RUST Server Header Image Command and Variable

The RUST Server Header Image

The RUST server header image, introduced in Devblog 75, is a setting that can be configured and modified by server owners and admins. Its primary purpose is for server owners to add a custom header image for their RUST server.

RUST players will be able to view the server’s header image when single-clicking on a server in the in-game server browser. RUST server owners should take advantage of this space, as it can be used to help bolster your server’s branding, advertise additional aspects of the server, and add intrigue.

One important thing to note, the RUST server header image is the second thing players will visually see about a server. It sits at the top of the server description dialog. The server header image is very important, as it helps build the mental image of what players may expect when joining the server. Server owners who take the extra time and effort to customize this setting will likely be taken more seriously than servers that don’t.

In addition, numerous 3rd party server listing sites may display this image on their RUST server directories. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Focus on permanent aspects of a server

When players open a server’s description dialog, it’s often due to some catchy text fragment in the server’s name. The next thing to catch their attention will be the server’s header image. Take this chance to add a visually intriguing background with the server’s logo or branding. This allows players to quickly identify and ultimately connect to the server. Customizing the server’s header image helps to spread brand recognition.

As we discussed in previous posts, RUST players will make snap decisions regarding server selection. Whatever server image is used, ensure it reinforces the server’s name and description. Don’t add anything that would contradict them; for instance, if the server is advertised as vanilla, the image shouldn’t reference clearly modded aspects.

Be sure to utilize the header image and make it enticing for potential players to click on, explore, and maybe answer some questions. Keep in mind that this image may also appear across the web on server listing websites and other applications.

Information to consider including in the RUST server header image:

  • Server Logo
  • Server’s Branding
  • Server Aspects
  • Iconic imagery of the map (If custom)
  • Permanent aspects of the server

A few practical reasons for using the RUST server header image:

  • Creating and setting up a new RUST server
  • Useful for “A/B testing” and experimenting
  • Making enhancements to increase server population
  • Advertising a special event or feature of the server

Who can enter the RUST server header image command and variable

The RUST server header image is a command and server variable that can be set in a startup file, configuration file, or issued through a command-line console by RUST server admins and moderators.  Non-admin players do not have access or the ability to set, edit, or remove a RUST server header image.

How to use the RUST server header name command and variable

Two primary methods exist for setting, editing, or removing the RUST server header image. Each method has its own pros and cons.

Method 1: Issue as a console command

  • Enter the server header image command, listed below, into the server console, in-game console, or RCON console.
  • Using this method, any changes to the server header image will take effect immediately (excluding potential caching of the previous image).
  • Keep in mind, that this method is temporary. The server configuration file is not overwritten, so if the server restarts it will be lost.

Method 2: Update the server configuration file

  • Add the variable -server.headerimage "" into the server’s configuration file.
  • Open and modify the server.cfg file directly, which is located in the following directory.
  • Using this method, the server header image will be updated upon the server restarting.
  • Keep in mind, that if the server restarts for any reason, it will re-read the value from the server.cfg file, making it the “permanent” solution.

RUST server.headerimage command syntax (1 of 1)

  • This command is used to set and modify a custom RUST server header image.
  • There’s no default server header image value provided for vanilla servers.
  • Server providers sometimes add their own advertisement as a default, so be sure to remove it.
  • The RUST server header image must adhere to the following:
    • Width: 1024 px
    • Height: 512 px
    • File Type: .jpg, .png
    • The file must be hosted in a publicly accessible web location (Dropbox, Imgur, etc)

Get the current RUST server header image

Use the command below to report the current configuration:


On success the console will display:

server.headerimage: ""

Set, edit, and update the RUST server header image

Use the command below to set, edit or update the server header image (example text provided between the quotes):

server.headerimage: “”

On success the console will display:

server.headerimage: ""

On the RUST server description dialog, it will display as (example):

RUST Server Header Image

Remove the RUST server header image

Use the command below to remove the server header image:

server.headerimage “”

On success the console will display:

server.headerimage: ""

On the server browser screen, it will display as:


*Note that after removing a server header image, it may take some time for the cache to clear and remove the image from the server description dialog.

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