RUST Noclip Command, Hints and Tips

The RUST noclip command or fly command

The RUST noclip command often referred to as the “rust fly command” or “admin fly command”, allows admins and moderators the ability to move in 360 degrees without clipping the game’s geometry. Players will be able to move through the air, ground, water, and buildings without being clipped. There are some additional options that are made available, such as speed up movement and a vertical climb.

Some practical reasons for using the RUST noclip command:

  • RUST admins or moderators wanting to fly around the map
  • Fast travel across the game map
  • Aerial views of the map for recording video and screenshots
  • Getting an eagle eye point of view of a battle or event
  • Peeking into buildings without access keys

Who can enter the RUST noclip command

The RUST give command can be issued by RUST admins and moderators on vanilla RUST servers. Players on vanilla servers that want the ability to fly or use the RUST noclip command will need the administrator or moderator role granted to them. Otherwise, there are RUST mods available, such as FauxClip for modded servers that allow normal players to use the noclip command to fly around. This particular mod is often available on a server intended for testing RUST Base Builds.

RUST noclip command syntax

Some things to keep in mind for all of the RUST noclip command:

  • The RUST noclip command is seen as “admin abuse
  • Admins should be careful giving away information they gain from this ability
  •  It may be useful to enable god mode while using this ability, as it’s very easy to be hurt from environmental elements
  • Only the player invoking the RUST noclip command can use its ability

This command will instantly enable noclip mode once entered for the player who invoked the command.

Note that this command does not work from RCON platforms and requires being logged into the game server.

Use the command below:


How to use the RUST noclip command

Before initiating the noclip command, ensure the player invoking the command is:

  • Be mindful of admin abuse
  • Avoid the Patrol Helicopter, Bradley APC, scientist, and animals as they will still attack
  • Do not try to  go over high external walls, the spikes, and barbed wire will hurt
  • Stay away from cactus plants in the desert
  • When turning the noclip command off, make sure to be above ground or risk falling into the underworld.
  • The RUST noclip command can only be issued from the in-game console while logged into a server.

Turn noclip on

Press the F1 key to first open the in-game console and type in the noclip command syntax listed above and press enter.

The command console will then display the following upon success:


Turn noclip off

Press the F1 key to first open the in-game console and re-enter the noclip and press enter.

The command console will then display the following upon success:

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