RUST Server Browser Tags List

Server browser tags list for RUST 2022

RUST server browser tagging is a system added to the server browser to help players filter servers based on wipe schedules and game modes. Facepunch first introduced server browser tagging into RUST with the Softcore Gamemode Update in February 2021. With the release of the March 2022 Update, Facepunch introduced the ability for players to input filters on server tags to show only servers that match their query.

What are server browser tags?

The server browser tags enable RUST server owners to label their servers’ play mode, wipe schedules, and help players locate the types of servers they are interested in.

Players can filter servers in the server browser based on the tags and search terms they wish to find. Servers with matching tags will appear in the browser’s results. Some tags, such as wipe frequency, were added to the search query and will automatically exclude incompatible types that aren’t selected to prevent server owners from adding all tags in a bid to show up as frequently as possible in results. 

How to add RUST server browser tags to a RUST server

The RUST server browser tags can be added through the use of server convars, which can be set in the following methods:

  • Inside of startup batch file
  • Modifying from the server console
  • Adding to the server.cfg file
  • Using the client’s F1 server tab, under convars, while connected to a server you are an admin of

Server admins can add tags to their servers by setting the following convar:


Server tags are added without double quotes (“) and are comma-separated if you wish to add more than one tag.  Do not add spaces between the tag names, only separate by a comma. The console will echo the tags back if entered properly.

For example:

server.tags monthly,vanilla

will return:

server.tags: “monthly,vanilla”

A RUST server tagged for the server browser
Server tags will appear in blue below the server’s name in the browser

Find a RUST server using browser tags

To filter RUST servers in the server browser by tags, locate the tag filter option just above the search field. Clicking this option will pop up a list of available browser tags to search on. Clicking on a tag will highlight the tag in blue, indicating that it is now part of the search filter. Clicking anywhere else on the screen will trigger the server browser to re-query for servers that match your selected tags. Click on a blue tag to remove it from your search filter.

The search field will look for your search term within the filtered set of servers to help you further refine your search. A server must match at least one tag in your filter to show up when using the search field.

RUST server browser tag list

Below is the complete and current list of server browser tags.

Tag ValueDisplay TitleDescription
monthlyMonthlyFor use by servers that wipe once a month
biweeklyBiweeklyFor use by servers that wipe every two weeks
weeklyWeeklyFor use by servers that wipe every week
vanillaVanillaServers that play with no plugins and mostly default settings
pvePvEFor use by servers where players play against the environment and AI, no PVP
roleplayRoleplayCustom designed server for roleplay game mode
creativeCreativeServers that provide free-for-all style play, no survival features enabled
softcoreSoftcoreServers that are running Softcore Gamemode
minigameMinigameFor use by servers that run custom or unique experiences and game modes
trainingCombat TrainingServers designed to provide aim and combat training
battlefieldBattlefieldModded servers intended for PVP-centric play
broyaleBattle RoyaleFor modded servers running a battle-royale / last man standing style gameplay
buildsBuild ServerSpecial modded servers designated for base building only
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