RUST Monument Puzzle Guide & Walkthrough

RUST Monument Puzzle Guide, a Complete Walk Through

Our partner Malonik is back at it again, this time he’s trying to solve a RUST monument puzzle, well… actually all of them. He’s fashioned a complete guide covering all of the RUST monument puzzles scattered across the island.

His guide provides a complete walkthrough, with preparation instructions, for those players that need to know the exact steps for obtaining the fuses, key cards, and the ability to survive the areas required to complete each puzzle.

The RUST monument puzzle guide covers the simplest of puzzles to the most challenging. If you are wanting to figure them out by yourself, now is your warning to avoid this video. Otherwise, we’ve posted the video below.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys! Mal here and today we’re going to take a look at the RUST puzzles!


For those of you that haven’t heard about or seen them yet Facepunch recently dropped puzzles into the monuments. If you haven’t checked them out yet they are definitely worth it and this video is going to prepare you for each of them. Also, you can find timestamps in the description if there’s a particular puzzle that you’re wanting to see.


So first let’s take a look at what you’re going to need.


This is an electric fuse, you’re going to need at least one of these anytime you’re heading out to do a puzzle as they power them and using them for a puzzle destroys them. You can find them in barrels, crates and sunken chests though the barrels have a significantly lower drop chance than the others.


Once you’ve got your fuse you’re going to need to get some key cards. There are currently three different key cards in the game – green, blue and red. Each different colored key card matches up to the different colored doors in the puzzles. The loot behind the puzzles also gets considerably better the higher tier or color you go from green, to blue and then to red.


The green key cards spawn on desks in four of the monuments which are the gas station, the supermarket, the junkyard and the lighthouse. There’s also a chance that you’ll get one off of scientists which provided you’ve got a gun are very easy to kill.


The blue key cards can be found inside the loot rooms for the green puzzles. They are also the only one of the key cards that can actually be purchased from the outpost for 100 scrap. That being said I wouldn’t personally do this as scrap is far too valuable when you can get them elsewhere easily.


The red key cards can be found inside the loot rooms for the blue puzzles.


None of the key cards seem to be rare provided you know where to look for them and they seem to spawn very quickly. Additionally, it’s important to note that in order to use a key card it actually has to be in your hands and you attack the keypads with them to swipe them through and unlock the doors. Doing this actually minor damages the key cards though don’t be too worried about this as you’ll most likely lose them to someone jumping you before they actually break.


Lastly for the preparation part of the puzzles it’s worth noting that you’re going to need rad protection for a lot of them.


So now you’ve got your fuses, you’ve got your key cards and you’ve got your rad suit or equivalent. It’s time to jump on into the puzzles!


The easiest of the puzzle types however still worth doing for a bit of loot and to stock up on blue key cards.

RUST Harbor 1 Puzzle

As many of you would be aware there are two different variations of the harbor that can appear on a map. If this doesn’t look like your harbor, then you may be after the other harbor guide in this video.


Firstly, you want to find this building which is on the outskirts of the harbor. Head into the bottom floor, put a fuse in and flip the switch. Head back out and up to the top floor, swipe your green key card and you’re in. You’ll find 1 or 2 crates and a blue key card on the desk.


RUST Harbor 2 Puzzle

Again, if this isn’t the harbor that you’re looking for you may want to jump to the other harbor guide in this video as there are two different harbors.


Find this building which is in the middle of the harbor across from a big red hanger. Head inside and throw a fuse in the box, duck back outside and just to your right on the front of the building is the switch, it’s basically the opposite side of the wall to the fuse box.


After that turn around and head into the hanger, about half way down on the right side you’ll find the green door, swipe your green key card and you’re in. Much like the other harbor you’ll find 1 or 2 crates and a blue key card.


RUST Sewer Branch Puzzle

Here we’re going to start at this red building, head inside, throw your fuse in the fuse box and flip the switch. Back out and head down the tunnel here facing the ladder, head left and you’ll end up at the green door. Swipe your green key card and you’re in. You’ll find around 3 boxes and a blue key card.


RUST Satellite Dish Puzzle

Lastly for the green puzzles we have the satellite dish. Head to these two metal shacks. One is the loot room so you’re obviously heading for the other. Duck inside and throw your fuse in, now head back out and around to the back of the building to flip the switch. Spin around and head over to the other metal shack to swipe your green key card and you’re in. You’ll find 2 boxes and a blue key card.


