RUST Strong Small Group Base Design (2019)

RUST Strong Small Group Base Design

Everherd is back with his latest RUST base design, the strong small group base design!

This video has an awesome dream-like sequence introduction that Everherd took great care to make, while long, totally worth it! This RUST base design is intended for small, trio sized groups. It utilizes some roof stacking techniques that help increase the raid difficulty. The base requires 12 C4 to access a single loot room, with 6 loot rooms in total. After the initial loot room, it will take an additional 9 C4 to access the next loot room.

In addition to the expensive raid cost, this base utilizes a chair exploit that allows players to move through the base. However, it’s important to have tool cupboard access, as players will need to pick up the external chair when logging offline.

Build Cost

  • High Quality Metal: 178
  • Metal Fragments 16,830
  • Stone: 24,180
  • Wood: 8,665

Upkeep Cost

  • High Quality Metal: 38
  • Metal Fragments 4,195
  • Stone: 5,700
  • Wood: 11

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

The Tour – Strong Small Group Base Design

So my name is Everherd and today I’m going to show you a small group base.


So as you come inside we’ve got a twig stair case with two shotgun traps under it. The shotgun traps are actually going to break the twig if somebody tries going deep on you.


And here we’ve got a little shooting floor for defending your base, as well as looking out for door campers.


So here’s our chair bunker. You just sit on the chair and press e on the ladder. When going offline, you want to pick up the chair.


Here we’ve got two drop boxes and this is our main living section. We’ve got our work benches as well as our furnaces. You can also place some bags or boxes.


And here’s our main loot room. It uses garage doors so it’s wide open. These aren’t actually unlootable loot rooms, they just separate the loot rooms from main core.


We’ve also got an electricity system so you can open up your turret from the inside.


Here’s the upkeep (and build cost).

Base Build – Strong Small Group Base Design

So to build this base, you want to build a circle like that. You want to build higher triangle foundations around it. And lower on the triangles. And you will want to upgrade everything to sheet metal.


It’s going to look a little bit like that. Now you’ll want to pick the side which you’ll be entering with. Place walls on lower level.


Place a honeycomb next to them. Make sure to cap it off. And you want to upgrade this to sheet metal as well.


So now you want to place walls on the outer edges of the triangles and half walls on top of the inner triangles.


Place a wall on the opposite side of the entrance.


This is what we’ve got so far. Now you want to place in your floors as well as half walls.


The half walls can be stone or upgrade them to sheet metal for a little bit of extra protection, but it’s not that important so leave them as stone.


Now you want to do this like that. You’ll want to upgrade the closer ones to the entrance to armored and you want to upgrade the other ones to sheet metal.


We’re going to place in wall frames right here. Placing a shopfront on one side and a garage door on the other.


Placing half walls all around the lower level and you can just leave them stone.


Now place in roofs on these foundations. Upgrade them to sheet metal. Make sure to cap it off.


Upgrade the outer ones to sheet metal and the inner ones to stone.


Place in our external honeycombing. We’re gonna leave this as stone as it’s not that important.


We’re going to place in half walls on top of our entrance. Place in the floor on top of it and three window frames on top of it like that.


Now you want to wall it all off. Make sure to leave a door frame, it has to be a double door frame since a single one won’t fit the bunker. And make sure to honeycomb everything.


Place in floors right here. Wall this part off and cap it all off. Make sure to upgrade the squares to sheet metal.


And you actually want to place another layer on top. This gives us three layers of protections.


Place a door frame here and upgrade it to sheet metal so it can’t be picked. You can actually upgrade all these walls just to make sure.


Place in a wall on one side, make sure it’s sheet metal. This way if the raiders go the wrong way, they’ll have to blow back.

Now it’s time to make our bunker.


You just want to place a ladder on each side, I recommend doing it before you place the lower walls. After that you can place in the chairs.


Place in our garage doors. We also want to separate our base with garage doors like this.


Now it’s time to make our loot room. To make your loot room, you just want to place in a roof right there and make sure its twig until you’ve placed everything in.


And place in a window like that.


As I said, these aren’t unlootables. They are just for separating your base so that when someones blowing through your honeycombing they wont be able to get inside, they’ll have to blow through the window as well.


Once again place in your garage doors. Now on the second floor you’ll want to place in your furnaces. You can actually place in only three and place in some bags or boxes instead of them.


Now on the lower floor is where you want to have your bags. You can fit in around 6 bags, however you might want some boxes down there.


You can also place in a locker on the shooting floor, as well as a bag and a couple of boxes.


In the room next to your entrance you’ll want to place a turret. You’ll want to place in these door controllers.


Now you want to place in your solar panels, and you’ll want to face them facing the sun. Place in two of them, one facing the sun and one the opposite way.


Now you’ll want to combine them with the root combine. Bring the output down inside your base.


I decided to scrap the control room idea and just placed a couple of batteries in here. You’ll want to get a switch and plug the output into here.


Then you just want to power a battery with your solar panels. There we go, and now we can just open the door from inside like that.


No more door campers.


You’ll want to place in your shot gun traps as well and that is basically it.


Thanks for watching.


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See you in the next video.


Everherd out.


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