RUST Oxum’s Gas Station Monument Guide

An In-depth Guide and Walkthrough of the RUST Oxum’s Gas Station Monument

Oxum’s Gas Station Monument is one of many points of interest in RUST that players can find spawned along the map’s road system. It first appeared in August of 2017 in Devblog 173. This is one of many “smalluments” to explore and is at the lowest end of difficulty regarding RUST monuments.

This guide provides detailed information about Oxum’s Gas Station, enabling you to identify basic facts quickly and helping you to prepare, access, and successfully run the monument while providing insight into the different types of loot, NPCs, and environment variables you may encounter.

Monument’s Feature Checklist

Barrels ~2
Crates ~10
Drone Market
Hackable Crate
Keycard Lootable✅ 1 Green Keycard
Keycard Puzzle
Mission NPCs
Recycler 1
Repair Bench
Research Table
Additional FeaturesPublic Telephone

Monument Overview

An overhead view of the Oxum's Gas Station building

Resembling a very dilapidated run-of-the-mill gas station, complete with awning, shopping center, and offside garage, Oxum’s is frequently located directly off of main roads on a RUST map. Approaching it from the road, players will immediately notice a broken down truck flanking the left front side of the monument, with an additional car set off to the right that has seen better days.

There are small built-in barricades and what looks to be a decorative wall frame on the outside front side of the monument, complete with four gas pumps, a functioning Hobo Barrel, and a place for a brown or military crate to spawn.

Moving further into the monument, the front glass façade area has two primary entrances, both without functioning doors, with an additional, albeit short, entrance in the form of a large garage door just to their right.  Also present by this garage door is a car parts loot crate. 

Preparing for Oxum’s Gas Station Monument

New players and seasoned veterans tend to stop at Oxum’s to recycle or top off their calories quickly. It is completely void of hazards such as radiation or scientists and has an assortment of light switches that pulse for easier visibility and can be turned on at night for light.

Regardless of gear level or experience, any RUST player can enter the Oxum’s gas station completely naked and loot its limited treasures. It is an excellent monument for acquiring some early game food and provisions but is typically heavily frequented, especially early in a wipe, due to its easy-to-grab keycard.

Because this isn’t a safe zone monument, players should be aware that open-world PVP does take place, and they are just as likely to find a bullet to the back as they are a crate with resources.  As with any non-safe venture, check out our Best RUST Armor Combinations guide to maximize your chances of survival.  As demonstrated in countless streamer clips, even the most geared player will likely die here to a well-placed double-barrel grub.

Running Oxum’s Gas Station Monument

Exterior Areas

The Front Side of Oxum’s

The front side view of Oxum's Gas Station

What’s a gas station without gas? While you can’t refill a vehicle here and get back on the road, the aesthetic and quite a bit of tall grass remains. The front of the building is pretty barebones regarding loot, with only a single lootable crate, a car parts crate, and maybe a barrel or two worth breaking into.  Fortunately, it leads to areas with more spoils.

The Telephone Side of Oxum’s

The telephone side view of Oxum's with loot crate

If you left your cell phone at home, Oxum’s has you covered with a public payphone and lootable crate nearby. While sitting stationary in RUST is never advised, sometimes you just have to phone home.

The Backside of Oxum’s

The backside view of Oxum's with two exit doors

While barrels can spawn along the outskirts of the backend of the building, especially just after wiping, the appeal to this area is mostly as a transition point to every other part of the inside of the building.  There are two doors, with the left being to the garage and recycler and the right to the backend store room and roof access.

The Cage Side of Oxum’s

The cage side view of Oxum's with a crate and barrels visible

Every monument needs a good hobo barrel to keep warm at night, and this is where you’d find it. In addition, there is also a caged in generator area that often has a lootable crate spawned within.  This is accessible from the roof or a hole in the corner of the cage.

Roof Hatch

An open hatch on the roof of Oxum's

This catch represents the most clutch choke point and last stand spot for so many naked players surrounded by a better-geared clan. Standing at the top of the hatch with a gun will net you at least one kill until you run out of ammo and have to reload. There is no loot in this area, but plenty of cover for the man on the run.

Roof Sign

Loot crates and a small bridge on the roof

If the hatch is the choke point, this is the fallback area for that grub looking for a miracle. The beaten-up Oxum’s sign is on full display and available as a leapable spot to hide for those not afraid of a bit of parkour. This area has one lootable box spawn and a small bridge to the next roof area.

Roof Awning

An awning above the petrol station with a loot crate and two functional chairs

The awning area is relatively small compared to other roof spots but has a food crate and lootable box spawn, which can sometimes spawn as a military crate. Throw in a chair to watch the show; it is the best last part of this guide section.

Interior Areas

Garage and Recycler Room

A view of the garage and recycler room at Oxum's

Starting things off on the interior, we will enter at the most common point for players, from the backend of the building, in the leftmost door. This room brings us into the garage and recycler room of the monument, complete with a car raised into the air with a recessed cavernous floor beneath.

A ladder protrudes from the ground, granting access to a dark pit. A partially raised garage door directly across from this back entrance allows for crouched access in and out of the station. To the right is a standard single door that leads into the Green Keycard room. 

This garage area can have a single car parts crate and is where the only recycler for the monument is located.

Garage Cavern

The cavern below the garage at Oxums holds 3 loot crates

Players will find a dark underground cavern just down the ladder with up to 3 cave-style brown crates.  These crates don’t have the typical loot you’d expect; it’s much lower-end. It’s important to be aware of how easily it would be for another player to hide here with a weapon.

Green Keycard Room

An overview of the green keycard room at Oxum's

Much like its Abandoned Supermarket counterpart, Oxum’s Gas Station is often the catalyst for most players’ wipes. This all starts in the Green Keycard room, providing the keycard and a guaranteed (when not looted) green military crate.

This is often the first opportunity for a gun that players will have, so you can imagine finding one on wipe day and how that would impact your immediate future. Beware of grubs taking advantage of this knowledge. This room will be blocked off at both ends by breakable wood coverings at the beginning of the wipe and will remain open for the duration after initially broken into.


A view of the market area of Oxum's Gas Station

The market area faces the front of the building, connected with open glass entryways and connects to every other monument area. In addition to a non-functioning cash register area, players can find food crates on its assorted shelves and a car part crate. This is one of the most heavily camped areas of the monument, so get in and out quickly.


A view inside the bathroom at Oxum's

While primarily for aesthetics, this bathroom can have an additional food crate above the commode. The toilet is a great place to lounge and gain a 100% comfort healing bonus when health is lacking and calories are high. Because of the door, it is also a wonderful place for a loot-hungry grub to sit with a double barrel.  10/10, I would camp here again.

Supply Room and Roof Access

A view of the supply and roof access room at Oxum's

Also accessible as the ‘right’ door from the backend of the building. The supply room is again one of those heavily camped areas where players love to sit because of its doorways and choke points. It can have a few food crates and a loot crate spawn. This room is the only access point for players to get onto the roof by jumping on a stack of boxes and finally up to a skylight-style ladder hatch.


Oxum’s Gas Station is an ideal starting point for new players due to its simplicity, availability of a recycler, and lack of environmental hazards, making it highly useful as a strategic location to frequent for gathering early-game loot, food, and Green Keycards. However, we highly suggest you approach this monument cautiously due to the high probability of player ambushes awaiting you. Rather than run in and begin using the recycler, sneak through and make sure the coast is clear.

We will keep the information within this guide updated and accurate. Please contact us in Discord if there are any details you’re looking for or any unanswered questions; we’ll do our best to get the answers you need! 

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