their difficult to destroy. There’s plenty of boxes and furnaces on each side.


Continuing into here is the core of your base and the starter of the 1×2. There’s an un-lootable tool cupboard and plenty of  boxes, as well as your workbench.

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