Pressure Pad Trap Base (2019)

RUST Pressure Pad Trap Base Design 2019

Cheap Pressure Pad Trap Base

This RUST electricity guide was created by our content partner Quick Electric. He provides simplified, easy to follow video tutorials around RUST’s electricity system. Each of Quick Electric’s videos walks through the necessary components and their interactions. You can follow up each video with a detailed schematic that shows all of the components and how they’re integrated into the greater system.

In this video, Quick Electric walks us through a cheap to build pressure pad trap base design. This trap base can be built early into a wipe cycle requiring very few electrical components overall.

The base’s design is also very low cost and looks like your standard 2×2, which will remain effective later in the wipe cycle. Being that the base is a low-cost and very straight forward, you can easily replicate these bases in an area, much like survival fish traps!

Many players like to use trap base designs “out of the box”, however, they most often stand out like a sore thumb. Get creative with the mechanics and techniques surrounding the trap’s design. It can be more useful and lucrative when applied to your main bases, such as using it as a primary entrance and exit point.  Players are less likely to spot the trap base when used in this fashion.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome everybody to another episode of RUST Quick Electric.


I’m coming with you today with a rather basic and archaic electricity base trap. But I found recent practical use for it and found it to be a rather cheap and easy start-up trap base for a new wipe.


Now for this build, we’re going to need a power source, whether it’s solar panels or a wind turbine, but for this instance, I’ll be using a generator to showcase this trap.


The trap uses very little power and two solar panels should suffice no problem.


You need the following:

For this case, we’re going to use shotgun traps once the base is built. For the aesthetic look, you’re going to need four or five boxes to give or take, but you do need two doors and a salvaged shelf.


So let’s go ahead and get on with the build. We’re going to start with grabbing the items and then we’re going to build up the framework for the base. Now the base itself is very simple.


We’re going to start off with a low foundation and the reason you want to start with a low foundation is that you want the person to be able to crouch into an entrance. So we’re going to try to get that as low to the earth as we can.


We’re going to upgrade to stone. This will be our trap entrance, so then this is the portion where you want people to crouch up into. So we’re going to have the bait loot room here.


Which means we’re going to have a window because you want them to think that they can get in but it’s not the easiest jump in the world right off the bat. So you’re going to stall them for a bit with that.


You’re gonna build up the floor. You’re going to go ahead and upgrade all this to stone. Actually, before you put up this wall, you’re going to want to do a shelf.


You’ll need an extra shelf if you plan to do it, or you can just simply do boxes. We’re going to go ahead and grab an extra shelf for now for demonstrative purposes.


So we’ll go ahead and set up a shelf in the back like so. We’ll throw our bait boxes and these aren’t going to be the prettiest. Like so and like so.


Now we’ll go ahead and put up the window. We’re going to put up a wall here and we’re going to put up the other salvaged shelf right up to the foundation edge.


Before you put up this part, you may want to go ahead and do the half wall. So you want this base to look enticing, so we’re going to put a backward wall as to what it should be. Then we’ll put the other one and then we’ll go ahead and destroy the first portion.


Then remove it like so, then upgrade this wall. So it appears as though somebody may have picked in through the wall and begun to raid it but simply ran out of materials.


We’re going to finish up the rest of the base now. And then you need two wall frames, so let’s go ahead and upgrade for everything.


Cost wise this base is cheap. You can throw a TC into this room and for demonstrative purposes, I’m not going to place anything other than the necessities for now.


You’re now going to place the shelf as flush to the back wall as you can, like so. See if I can get it any closer. The novice building skills like that and you’re going to go ahead and place one of the boxes right here blocking off one of the entrances so it probably sits from this side like so.


Now you’ll see that there’s plenty of room to crouch in here without a jump or anything and people think that they can get to the extra loot here. Here you can put some enticing loot here to bait them in but odds are they’ll go in for it anyways.


You’re going to set up your two doors and this part is important. You need to make sure that this door opens outwards. And you need to make sure that this door opens inwards, like so. So they should both open in this fashion.


As far as the wiring goes, we’re going to set up a power source, which in your case it’ll more likely be a solar panel set up on the roof, which can be hidden with half walls.


Now, this part is important. You need to make sure you have the pressure pad placed directly above the area in the area where they would be crouching under. So right about here is where you want.


As you go under you trigger the pressure pad itself, you’ll hear the click as you exit the area. Meaning it’s triggering from beneath, but you can’t actually see it while it’s there.


Next, we’re going to have our branch and two-door controllers. We’ll just set up the branch in the middle here and we’ll pair each door controller independently. You pair door controls by pressing e on them and then you lock them following that, but for this, I’m not going to be locking it.


We’re now going to begin the wiring you want your power in and you’re going to have it go to the back wall and up through here, up to the wall so it’s all relatively hidden.


And then you can have it come down into your power source. We’re then going to have the power out to do the same thing, come up, get hidden, go through here across down into the branch.


We’re going to branch one side out across into door number one and then we’re going to have the other branch come across and down into door controller number two and that’s it. This is simple, ladies and gentlemen. Simple and works.


So now, demonstrating when somebody comes in and they activate it the shotgun traps will begin blasting them from this door and they can’t get out panicking because this door will open as well.


If they continue forward the shotgun traps will have killed them by then, but even if they try exiting again, it’s not possible with the door there, as a showcase in the beginning clip.


That’s all I have for you today, if you guys have any questions, certainly let me know. We have a discord that we always welcome people too, to ask questions and contribute on their own.


I do want to say one little extra tip with this build if you wanted the door to permanently lock use a memory cell.


Versus just directly wiring it to the branch, the memory cell will trigger and until reset, the doors will remain open.


I wish you guys the best and I’ll catch you next time.



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