Now that we’re onto the blue puzzles things are starting to get a bit more interesting and difficult rather than just one fuse and switch.

RUST Airfield Puzzle

Before you even head to the airfield make sure you’ve got some rad protection, a green key card, a blue key card and not 1 but 2 fuses. Now head to the main building across the runway from the hangers. Go around the left side and in through the door inside the garage. As soon as you go through that door you’ll see a door off to your right, head into that room, throw a fuse in the fuse box and activate the timer, yes, I said timer so no screwing around unless you want to waste a fuse.


Head back outside and over to the tunnel entrance between hanger 2 and 3, go down the ladder while facing the hangers and turn right. When you get to the green door swipe your green key card and head in, you’ll find one crate in this room however more importantly you’ll see the blue door though it isn’t powered yet. Head around the corner to the right, throw a fuse in the fuse box and head back to the blue door. Swipe your blue key card and you’re in, you’ll find 7 crates and a red key card.

RUST Power Plant Puzzle

You’re going to need a green and blue key card for this one, however unlike airfield you’ll only need 1 electric fuse. Start at the 3-story building in the corner of power plant, you’ll find the first switch under the stairs.


Make your way diagonally across power plant to the small red building with a slanted roof. Head inside, activate the switch and then the timer, keep in-mind that you’re on the clock now and need to move if you don’t want to have to start again.


Head over to the left side of the big grey building and you’ll find the green door, swipe your green key card and head inside where you’ll find between 1 – 3 crates and 5 barrels. Additionally, on the first floor of this building you’ll find another switch, flip it and then jump up here and head up the stairs.


Go past the blue door and turn left where you will see another fuse box. Drop a fuse in and head back to the blue door, swipe your blue key card and you’re in where you’ll find 4 crates and a red key card.

RUST Train Yard Puzzle

Now unlike the airfield and power plant you don’t actually need a green key card to get into the blue room at the train yard. That being said it’s worth taking one with you if you have one as the doors are practically right next to each other so why not get some extra loot. Also, don’t forget to bring along an electric fuse as you’re going to need one.


Firstly, head for the recycler building, duck in through the garage door and flip the switch. Back out and over to the other side of train yard and head into this tower. Run all the way to the top and flick the switch that’s out on the balcony. Back down and over to the main building, make your way to the second floor and in the back corner you’ll find the fuse box and the final switch.


Turn around and head out the door on the other side of the room which will put you on an external staircase. Head up a floor and you’ll arrive at the green door, swipe your green key card and you’ll find 1 crate and 3 barrels inside. Head up another floor and you’ll find the blue door, swipe your blue key card and you’ll find 9 crates and a red key card inside.

RUST Water Treatment Plant

Lastly for the blue puzzles we have the water treatment plant which given that it is a blue puzzle is surprisingly simple. For this one you’re only going to need an electric fuse and a blue key card, there is no green door here although there is a new mechanic that we haven’t seen up until this point.


Head for the building in the center, you’re going to find two big blast doors with a wheel that you can turn. Hold E on the wheel until the blast doors are high enough for you to duck through, keep in-mind they will start closing when you let go of the wheel. Once inside you’ll find 4 crates to loot, after that head upstairs and into this room, place the fuse in the fuse box and start the timer.


Back outside and make your way to this big building, you’ll find the blue door on the second floor and inside you’ll get 6 crates and a red key card. Oh and one last thing, use this switch in the back office to activate the door so you can get out.


Red puzzles, where the boys become men of war and parkour or die trying. Seriously though between scientists trying to murder you and a homicidal tank rolling around these puzzles are not for those that are faint-hearted.

RUST Military Tunnels Puzzle

Let’s dive right in, make sure you’ve got one of each of the key cards and while you only need one fuse for this puzzle I generally bring two just in-case we run out of time trying to get through it all. Additionally, you’re going to want to bring some decent firepower as this place is jam packed with aggressive scientists that are packing some serious firepower and they won’t just stand there staring at you waiting for you to make the first move, they will light you the #$^@ up the second they see you.


To save me having to say kill the scientists at just about every step of this I’m going to stick to the directions and just keep in-mind that there are scientists all over the place as you’ll see in the video.


Head down into the main entrance and through the right door, make your way through the right tunnel until you see this rusted door on the right labelled Armory. Go inside, follow the hall around and take the first door on the right. You’ll find a fuse box and a timer, throw an electric fuse in and activate the timer.


