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The Outpost monument, introduced by Facepunch on May 3rd, 2018 in the Compound Update, is one of few special safe zone areas in RUST. This monument is designed to have the look and feel of a small dystopian town, with armed guards patrolling the area and overhead peacekeeping turrets providing cover across the entire compound. While numerous amenities can be found within its well-protected walls, players take great interest in the Outposts vending machines.

Since its release, various changes and improvements have been made, along with the addition of new vending machines and updated loot tables. As a result, we’re put together this guide to provide an updated source of information on the current state of items available at the Outpost monument.

Below you will find a list of the individual Outpost vending machines, labeled as they appear on the in-game map, along with an up-to-date list of their inventories, prices, and additional metadata that may help you plan your ever-dangerous trip(s) to and from this monument and allow you to maximize your visit and reduce your risk.

Outpost Vending Machines

Building Vending Machine

Building Vending Machine
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(1) Small Oil Refinery(125) Scrap101
(1) Large Furnace(350) Scrap101
(1) Computer Station(300) Scrap101
(1) Small Generator(125) Scrap101
(1) Tesla Coil(75) Scrap101
(1) Large Solar Panel(75) Scrap101
(1) Igniter(50) Scrap101

Components Vending Machine

Components Vending Machine
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(1) Sheet Metal(30) Scrap1010
(1) Gears(125) Scrap1010
(1) Metal Spring(60) Scrap1010
(1) Metal Pipe(30) Scrap1010
(1) Metal Blade(15) Scrap1010
(1) Rope(30) Cloth1010

Extra 1 Vending Machine

Extra 1 Vending Machine
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(1) Fluid Switch & Pump(30) Scrap101
(1) Fluid Splitter(30) Scrap101
(1) Water Pump(200) Scrap101
(1) Fluid Combiner(30) Scrap101
(1) Powered Water Purifier(150) Scrap101
(1) Electric Heater(75) Scrap101
(1) Smoke Grenade(5) Scrap1010

Output Outfitters Vending Machine

Output Outfitters Vending Machine
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(1) T-Shirt(5) Scrap101
(1) Longsleeve T-Shirt(10) Scrap101
(1) Snow Jacket(20) Scrap101
(1) Boots(20) Scrap101
(1) Tactical Gloves(40) Scrap101

Resource Exchange Vending Machine

Resource Exchange Vending Machine
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(1000) Stones(50) Scrap1011
(1000) Wood (20) Scrap1015
(250) Metal Fragments(25) Scrap1010
(150) Stones(500) Wood1060
(500) Wood(150) Stones1022
(20) Low Grade Fuel(10) Scrap1010
(1) Diesel Fuel(300) Low Grade Fuel1010

Tools & Stuff Vending Machine

Tools & Stuff Vending Machine
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(1) Pickaxe(50) Scrap101
(1) Hatchet(40) Scrap101
(1) Chainsaw(125) Scrap101
(1) RF Pager(75) Scrap101
(1) Blue Keycard(100) Scrap101
(1) Jackhammer(150) Scrap101
(1) RF Transmitter(75) Scrap101

Weapons Vending Machine

Weapons Vending Machine
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(1) Shotgun Trap(150) Scrap101
(1) Flame Turret(250) Scrap101
(1) Auto Turret(400) Scrap101
(1) Revolver(200) Scrap101
(1) Double Barrel Shotgun(250) Scrap101
(1) SAM Site(500) Scrap101
(6) SAM Ammo(75) Scrap1010

Final Thoughts on the Outpost Vending Machines Loot Tables

The Outpost monument offers RUST players many amenities and a safe zone to take advantage of, especially when conducting business. With the addition of the Marketplace, players can acquire items from all available NPC vendors and vending machines across the map, but the safety and protection the Outpost provides are essential.

It’s our hope you’ll be able to find creative ways to benefit from the above Outpost vending machine loot tables and use them as a resource to help you and your teammates intelligently plan trips to and from the Outpost. Knowing what items are for sale in each vending machine and how much they cost, you can plan your trips in detail and waste less time.

On the other hand, if you’re a RUST server admin or plugin creator and you’re looking for a reference point for default values for the vending machines, this guide will help serve that purpose. Be sure also to check out the companion RUST Bandit Camp Vendors’ Loot Tables guide.

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