Solo Fort RUST Bunker Base Design (2019)

The Solo Fort Bunker Base Design

This video, The Solo Fort Bunker Base Design, is brought to you by our partner xRaw.

This RUST bunker base design utilizes features such as compact item placements, anti-door camping measures, large storage capacity and anti-raid mechanics such as un-drainable shotgun traps.

This base is designed primarily for vanilla servers and serves as a strong solo RUST base design. It can also accommodate duo and trio groups as well. The loot is spread across the various sections of this base, making it much more difficult for a raid to be highly successful, as the cost and time needed will substantially grow if the raiders first attempts are off target.

With a raid cost of more than 1,200 explosive ammo to raid directly to the tool cupboard and cost well over 1,875 explosive ammo to access all of the loot spread across the base. This design is extremely strong for its costs.

This base also has the advantage of being easily expanded upon, as it is a “starter to main” build. This means it’s built in stages and each stage is a functional base. Players can live out of the starter portion and expand the base in stages as the resources become available.

Build Cost

  • Sheet Metal: 5,980
  • Stone:21,210
  • Wood: 5,118

Upkeep Cost

  • Sheet Metal: 1,566
  • Stone: 3,636
  • Wood: 0

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Video Transcript

The Tour

Hey guys and welcome back to another video. IN today’s video we’re looking at a strong, compact and easy to build, starter to main base, for solos, duos, trios and upwards.


Before we get into the build, here are all the items inside the base. We have your tier 2 work bench and your tier 3 work bench, as well as your tool cupboard, research bench, 9 furnaces, 4 small boxes, 4 shotgun traps, 3 sleeping bags, as well as over 16 large boxes.


All in the foot print shown here, containing only 4 loot rooms, spaced so that they’re in each corner of the base maximizing the raid cost.


Coming over to the base itself here, we have the entrance on top, accessed by these roof pieces on each side. Once on the top we have a sheet metal door airlock followed by the bunker entrance. A sheet metal roof blocking access to the base.


Upgrade this floor to high quality metal for extra strength. Now to open the bunker, simply spawn in your base inside the base and destroy the twig floor as I show here. The roof piece will collapse allowing you access in and out of your base as normal via the entrance shoot.


Jumping back up to the top of the base we have a shotgun trap with extra defense, meaning when they blow this sheet metal door here, it will shoot them.


Jumping back down to the entrance here, we have 3 un-drainable shotgun traps placed under the entrance shoots here, preventing raiders from progressing further with the raid.


Over on this side of the base here, we have your first loot room, containing some shelves which hold 5 large boxes and a furnace. We have an additional 4 furnaces here in the hallway.


And over on the other side in this loot room, we have a tier 2 work bench, a tier 3 workbench, your research bench and some more boxes.


Your tool cupboard is hidden behind this tier 3 workbench, making it un-lootable and increasing the raid cost.


Continuing over to this side of the base, we have another 2 loot rooms and filled each one with 5 large boxes and 1 furnace, with an additional 4 furnaces along the wall. The TC wall here has been upgraded to high quality metal, however this is optional.


To seal the bunker, simply place a twig floor as I show here followed by a roof which you’ll later upgrade to metal. This will then block access to the entrance shoot and increase the raid cost by the cost of the sheet wall.


The footprint to the base is simple. Starting with a square and a triangle for your starter before expanding outwards to add a loot room. And then again to add an additional two loot rooms and a layer of honeycombing.


To break down the raid cost, this is the cost to raid directly to the TC. Then this is the cost to raid all the loot.


This base is going to cost you 6k metal, 5.1k wood, 21.2k stone, with an upkeep cost of 1.6k metal, 0 wood, 3.6k stone.

Part 1

Jumping into part 1 of the build here we’re going to start with 1 triangle and 1 square, placing your tool cupboard within the triangle and sealing it off with a door. Simply add a work bench, a furnace, and two boxes so you can get started and build up some resources until you can expand onto part 2.

Part 2

For part 2 of the base we’re going to expand outwards 2 triangles and a square. This will add an additional loot room to your base so you can farm up more until you can build onto part 3.


Upgrade everything here to stone or if you can to metal and add your door frames and doors. Once you have this, simply fill in the additional loot room with boxes or furnaces and add a sleeping bag before sticking your door on and farming up to get to level 3.

Part 3

For part 3 of the build you’re going to want to expand outwards 1 square and then mirror the other side of the base. Adding space for an additional two loot rooms.


Once you’ve placed all your walls and your roofs you’re going to want to upgrade them again, if you have the resources you can skip straight to metal, however for the sake of the video I have used stone.


You’re going to want to make sure your entrance is here and sticking a door on top so you’re safe. Then you can work on the inside of your base and the loot rooms.


In each of the loot rooms here I’ve placed 5 boxes and a furnace, as well as an additional 4 furnaces and more sleeping bags.


And under the entrance shoots here, you want to make sure you place some shotgun traps which will be un-drainable, preventing raiders from progressing further into the raid.


Finally for this stage of the build you’re going to want to upgrade your tier 1 work bench to a tier 2, then if you can a tier 3. There’s space for both of these in the square as I show here. If you place them exactly as I’ve shown in this, you can place your tier 1, tier 2, research bench, 3 small boxes and 1 large box all in the space of the 1×1.

Part 4

Part 4 of the base is extremely simple and can be done throughout the build if you have the metal to do so, saving stone in the process. You want to upgrade the entire core of your base, increasing the raid cost and lowering the stone upkeep.


You can upgrade the roof and the wall here as I show to high quality metal, to increase the strength of the base, though it’s not necessary.

Part 5

Finally for part 5 of the base, you’re simply going to want to add a layer of honey comb to the outside. Making the base stronger again.


As and when you get the resources, you can add more layers of honeycomb or upgrade this stone layer into metal to increase the raid cost further.


I do a number of base building guides on my channel, so feel free to check those out. As always if you did enjoy the video, don’t forget to leave a like as it really helps. And if you did enjoy, don’t forget to hit subscribe and hit the bell to enjoy all of my uploads.

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