RUST Streamer Mode Command (Stream Sniper)

RUST streamer mode command, an anti-stream sniping tool

Facepunch Studios released a nifty anti-streaming feature back in Devblog 78 which is well hidden to the player base. The RUST streamer mode command provides players with some anti-stream sniping tools. When utilized, these tools can help guard against players trying to locate the specific server and player names that appear in a live stream. Like many online video games, RUST streamers also suffer from stream sniping.

What exactly is stream sniping?

Stream sniping is a tactic used by other gamers watching live streams, looking for information, such as a game server’s name, player count, player names, descriptions, branding and images, or any detail which provides specific information about a Streamers environment. For the stream snipers, this provides them with extra information that the streamer does not have access to, in comparison to opposing players.

Stream snipers can take advantage of the live stream intelligence and use it to gain the upper hand in combat situations, strategic planning, or use it to troll and harass the stream. Some stream snipers go so far as to DDoS the player or their server.

These anti-stream sniping tools were developed primarily for RUST players utilizing platforms such as, Youtube Gaming, Facebook Live, etc.

For RUST streamers in particular, it can be difficult to maintain and play RUST when streaming to a live audience filled with players gnawing to identify your server and location details. When DDoS attempts against players or the servers they play on are a common day problem, protecting these sensitive details can make or break a streamer’s chances of uninterrupted service and prevent unwanted harassment.

A few practical reasons for using the RUST stream mode command:

  • Used as a anti-stream sniping tool
  • Used as an anti-DDoS measure (Protecting the streamer’s specific RUST server)
  • Hiding server names
  • Hiding the server’s description details
  • Hiding the server’s header image
  • Obfuscating the names of all players you interact with, whether foe or friend

Who can enter the RUST streamer mode command

The RUST streamer mode command can be issued by all RUST players from the F1 console. This acts as a client setting, but can be interfaced through the console. When using the RUST streamer mode command, you do not need to be connected to a server, though it works when connected as well and only applies to your local client. Other players are not effected by your change.

RUST streamer mode command & variable

This command and setting are used to print the current value of the streamer mode to the console, as well as apply the setting on or off for your local RUST client, when passing the appropriate parameters.

Once this command is issued, it will enact a few changes to your local RUST client:

  • The text “Streamer Mode Active” will replace all server names found across the server selection screens.
  • The text “”Streamer mode is active. In streamer mode we hide the server description and header images so that if you’re streaming people won’t be able to easily see which server you’re on.” will replace all server description text.
  • All server header images found on the server selection screen will be removed, so no specific branding is visible.
  • You and all other players’ names will be obfuscated with new “randomly generated” names. These names are based on the unique Steam ID, tied every player’s account. The names will remain static, allowing you to adapt to the sudo-anonymous names.

Example screen of stream mode command in effect

Be aware of the streamer mode command’s limitations

Do note that there are some areas in which this command does not fully replace or hide all of the critical details which allow other players to locate which server and where you’re located.

  • Your Steam name will still appear atop the server selection screen, be wary of pressing escape.
  • Your friends actively playing will also still appear atop the server selection screen.
  • The streamer mode command only applies to the base game, if the server you’re playing on is using mods, plugins, or bots external to the RUST client, your information will not be obfuscated. (Think of things like kill feeds, server chat announcements, etc.)
  • The server’s map still gives away details that can be used to triangulate your server and worse off, your position in game.
  • Looting other player’s corpses will display the player’s Steam name in the top left corner of the inventory dialog.

Note that this command does NOT work from RCON platforms and requires using the in the game console.

Get the current stream mode  value


On success the console will display:

global.streamermode: "current_value_here"

Enable streamer mode

global.streamermode “True”

On success the console will display:

global.streamermode: "True"

Disable streamer mode

global.streamermode “False”

On success the console will display:

global.streamermode: "False"
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