Now this is #@^$ing go time! You need to move as quickly as you can manage while still being safe. Head back out the way you came, past the entrance and straight down the tunnel. A fair way down you’ll see a chain link fence on your left, duck through the hole in the bottom left of it and then head left. You’ll find the green door on the right-hand side labelled Storage, swipe your green key card and head inside.


Once inside go to the right and flip the switch, turn around and head back out the green door, go left and make your way to the tunnel intersection where the four different tunnels meet. The red container up in the middle has 3 elite crates so it is definitely worth looting on your way through. When you come out the other side of it head down the right tunnel until you get to the blue door labelled Laboratory, swipe your blue key card and head in.


You’ll find the red door in here with a timer next to it, if the timer won’t activate you’ve run out of time and need to go all the way back to where we put in the fuse and do it all again. On the plus side you’ve already cleared out all of the scientists up until this point, so it should be considerably faster this time.


If the timer does activate you’re good to go, swipe the red key card and you’re in! Inside you’ll find 3 elite crates, 2 military crates and 2 normal crates, also there are a few sneaky scientists tucked away in here so be careful! Once you’re done looting you’ll have found a different door to the one you used to come in, this is the exit, hit the button and go through.


Follow the hallway and take your first right, this door will lead you to the spiral staircase and your way out. Be careful though as there is usually a sneaky scientist hiding behind the door, literally right behind it here and sometimes there’s a scientist at the top of the ladder which can catch you by surprise if you don’t know he’s there.


Congratulations, you’ve just completed one of the hardest puzzles in the game, now get that juicy loot back to your base! Oh, and one last thing, if you find you’re consistently too slow and you’re using two fuses each time you can just clear the place out first and then run back and put the fuse in. It’ll take a bit more time given all the extra running around, but it’ll save you the second fuse.

RUST Launch Site Puzzle

Last on the list of puzzles and for a good damn reason is launch site. The biggest and meanest of the monuments, complete with a homicidal tank that roams about and more radiation than you’d think is even possible.


So, on this adventure you’re going to want to bring two electric fuses, a green key card and a red key card. Additionally, to go along with the rad suit you’ll be wearing I’d suggest bringing some rad pills and water. The suit will be fine for most of it but things get pretty crazy once you make your way into the main building. Alright, let’s do this!


Head over to the rocket side of launch site and up top away from everything you’ll find this green building with 011 written on it. Head inside and directly to your left you’ll find the first switch, flip it. Next go into the stone building with a metal ramp that is past the rocket, go down the stairs and into the room on the left where you’ll find the second switch, flip it and head back up and out.


Next, we’re going to the start of the rocket parkour by heading down this hole next to the rocket. Jump across the ledge and feel your butt hole tighten as you either make it by a few pixels or fall to your death. When you land activate the timer that is to the right of the doorway and then head through the door. Parkour your way over the beams to the other side but be careful, a lot of people jump onto the beam from the far left, whack their head and fall to their death. Keep an eye out above you and find a spot you’re comfortable with.


Once you’re on the other side hit the red button and head in, loot everything in sight and then hit the button here to get out. Next, we’re going after the juicy red door loot. Head over to this little building by the 3 silos where you’ll find the green door, swipe your green key card and head in. To the left you’ll see a fuse box and a switch, throw a fuse in the box, flip the switch and head back out.


Next, we’re heading over to the far side of this building by the two blue containers. Head inside and you’ll find another fuse box and switch, throw a fuse in and flip the switch. Now here’s where all the hard work pays off, head over to the big main building and you’ll find a few red doors. Swipe your red key card, head inside and loot absolutely everything you can find, including the elite crates on the roof.


To get out you’ll need to find a room on the bottom floor labelled Auxiliary Power, throw a fuse in the fuse box and flip the switch.


Keep an eye on your radiation while you’re in this main building as your rad suit won’t be enough to keep your safe. Slam back a few rad pills and some water if you have them or alternatively just bring a ton of water with you and use that by itself instead.


Congratulations, you’ve now completed the second red puzzle and the final puzzle of this guide!


If you’ve watched this whole thing from start to finish I genuinely hope that it has helped and want to thank you for watching it all and sticking around to the end. If there’s anything else that you’d like to see me do a tutorial on I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


I do my very best to reply to everyone as quickly as possible and I take all ideas and suggestions on board.


Thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you all in the next video!

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