Small Group Bunker Base Design (2019)

The Solo to Small Group Bunker Base Design

This RUST small group bunker base design video is brought to you by our partner xRaw.

This RUST base design is a robust and spacious bunker design that is optimal for solo players up to small groups. Designed for vanilla servers, this design features loot spreading, undrainable shotgun traps, anti-door-camping measures, compact item placements, and works well as a ‘starter to main’ base design. The base can be expanded to include more honeycombing as resources become available to increase the raid cost.

Raiding directly to the tool cupboard will cost raiders around 1,500 explosive ammo and around 3,000 explosive ammo to access all of the loot.

Build Cost
  • Metal Fragments: 7,100
  • Wood: 6,500
  • Stone: 28,300
Upkeep Cost
  • Metal Fragments: 2,101
  • Wood: 28
  • Stone: 5,065

And now, check out this Solo to Small Group Bunker Base Design. Cheers!

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Video Transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to another video. In today’s video we’re looking at another rust base design which goes from a starter to a main base. This base can be used for solos, duos trios and small groups upwards and contains features such as a bunker entrance and loot spreading.


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Heading over to the base here, we have a roof piece to get up to the base. Replace this with whatever works best for you. Coming up to the top, we then have a sheet door for getting in quickly, followed by some garage doors and some drop boxes for quick depositing, followed by some shotgun traps for extra defense. Swap this out for a turret if that works better for you.


Jumping down here, we have the bunker entrance and sheet roofs blocking the entrance to the base. Simply spawn in your bag and head to the center of the base as I show here. Destroying the twig floors here removes the stability that holds the roofs and opens the bunker. To gain access to your base as normal, simply place down some twig like this and you can jump up and gain access in and out of the base as normal. You can use a ladder here if it works better for you, but I find it easier to use twig floors.


Now, in the core of the base here, we have twelve furnaces, making the most of the floor space in the center of the base. And heading over here, we have the first loot room containing five large boxes and some shelves. Continuing around the corner here we have a number of barbecues and small boxes for extra storage and finally your starter base, holding another two large boxes, two furnaces, your tier 2 workbench, your tool cupboard and a number more of small boxes and finally a sleeping bag.


Continuing through the base and over to here we have your next loot room containing another five large boxes and some shelves, swap this out if you think you can get more storage in here. Continuing around to the next loot room we have a number of barbecues and small boxes for extra storage. And your next loot room contains another five large boxes. Over on this side, we have the same setup. Another five large boxes and a number of barbecues and small boxes for extra storage. The barbecues hold as much storage as the small boxes do. Coming around here, we have another four large boxes and six small boxes.


To seal up the bunker, simply place twig floors as I show here. Placing roof pieces can be difficult, so you may want to remove the furnace as I show here and then place the roof pieces on top of the middle triangle. Upgrade all three of these and this will seal the bunker increasing the raid cost. The bunker is simply an extra layer of defense that isn’t required as there is a large number of garage doors in the base meaning the raid cost is extremely high anyway.


The footprint of the base is simple. Beginning with a square and a triangle for your starter base, before expanding out to add all of your loot rooms. And finally adding all of your honeycomb. You can add extra layers of honeycomb when you have the extra stone available.


To break down the raid cost, this is the cost to raid directly to your TC, and this is the cost for all of your loot. This base is going to cost you 7.1k metal, 6.5k wood, and 28.3k stone with an upkeep of 2.1k metal, 28 wood and 5k stone. A more detailed costing can be found in the comments to include all of the deployables used as well.

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