Best RUST Server Hosting 2019, Low Price, FREE Website!

RUST Server Hosting

The Best RUST Server Hosting 2019

Looking for the BEST RUST server hosting with a free website? provides the BEST, top of the line, dedicated RUST server hosting on the market. With instant setup and in-house custom control panels, along with the most competitive pricing, it’s never been easier to host your own RUST server. With’s hosting packages, you will experience lag free RUST server hosting, that will help draw players to your game server and keep them coming back for more.

RUST server hosting can be purchased and setup in minutes.  With internet access, you can manage your game servers from anywhere in the world and on the go. offers hosting options from a worldwide network, designedexplicitly for gamers, by gamers.

It’s quick and easy to get started, especially with their competitive pricing. No other RUST server hosting comes close! With their 5 day money back guarantee, stop hosting your server locally and reap the benefits of professional grade RUST server hosting.

RUST Server Hosting
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Feature Overview of the Best RUST Server Hosting Around

Instant Game Server Activation

Tired of waiting for your game hosting orders to process? Buy and pay for a new RUST server and it will be up within minutes of the purchase order clearing. Once an order is complete, details are sent directly to your email on file. It’s pain free!

Powerful Server Control Panel provides a custom built control panel that brings a familiar, easy to use interface to all of their hosted games. The custom control panel allows server admins to easily spin up new game servers, increase and decrease the server’s total player slots as needed, or transfer the server’s location to a selection of globally available networks, and much more at the click of a button.

Easy Server Configuration

Managing your game server’s configuration is as simple as point and click. Gameserver’s configuration management allows RUST server admins the ability to create multiple server configuration templates from the simple web interface. Customer server configurations can be loaded in by selecting the appropriate configuration from a drop down menu and simply clicking load. has an easy to use control panel that lets admins know when their actions have taken effect.

Web Access to Core Functions

Access the RUST game server’s core functions through the easy to use web interface. Find yourself on the go and needing to perform core functions like reinstalling, stopping, restarting the server? Or even increasing your resources due to demand.’s expert RUST server hosting has it covered.

Schedule Automated Restarts

Some servers require daily restarts, often because of custom modifications and plugins that cause intense stress and memory requirements of a game server. Using their auto scheduler for rebooting the server can keep your RUST game server from hanging unexpectedly.

Add Admins, Set Access Levels

Need to enlist the help of other admins or moderators? GameServers’ control panel allows you to easily add new admins to your account, allowing them access to some or all of the control panel’s functionality. Configure access to your admins based on the roles you need them to perform.

Scale User Slots as Needed

Sometimes the supply is less than the demand! GameServers’ RUST server hosting allows you to easily scale up (or down) the player slots as you need them. No one can predict the future or market demand but rest assured that the ability is there when it’s needed.

Full Access to Server FTP

Need to get under the hood? Have some files to update or looking to add some custom RUST server mods? Easily access the game server’s secure FTP information from inside the control panel and quickly get access to the hosted file system.

High End Premium Hardware utilizes the latest in premium hardware and network technologies, combining dual quad core game servers and server grade SSD drives, while boasting blazing fast network connections across their worldwide infrastructures.

Guaranteed Up Time & Reliability’s low latency network design combines premium bandwidth and advanced DDOS protection powered by Cisco and Brocade hardware. Backed with a reliable and redundant infrastructure, with network health monitored 24/7.

Automated Server Recovery

Technology is great, but it can be difficult to manage and keep running 24/7, let alone monitored at all hours. Here’s a big secret, but play it close: RUST server admins have to sleep at some point. Rely on automated server recovery to keep your server’s running even when there’s trouble and you’re counting sheep.

Highly Competitive Pricing

Being one of the largest game network providers allows for to provide THE most competitive pricing out there for RUST game servers. Apart from renting a plethora of game servers, they also provide competitive offerings for bundled Teamspeak, Ventrilo, and Mumble voice servers.

Share Payments with ClanPay

There are multiple options for funding your hosting account. Major credit cards, PayPal, or through snail mail checks. Once an account is established, the option to share future payments through the “ClanPay” feature becomes available. Simply direct players to the free, hosted payment portal where they can make direct donations to your account.

5 Day Money Back Guaranteed is so sure you will love their service, they provide a 5 day money back guarantee with any of their products. If you are not satisfied within the first 5 days with your purchase, request a full refund!

Largest Worldwide Gaming Network

As a leading game provider, is one of the largest worldwide networks with 36 points of presence across 6 continents. A wide range of options to select from when choosing your RUST server hosting location.

Free Server Location Transfers

It’s incredibly easy to change your RUST game server’s location. At the press of a button you can relocate your game server in the event of poor latency and pings for your player base. Choose from any of Gameserver’s worldwide networks, spread across 6 different continents.

24/7 Full Technical Support is staffed around the clock with dedicated, professional and friendly technicians ready to assist with any problem. When things are running well, they don’t sit around – they monitor the network to make sure it is running at peak performance. They’re always open to feedback and suggestions.


Game Server Hosting
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Available RUST Server Hosting Locations 

  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Frankfurt, DE
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • London, UK
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Miami, Florida
  • Milan, Italy
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Moscow, Russia
  • New York, New Jersey
  • Paris, France
  • San Jose, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Seattle, Washington
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Warsaw, Poland

Are you still trying to decide?

If you’re looking for an easy, no hassle way to install and stay up to date with the latest mods and plugins, offers dedicated RUST hosting that has you covered. With it’s best in class pricing options, 5 day money back guarantee, instant game server setup, an unmatched world wide network and full 24/7 technical support. Don’t wait, order the best RUST game server hosting now and get to fragging!

All RUST Server Hosting purchases include:

  • 5-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Web Based Server Control Panel
  • A Free Website to broadcast your new game server
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Receive 50% off a Voice Server with your purchase

Free RUST Website Hosting
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