RUST Skip Queue Command

The RUST Skip Queue Command

The RUST skip queue command, introduced in Devblog 159, is used by server admins to allow queued players to “skip” or bypass a queue, regardless of their position. Skip queue works by looking for a 64-bit Steam ID inside of the connection queue and when found, allows the player to connect immediately. Connection queues are made up of all players unable to connect to the server, due to the server’s capacity limit being reached, and are thus placed in the queue.

The skip queue command is the go-to command for RUST server admins and moderators, with regards to queue management. Unfortunately, this admin command works only on an individual player ID and cannot be used to “whitelist” the player for future queues.

For modded servers, there are uMod plugins and other 3rd-party tools that can help with setting up a private RUST server or advanced skip queue functionality.

RUST Loading Queue Screen

When players connect to a RUST server at full capacity, they will enter a connection queue.  While in a connection queue, the loading screen will display the player’s position by showing them how many players are ahead and behind them. When players are in front of the connection queue, it will read as “You are next.” When an admin executes the command, the target player will see the standard loading screen continue forward as usual. No special message displays to the target player; they connect through to the RUST server.

Players with the admin or moderator role will automatically skip any connection queue.

Possible reasons for using the RUST skip queue command:

  • Hosting a private vanilla server that allows invited only players to connect
  • Allowing specific server VIPs or subscribers to skip the server queue
  • Build a custom RCON application to allow VIPs or subscribers to bypass and skip the queue

Who can enter the RUST skip queue command

The command works from either the server’s command line console, the in-game F1 console or 3rd party RCON tools. Only RUST server admins and moderators can use this command.  Non-admin players cannot issue the skip queue command. Many servers use uMod plugins to create “VIP kits” that allow players to purchase the kit and therefore whitelist their Steam ID in order to bypass the queue.

How to use the RUST skip queue command

To use the skip queue command:

  • First, Identify and copy the target player’s 64-bit Steam ID
  • Then ensure the target player is actively in the connection queue
  • Run the command from one of the following areas: the server’s command line, the in-game F1 console, or a 3rd party RCON tool
  • Once the command executes, there is no immediate feedback, other than the player’s join message after they have fully connected to the server

RUST skip queue command (1 of 1)

This command is used to allow players in the connection queue to connect immediately to the server.

  • It works for only those players actively connected to the server’s connection queue
  • Also note that this is NOT a “whitelist” command, as many RUST admins seek

Note that this RUST admin command does work from both the in-game console and RCON platforms.

skipqueue 76561100000000000

On success the console will display:


On failure the console will display:

This doesn't appear to be a 64bit steamid: <failed_steam_id_here>
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