RUST Rendermap Command

The RUST rendermap command

The RUST rendermap command allows server admins, moderators, and players to export the current server’s map as a high-resolution PNG file. Introduced to the game in the Elevator Update, on October 1st 2020, the rendermap command will store the map file, without grids, monument labels, icons, death, event, and player markers. However, you will be able to view the overhead topography, monument outlines, roads, and water bodies clearly.

For example, see this map we generated for our procedural server.

RUST Rendermap Example

A few practical reasons for using the RUST rendermap command:

  • Server owners may want to display their server’s map as a means of advertising a unique aspect of their server.
  • Server admins and moderators may generate a preview of the map for their community and VIP members for an upcoming wipe cycle.
  • Players may use the map rendering as reference material for the map wipe,
  • Groups and clans can use this map rendering as a navigational tool and for strategic planning purposes.
  • Server admins may want to provide players map options to vote on the next map seed.

Who can use the RUST rendermap command

The RUST rendermap command can be issued by server admins, moderators, and players alike. This is a unique command as it provides an output that can be used by all parties for their own creative purposes. When prepending sv in front of the rendermap command, only admins and moderators will be able to issue this, as it creates and stores a file on the server.

How to use the RUST rendermap command

When issuing the rendermap command, it will generate a variable sized PNG file, sometimes in excess of 5000 x 5000 pixels. Each time the server map  is generated, it will take on the file name “map_<mapsize>_<seed>.png”.

After generating the map image, it will reside in one of two locations depending upon who, how, and where the command is issued from:

  1. When the command is run from the in-game console, by admins, moderators, or players, the map image will be stored inside of the root of the SteamLibrary RUST directory, such as C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Rust\map_42506_1337.png
  2. When run from the RUST server’s console, RCON client, or if sv is prepended in front of the command when used in the in-game console by admins or moderators, it will store the file inside of the RUST server’s root directory.

RUST rendermap command syntax 

This command will instantly create a PNG rendering of the current server’s map, displaying the topography without labels and other identifiers. The map file name will be based on your server’s current map size and seed.

Note that this RUST admin command works from both the in-game console and 3rd party RCON platforms.

Use the command below:


On the success of this command being entered, the console will display something similar to the below:

Saved map render to: C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Rust\map_4096_1337.png

Related rendering commands

VariableDefault Description
world.rendertunnelsN/ARenders a PNG of the current map’s tunnel network
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