RUST Power Minute: Solar Panels

RUST Power Minute: Solar Panels

A RUST Power Minute: Solar Panels

This quick RUST guide video, RUST Power Minute: Solar Panels, is brought to you by our partners Malonik & Gal.

In this video series, they take on the challenge of introducing, explaining, and showing you how individual components are used in the RUST electrical and water systems, within 60 seconds.

This time around they tackle the Large Solar Panel component, which is primarily used to convert sunlight into energy and can be used to power a base or charge batteries within.

With that, you’re here to watch their video!

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Video Transcript

What’s up scrubs and scrubettes? My name’s Gal. Welcome to the RUST Power Minute.


60 seconds on the clock to teach you everything you need to know about a given RUST component, coming at you every day until we’re done.


Lucky last on the power source list, we’re looking at solar panels. Found in basic crates or for 75 scrap in the Outpost. Solar panels are ordinarily a players’ first run-in with electricity.


They have to be placed outdoors in the sun. If you thought putting solar panels in the shade was okay, then we’re really in trouble here. Keep them elevated so that it’s not too easy for rabid nakeds to break them.


They produce less power proportional to how much damage they’ve taken. You have to place one East and another facing West, so you get power all day. But for the time being, if you point them mostly North with the offset sun movement, they will get power for most of the day.


I only add this because when I said East and West mere seconds ago, at least 10 sweaty nerds got excited and started typing madly.


If you want my opinion, don’t depend on these kinds of exploits. They’re not hanging around. Facepunch is going to fix them in time. It’s probably at the bottom of a backlog of fixes, but it’s coming, so learn to use them properly.


If you line the cable right, you’ll run to a root combiner that can take at least two, a bit like your mum, they obviously don’t work at night, but they pair well with a battery.

These power minutes are pretty quick to slap out, so don’t worry, we’re going to do other videos alongside them, but if you want to see more do all the good things.


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