RUST RHIB Command (Ridig-Hulled Inflatable Boat)


The RUST RHIB command (Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat)

The RUST RHIB command, short for Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat, was hinted at in the RUST road map, but the first bit of evidence that the boat had made any progress was in a development commit on June 18th, 2018.

It’s expected that this boat will be under the command of the scientist and become another event type. This event will be likely be similar to the attack helicopter, air/supply drops, or the Chinook . There’s also hints in the road map that these vessels could even be used to transition from one server into the next.

While the RUST RHIB command is still in development, it can be experimented and tested on the staging branch right now. Changes are expected to occur, but as it stands now:

  • Has a  max health of 1000 pts
  • Has seating for 6 players
  • Has storage for 12 items, located in the front wooden box
  • Does not have a fuel consumption mechanism as of yet
  • Does not have any controlling variables

RUST RHIB  (Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat) Screenshots 

Practical reasons for using the RUST RHIB command and variables

  • Because it’s freaking awesome!
  • Potential future for this becoming a vessel that can be used when transitioning to a different server.
  • Can be used to add additional NPCs into your servers
  • Allows players to interact with more hostile NPCs, adding more danger and risk overall
  • Spawn the RHIB into the game for custom events and mayhem
  • Adds additional interactions for players to use and be creative with
  • Admins using the RHIB can advertise a unique aspects of their RUST servers, especially once modded
  • Provide an additional means for transportation in the game beyond running, walking, and swimming

Who can enter the RUST RHIB command 

The RUST RHIB command can be issued and configured on vanilla RUST servers by RUST admins and moderators only.  Non-admin players on vanilla RUST servers cannot use the RUST RHIB command and variables. Rest assured, there are modded servers that will make these available to all players in no time.

RUST RHIB command

  • This command is used to manually spawn a RHIB, otherwise known as the Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat, into the game, regardless if events are enabled.
  • When issuing this command, the initiating player must be above the ground and not clipped in a wall or geography
  • The mouse cursor needs to be pointed in the exact location of where the RHIB should spawn (Point above the water level)
  • The RHIB can be removed using the ent kill command

Note that this command does not work from RCON platforms and does require being logged into the game server.

Use the command below to spawn a single RHIB:

spawn rhib

On success the console will display:

spawned rhib[34262] at (111.0, 0.1, 124.9)

Related RHIB (Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat) Variables

VariableDefault Description

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