RUST Strong Small Group Base (2019)

RUST Strong Small Group Base Design

This video, RUST Strong Small Group Base Design, was created by our content partner Everherd.

This RUST Group Base Design is intended for vanilla servers and suits small groups of 3 to 5 players. The overall build cost is low enough for an early wipe setup and doesn’t require any advanced blueprints to get going, be sure to use double doors where garage doors will eventually take over.

A shooting floor has been added to the base, taking into consideration that it isn’t required for the base build and also doesn’t add a weak point to the base’s core design. It’s important however to be able to expand the base design when needed. Having roof access and 360-degree visibility of the base’s surroundings is crucial for defensive purposes.

There is an ample amount of storage inside of this base providing multiple loot rooms and potential areas for the tool cupboard to be placed. The base’s overall raid cost, when raiding perfectly to the tool cupboard comes to 26 C4. For raiders to have complete access to all of the loot rooms, it will cost them over 30 C4.

Build Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 19,888
  • Stone: 38, 975
  • Wood: 18,872

And now, on to the Strong Small Group Base Design video. Enjoy!

[ Video has been removed since originally posted ]

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Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Everherd. And today I am going to bring you this base design meant for 3-5 people. So make sure to check it out.


So as we come inside, we’ve got a door hop to get inside. I’ve decided to go with a door jamb since it’s a lot cheaper than a ladder hatch. Here we can come up to a shooting floor. I made sure that the shooting floor doesn’t influence the raid cost in any negative way. Anyways, it’s not necessary. You can save some stone by not having one. You can also place some bags up there.


So when we come deeper inside the base, we’ve got our living section. It’s all divided by garage doors. They make the raid cost a lot higher. Anyways, we’ve got our furnaces, our workbenches, our loot rooms as well as our TC.


So, to build this base, we want to make a little triangle, destroy the middle foundation, place squares around the triangle, placing these triangles. Then we want the outer honeycombing.


On one side, on the outer circle will be our entrance. Upgrade to sheet metal. I’m gonna use BGrade just so that it’s a little quicker.


On the first floor, we want our honeycombing to be metal. It’s not necessary but it’s quite important. You can actually make a starter base for this, it’s really simple. Just make a two by one with a triangle airlock on the side. I didn’t show it in the video because in my opinion, you can figure it out on your own. It’s really simple.


So you want to make your entrance downstairs on the opposite side of the door. Upgrade the metal to armored. This way, the raiders will think that that is where your core is, and they won’t be wrong, but they’ll have to go through quite a few doors to find the rest of the loot rooms.


Now, this inner layer should be sheet as well. It’s not that important, but it is important, so if you have the extra resources, be sure to do it. You can always upgrade it later. The rest of the honeycombing you want it to be stone, it’s not that important. I actually made a mistake here. It’s not an Everherd video if it doesn’t have at least one mistake in it.


The wall frames don’t actually have to be sheet metal, it’s a little bit of a waste of resources, but I decided to make them sheet metal in the core just for the visuals. You can leave them as stone.


Use stone floors for your honeycombing. Now we are going to add another layer of protection using half walls. We’ve made some separations so that rockets aren’t as effective. Now if you don’t want your shooting floor, just cap off that little gap that we left there. But if you do, just placing those half walls on those triangles and make this little flat area. Here’s a little look out post. This is so that you can defend from door campers. I am placing window frames everywhere else.


Now, in the middle, you want to make this little raised bit. This will help us get up onto the roof. Some people might say that roof access isn’t all that important, but what if you get an airdrop and it lands on your roof? That isn’t good, you gotta get on your roof, you need roof access. We also gotta place door frames everywhere.


Getting upstairs like this is really inefficient. What you want to do is actually close the door, then when it’s opening you want to jump on top of it. You can always use a ladder, but those can be quite hard to find, so I usually use door jambs. You can see how hard it is without the special technique. You can see it in the base door if you are still curious how to do it. I’m gonna quickly put on a candle hat so you guys can actually see something. It’s quite weird how Youtube compresses everything down and makes stuff darker. As I’m editing the video, it seems alright, but when I upload to Youtube I just know it’s going to be a lot darker and someone will complain that it’s too dark.


You want to place the shotgun trap and make sure that it’s facing like this. This way, if someone tries to squeeze through, like I dunno maybe they are a new player, he’s gonna get shot up by the shotgun trap. This is quite cringy looking at this, I might just cut it out but I probably won’t cuz I’m lazy. I wonder when I’m going to give up on this?


Here is going to be our secondary loot room. We’ll just do a little bit of this so we can place as many boxes as possible. I don’t really try hard on it. Ok, so, here’s going to be a bedroom. You can also use normal bags to save space, but I think beds are cooler since it’s a lot faster to respawn in beds. Also, it’s a lot harder to destroy them.  You have a choice between putting a TC in this loot room or the other one. Make it unpredictable in case your raiders watched my video. You can obviously make your loot room more efficient, if you’re wondering how, you can watch my previous video and watch the Compact Base Building video to find out how to make it more compact.


Here, you’d place your level 2 work bench and here your level 3. You can actually place two boxes under your level 3. It’s quite simple, you just rotate it and place the boxes. And this space here is so that we can place in three furnaces. It might be a bit difficult to place in the third, but it is possible. You can just jump over them, it’s not very annoying and it saves a lot of space. That’s why you want to place your foundations a little bit off the ground. Me being lazy again, not making a proper loot room, just placing some shelves.


Right here you’ll place your research table as well as your repair bench. Just slap them down.


You can place another bed right here if you have an extra team mate. And up here, we wanna place three furnaces. So in total, we have six furnaces in this base, this should be enough for most people. If not, you can place a large furnace outside. Make sure that you use all of the garage doors. When online, you can leave them open, but when you go offline make sure you close all of them. Closing your garage doors makes such a difference when someone is raiding you.


Anyways, if you enjoyed this video, make sure that you check out my other videos, as well as leave a like and subscribe and join my discord. See you guys in the next video.

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