RUST Sedan Command (Car), Hints and Tips

The RUST Sedan Command (Car Command)

What the RUST sedan command does

The RUST sedan command will spawn an individual, player drive-able car into the game. The car that is spawned is some unknown model of a sedan. This car can then be driven by admins, moderators, and players that come in contact with it.

Note, according to the official RUST development blog that this feature is not officially supported yet and can be used and exploited in many ways. You’ve been warned.

Some practical reasons for using the RUST sedan command:

  • Recording video and screenshots from player perspectives
  • Spawning multiple sedan vehicles into an arena for a derby contest
  • Providing players access to a vehicle for quicker mobility across the map
  • Setting up server race events (drag race anyone?)
  • Creating Mad Max themed RUST servers

Who can enter the RUST sedan command

The sedan command can be issued by RUST admins and moderators only. The spectate command requires the administrator or moderator to invoke it to be logged in to the game server. It will not work while inside of an RCON console, such as RCON.IO. Players that want to access a sedan will need to rely on administrators, moderators, or mods to spawn the sedan into the server as they’re not officially supported in the game.

RUST sedan command syntax

Use the rust sedan command to spawn a single sedan into the game, every time the command is entered.

spawn sedan

How to use the RUST sedan command

Before initiating the sedan command, ensure the player invoking the command is:

  • In an open, remotely flat area
  • Avoid mountainous areas with jagged geometry
  • Do not try to spawn while inside a monument or building
  • Stay away from deep water

The RUST sedan command can only be issued from the in-game console while logged into a server. Press the F1 key to first open the in-game console and type in the spawn sedan command syntax listed above and press enter.

The command console will then display the following upon success:

spawned sedantest.entity[7771171] at (354.4, 12.0, -104.4)

Player Footage of the new RUST Sedan / Car:

Frequently Asked Questions about the RUST Sedan

How do players get into the RUST sedan / car?

Players get into the sedan by pressing the following button while standing next to the sedan:


How do players get out of the RUST sedan / car?

Players exit the sedan by pressing the following button while currently inside of the sedan:

space bar

Can the sedan / car hurt or kill players, animals, or buildings?

No. The car does not deal damage to objects, but it can collide with players and buildings. Animals will not be affected when ran over, but they can still hurt the players driving.

How many people can be inside the sedan / car?

1 player may be inside the car at any given time. The player controlling the car cannot be removed by others and others may not enter until that play has exited.

Can weapons be fired while driving the sedan / car?

Yes. Weapons are usable while driving the car. Drivers can simultaneously shoot and reload weapons while driving the car. Drivers can also throw tools and objects, such as stones.

Does the sedan / car have multiple gears or speeds?

No. The sedan only has one gear and speed. You cannot break either, simply stop the accelerations.

Do the head lights or break lights work on the sedan / car?

Yes. The car’s front and rear lights now can be turned on and off while driving the vehicle, by pressing the “f” button.

Can the sedans / cars be destroyed?

Yes. Players can use C4, explosive satchels, grenades, and rockets on the car, to completely destroy it.

Can the sedans / cars damage one another?

No. The sedans do not currently take damage from running into any objects, so running a derby without mods will not be possible.

What happens if you drive the sedan / car into the ocean?

The sedan will remain in the game but continues to drive. Make sure you don’t send too many down to Davy Jones, otherwise performance issues may arise.

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