RUST Satellite Monument Guide

The RUST Satellite Monument Guide by Jfarr

This RUST Satellite monument guide video is brought to you by our partner Jfarr.

In this video, Jfarr guides us through the RUST satellite dish monument, one of the earliest monuments introduced to players, which has undergone multiple updates. The Satellite monument can be identified by players on the in-game map by its unique map marker icon and label.

This monument, like all the other monuments, serves a handful of purposes and understanding in detail what all it offers will help to build up your RUST knowledge and give you that much more of an edge.

In this video, Jfarr will walk through the following areas:

  • Monument Tier
  • Layout
  • Radiation
  • Player Utilities
  • Loot Locations
  • Puzzle System

With that, you’re here to watch his video!

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Jfarr here.


This video will be focused on the satellite dish, and will include the loot, layout, puzzle, and features the satellite monument provides. 


The satellite dish array is a large and visible low tier monument which can be found inland, and easily located by the player map. The satellite dish contains a low level of radiation, allowing anyone with a basic set of clothing, such as a burlap set, to enter. 


Because of this radiation, you are unlikely to find fresh spawns looting at the site, so it’s best to bring protection just in case you run into another player. 

The Loot 

The two standing satellite dishes can be climbed using the provided stairs which can give access to additional basic crates and barrels, and provide a great but vulnerable position to scan your surroundings.


Around the outskirts of the satellite monument, many barrels and food crates can be found, which can provide additional scrap components and food for your travels. Nearby the standing satellites, destroyed satellite dish foundation can be found which has a chance to contain an additional basic crate.


Overall, only basic crates and barrels can be found within the satellite dish monument, and higher tier crates such as the military crate cannot be found.


Utilities such as a recycler can be found within the satellite monument, and are located inside the foundation of the standing unfinished satellite dish. Additionally, you can find a research table within the foundation of the second satellite dish, allowing you to research items to get their blueprint in exchange for scrap.


The puzzle for the satellite monument can be found within the two metal shacks located away from the direction the complete satellite dish is pointing. For this monument, you will need a single green key card and one electric fuse.


You will want to first locate the metal shed with the openable door which contains the fuse box. Enter inside and insert your electric fuse, followed by turning on the power with the switch located o the outside of the metal shack.


Now, run to the second metal shed with the locked green puzzle door. Pull out your key card, and swipe it on the card scanner to open the door. You can now find two basic creates, and blue access key card located on the desk, which can be used for puzzles within the higher tier monuments.


Once inside the puzzle room, a red button can be found next to the door, which can be used to open the door if it closes. The puzzle door can close due to the electric fuse breaking over time, which cuts the power and closes the door.


The satellite dish monument is a great place for early-game players to quickly loot up, or complete the puzzle to acquire a blue access key card. Additionally, it’s a great place to utilize its recycler and research table since you will be hidden ad protected by the surrounding walls.


Thanks, guys for watching, and I hope to see you in the next video.

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