The Return of the Roof Bunker

The Return of the Roof Bunker

The Return of the RUST roof bunker is brought to you by our partner Evil Wurst.

In this video, Evil Wurst introduces us to the powerful old school roof bunkers that were recently reintroduced to the game in the August 2020, Mixing Table update. There are several ways to build these bunkers, and allow players to enter and exit a base using a corner roof piece. You’ll see this technique in the video applied to a practical 2×2 base design. As always, Evil will walk through the entire process, rationalizing the main decisions and showing you the weaknesses.

Interestingly, this technique can also heavily benefit from properly applied shotgun traps, when configured correctly, can seal themselves up as players attempt to move through them. This can also ignite a plethora of trap base designs at a very low cost. There’s a lot here to take advantage of.

It’s important to note that this technique is most likely to be patched out again in the future, so take advantage of it in your base designs while you can. Before building with this technique in mind, be sure to check Evil Wurst’s channel, as he will update and label his video with “patched” if it’s removed from the game.

With that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript


Hello from the staging branch.


If all goes well, the August 2020 update will introduce new conditional models to roofs, which allow to create fantastic new types of bunkers, which I call the roof-corner bunkers. They can be used to block a corridor with a roof.


If we place a twig roof here, the corner disappears, opening up a space that is big enough to run through easily. This has old school roof bunker written all over it!


This is one of the most exciting and versatile new building mechanics that has been added to the game in a long time. This is too good to be true, so don’t expect it to be around for long. Before using it, check the thumbnail on the title for whether I marked it as “patched”.


Let’s build it in context and apply it to this basic two by two honeycomb as an example. The goal is to turn the first square after the entrance into a bunker. To that end, the bunker roof has to cover the corridor that leads into the rest of the two by two like this. The only minor challenge that we need to address is that the grooves cannot be placed if a wall already occupies the same socket. Meaning, we cannot place the twig roof here to open up the bunker.


Luckily, there are two simple workarounds. The simplest solution is to raise the foundation on the side the bunker shall open. The socket of the foundation is no longer occupied and we can place the twig here to open up the bunker. The downside of this approach is that you can only build at ground level and you can only open the bunker from one side. Since this side of the roof can be soft-sided, it does not work for things like loot rooms that you want to access from the outside.


Here is how to solve those issues. We start with the foundation that would become the bunker entrance. Place a full wall and a half wall at the side where the bunker shall open. Then, place a square floor tile at half height and a bunker roof on top of it. This is how that looks like in isolation.


This foundation represents the inside of the bunker. You can open it from the outside by placing the twig roof through that floor tile. This creates a bunker seal that can be opened from both sides.


Let’s integrate this into our example footprint. I went ahead and erased all the foundations. We need to lower this square and these two triangles. On the triangle to the right, close the outter gap with a half wall. From the inside, first place a full wall and a half wall. I will turn the hard side inwards to prevent raiders from being in a position to soft side pick them out after blowing out just two single doors.


The half wall can probably be sheet metal. If raiders destroy it, they can peek into the base but they don’t get access to it. Place a floor tile here so they neither gain access to the weak side of the armored wall below.


Straight ahead, we just need to surround the foundation with half walls but not cover it with a floor tile. Place the bunker roof onto the armored half wall. Either close off the space with a floor tile or use a floor frame to gain extra storage.


From the inside, the twig roof now attaches to said floor frame. From the outside, open it from within the bottom of this triangle. For safety measures, add a shotgun trap on the inside. If someone without building privilege tries to go deep, the bunker will seal automatically when they try to walk through it.


This actually reminds me of some of my pre-YouTube trap bases! This approach also works great at height. Meaning, you can use the bunker all throughout your base.


I hope that you found this short video helpful. For me, it was a bit of a throw back to early 2018. With a newborn baby at home, it’s hard to find the time to make full-length base build videos. At best, I will be able to make these short videos during the oncoming weeks.


I have also been quite active in the EZ Building discord lately. The evil’s build clips channel contains short videos of things that I’ve been working on but that may not turn into a YouTube video. Such as, a guide on how to floor stack the Aggravator v2.


You can even subscribe to notifications for specifically this channel. Simply visit the notifications channel and select the YouTube icon. If you haven’t joined the discord yet, the invite link is at the bottom of the description of any of my videos.


And since you held out until the end, let me show you another really crazy possibility. Let’s armor the roof. No worries, we can still close the bunker, all we need to do is place something onto the socket above the roof and wa la! The corridor is sealed!


As always, thanks for watching. Evil wurst out.


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