Strong Hold, Expandable Base Design (2018)

The Strong Hold Expandable Base Design

The Strong Hold Expandable Base Design was created by our partner xRaw. It focuses on highly defensive viewpoints and gun floors with a design expandable base design. Most often, common RUST base designs overlook the need to be able to actively defend the base.

Many base designers and builders opt for a passive defense that utilizes heavy armament and traps to ward off raiders. Heavily armored bases, aided by traps, certainly can help prolong the life of a base – but they’re no substitute for active defense capabilities.

The Strong Hold enables both defense patterns. It allows for active defense of the base’s perimeter and provides excellent vantage points for an active defense. This can provide the base dwellers with the upper hand during a raid defense.

Building Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 11,500
  • Wood: 7,200
  • Stone: 25,000

Upkeep Cost:

  • Metal Fragments: 3,400
  • Wood: 100
  • Stone: 4,800

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

Video Transcript

The Strong Hold Expandable Small Group Base


Giveaway in the description!

The Tour

So coming into the base here which have a few doors to open up this area. Then there is a shop front so that you can see outside.


Jumping up here you have a small gun floor so you can see what happens outside. See what the neighbors are up too.


If you continue up and around, you have roof access. You can extend this to build a gun floor on top or just take the heli from here.


I do currently have a 20 pound Steam card giveaway going, which ends on the 14th of October so be sure to jump on that.


Coming into the bottom of the base here, we have a few shotgun traps to stop people from getting in. The way they’re positioned on the roof here blocks people from being able to destroy them.


Coming in here we have the start section with some un-lootable boxes and a few more extra boxes, furnaces, TC which is hard to raid, and the work bench.


Coming out here we have a mirror image of the starter base, with more un-lootable boxes and a salvaged shelf with more boxes.


Jumping up here you get to the next floor, which again is going to be a lot more boxes with sleeping bags and beds.


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