RUST Oceanlevel Command

The RUST Oceanlevel Command

The RUST oceanlevel command, introduced to the game in the CCTV Update, allows the server’s administrators to raise and lower the game’s ocean levels instantly. Up until this command was implemented, ocean levels were a hard-coded value, in which there was no customization, apart from custom-made maps where the ocean level could be defined but not modified on the fly.

With this new command, RUST server admins and custom map makers can get creative with their servers and map design decisions to create unique experiences that utilize the oceanlevel command.

A few practical reasons for using the RUST oceanlevel command:

  • Use the command on vanilla and modded servers to create a battle royale experience that forces players to move to more supportive locations.
  • Modify custom maps to support a water-world theme.
  • Use modifications or scripts to simulate dangerous water-raising scenarios, such as a climate change map.
  • Raise and lower ocean levels on a scheduled timer to simulate tides.

Who can enter the RUST oceanlevel command

The RUST oceanlevel command can be issued on vanilla RUST servers by server administrators only. It requires access to the server console. Non-admin players cannot use the oceanlevel command to set the ocean level, but they can type oceanlevel  into the F1 console to see what the current oceanlevel is set to, which can provide players an indication as to what direction the oceanlevels are moving if they are incrementally rising or lowering. This is especially useful in the dark or in remote areas that cannot see the water levels.

How to use the RUST oceanlevel command

Before initiating the oceanlevel command, you will want to take into consideration many aspects of your server. The oceanlevel command can cause havoc immediately and will have a significant impact on your server’s players, many of which can be negative. Keep in mind that this RUST server variable is experimental.

  • The RUST oceanlevel command takes effect immediately when entered.
  • If ocean levels are set to a low value when they are “high,” players can fall to their deaths the moment you transition the value of the variable.
  • Players that are at “low” levels can be put into drowning situations if the level is set too high too fast.
  • Horses will cease moving when in higher-depth water.
  • Flying minicopters, scrap helicopters, and Hot Air Balloons do not work in water as well.
  • Spawn points are permanently impacted by the ocean levels, and players will continue to spawn on beaches that may be covered by the water, preventing players from being able to make it to the surface in time causing death loops.
  • Players (sleepers) who have logged off at certain levels may log in to water levels they weren’t prepared for and also enter into death loops. Loot bags can be lost quickly.
  • Audio sounds are not properly configured for the raised water levels. Sounds of players, animals, and other objects do not always function as designed and cause many issues, allowing players to exploit this heavily.
  • The in-game map will show where the water levels are the moment they change, so by pressing G, all players can see where the water is in relation to the world map.
  • When water levels are changed, it can cause junkpiles across the map to de-spawn en masse, potentially creating issues where players are forced into the water and causing server lag.
  • Light levels continue to function properly, but if the map is covered with too much water, it can become dark very quickly.
  • Scientists and other NPCs can be impacted by the rising water levels, as pathing issues can arise. However, for the most part, they will continue to move around and attack players.

Open the server console and type in the specific oceanlevel command syntax listed below, then press enter.

RUST oceanlevel command & variable

Use this command and variable to immediately set the game world’s oceanlevel.

  • The oceanlevel variable default value is 0.
  • This command will set the server variable for the entire game world.
  • This command will NOT broadcast a message to the server when changed.
  • This command accepts both whole numbers and floats as values. (i.e. 1 or 1.5)
  • The command will effectively cover the entirety of the map when set to 100.

Note that this RUST admin command works from the in-game and server consoles, as well as 3rd Party RCON platforms.

sv oceanlevel “1”

On success the console will display:

sv oceanlevel "1"

On success the server chat will display:

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