RUST Sleep Command, Hints and Tips

What is the RUST Sleep Command?

The RUST sleep command is, for the most part, little known to RUST administrators. In June 2015, Facepunch Studios restricted the sleep command to RUST admins only, removing all players’ abilities. This prevented players from using sleep to hide or feign death mid-combat. The sleep command also allowed players to easily loot each other’s bodies in a sudo-trade mode, making it easy to search through the other player’s inventory.

For others, RUST players took advantage of the RUST sleep command while roaming the map, often so that items thrown onto the ground weren’t lost or falling into the underworld. For others, they used it as a means of surrendering, allowing the opposing players to move in and remove any threat while not having to be ‘neutralized.’

The nefarious used the sleep command to exploit the game, going into third-person view and panning around to view into other players’ bases.  Now the RUST sleep command has fewer uses, even from an administrative perspective. We’ve written a separate post that covers sleeping in RUST and provides a few tips and tricks for players to learn.

A few practical reasons for using the RUST sleep  command

  • This command has little to no use, as its functionality has been stripped away.

If Facepunch Studios were to modify this command, to at least allow for a  player’s name or Steam ID to be passed to it, the following things could be done:

  • Setting up custom scripts enabling chat commands, allowing players to “surrender”
  • Temporarily disable a player in order to inspect their inventory without plugins or modifications
  • Setup a server-wide “knock out” script, that puts everyone into sleep mode
  • Use sleep to stage players for events, if players stand up, they can be shot by strategically placed turrets (Pretty messed up right?)

Example screenshot of the player’s view while in sleeper mode

RUST Sleep Command

Who can enter the RUST sleep command

The RUST sleep command can be issued on vanilla RUST servers by RUST admins and moderators only.  Players on vanilla RUST servers cannot use the sleep command.

RUST sleep command (1 of 1)

The RUST sleep command allows admins and moderators to instantly put themselves into sleeper mode. Once they’re in sleeper mode, they must press any button on their keyboard or mouse to wake up. Their avatar’s body will lay down on the ground where they were once standing. When the player presses a button, their avatar will stand straight up in the exact spot they went to sleep.

Note that this RUST admin command does NOT work from RCON platforms and requires using the in the game console.

Issuing the sleep command


On success the console will display:

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