RUST Server: Define a Purpose & Mission

RUST Server Purpose and Mission

How do you communicate your RUST server’s purpose and mission?

It’s no secret that building a strong and vibrant online community, let alone a RUST community, requires clear communication from the start. Effective communication includes defining your RUST server’s purpose and mission from the beginning. Think about how and what you want to communicate with prospective and existing players, and ask yourself if you’ve defined your server’s purpose and mission clearly to this target group or even to yourself.

When starting a new RUST server, there’s what seems to be an endless amount of configurations, mods, plugins, rule sets, wipe cycle decisions, and other miscellaneous tweaks that can you can make that alter it from the base “vanilla” experience. Each of these combinations that server owners make helps to make their servers unique with the hopes of standing out from the crowd and meeting the expectations of potential players. 

Unfortunately, no crystal ball exists that we’re aware of, at least, that can predict your future successes. It takes much more than simply setting up the “proper” server configurations and format considerations to strike a sustained and prosperous community.

This guide will cover the following:

  • Why do you need a purpose and mission statement?
  • What is a RUST server’s purpose?
  • What is a RUST server’s mission?
  • How do you create a purpose and mission for your RUST server?
  • What do a purpose and mission look like?
  • Where should a purpose and mission be posted?

Discovering your server’s purpose and mission

When it comes to discovering your server’s purpose and mission, there are some high-level considerations you can begin with to start the process.  

  • Your purpose is all about the reason why you exist.
  • Your mission is about what you do and whom you do it for

Start thinking about why you’re here, creating a RUST server in the first place. What got you wanting to establish a RUST server and community? Jot it down and refine it carefully. These two pieces of information will be the foundation of your RUST server and community. They should be a beacon that attracts like-minded individuals and allow you to share your vision and grow your team.

If you’re just now considering starting a new RUST server & community, then perfect! We’ve got to you before you were able to get neck deep in the grind, but if not, that’s okay too—you can apply this advice retroactively to an existing community, too; it can only help to strengthen it.

Crafting your server’s purpose

As we’ve mentioned already, your server’s purpose is why you are creating this server and community. You must have identified a problem or challenge you believe you can solve with your server’s existence. Most importantly, this problem or challenge must also be one that other players experience or share—otherwise, you are creating a product that only you would buy, and your community will not take off.

To flesh out your server’s purpose, ask yourself some of the following questions for inspiration:

  • What problems do I experience with the current RUST server offerings that I think I can solve or improve upon?
  • Is this a problem unique to me? Or do other players share the same challenges and frustrations?
  • What RUST features can I use or improve upon to create a unique and enjoyable player experience?
  • What features does my server provide that make it stand out from others?

Crafting your server’s mission

Creating a mission for your RUST server needs to be a reflection on what your server can offer players and how it will do it. A mission statement includes specific declarations of what your server is out to accomplish for players and the community they are a part of. The mission must also support the purpose of your community; otherwise, your server and community may appear ill-defined and disorganized.

When creating your RUST server’s mission statement, you can start by asking yourself some of the following questions:

  • What will my server offer new players?
  • What will my server offer returning and long-term players?
  • What type of wipe schedule would work best for my players, not for me necessarily?
  • What rules would best serve my community to ensure our vision is maintained from wipe to wipe?

An example mission statement and purpose

Let’s look at an example server’s purpose and mission to explore how a mission and purpose look.

We created our No Decay server to preserve the gameplay style we enjoyed before the universal Decay and Upkeep system was introduced into the vanilla game. The problem we experienced when the game introduced decay was that we couldn’t commit to the rate of play that was required to keep a base up due to work, family, and other outside factors. This meant that a traditional weekly wipe schedule would be out of the picture for us and potentially other people in a similar situation. 

Large No Decay Base Design

To solve this problem, we created a community around the concept that we needed a longer wipe timeline for players who couldn’t commit to playing every night and could go days between logging in. To prevent players from losing their progress, we disabled the game’s decay and upkeep factors to allow players to return to their bases in (roughly) the same state they left it. 

In addition to the decay factors, we extended the map wipe cycle for our server from the typical weekly to a monthly cycle. This meant our players could build to their heart’s content early in the wipe, build up colossal bases since they wouldn’t decay, then return later in the month for epic base raids. This format was something that players could rely on from wipe to wipe.

Final thoughts on the purpose and mission of a RUST server

We hope this guide helped you understand more about defining a purpose and mission for your RUST server while also stressing its importance. The additional tips and considerations should help you stand apart from the crowd and work to please your current patrons while helping you acquire new prospects in your communities.

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