RUST Mixing Table and Tea Guide

The RUST Mixing Table and Tea Guide

This guide introduces the  RUST mixing table and Tea system, which were added to the game in the Mixing Table Update on August 6, 2020. The Mixing Table is a deployable that enables the crafting of teas–consumable items that grants the player a bonus benefit that lasts for a short time. Stronger versions of the teas produce greater effects that last for a longer period of time. The mixing table also allows players to craft a handful of other resources. Some of the craftable items first require a player to have learned the blueprint, same as they would if they were to craft at a workbench. However, unlike these items, all RUST teas require a mixing table in order to craft them–there is no alternative method for tea craft.

In addition to the mixing table, players will need to hunt down berries if they are looking to brew tea. Berries were added to the game for players to collect for the purpose of tea crafting, but they also provide a small amount of hydration and calories if eaten.

In this RUST mixing table guide, we will cover the following topics:

Let’s get mixing.

How to Find Berries in RUST

Berries are a new type of food and collectible added to RUST. Eating berries will grant you +5 to calories and +2 to hydration. They come in 6 different varieties (although black berries never made it into the release game):

You can find berry bushes growing in grassy areas and forest areas where you would find mushrooms and potatoes growing. Some varieties of berry bush are easier to spot than others at first, due to the vibrant colors of their berries. They are a bit bigger than potato plants and smaller than the existing shrubs in the environment.

Berries spawn at random and there does not seem to be a favorable location to find specific colors of berries. This is, of course, subject to change.


Picking a berry bush will yield a berry of the same color as seen on the bush as well as the corresponding seeds for that berry color. These seeds can be planted in planter boxes and clippings can be taken like other plants in the farming system.

Getting Started with the RUST Mixing Table

The mixing table is a deployable bench, similar in nature to the research table, and was introduced into RUST for the purpose of crafting teas and other substances. It can be purchased at the Food shop in the Bandit Camp monument for the price of 175 Scrap. Once purchased, the mixing table can be researched for 75 scrap and it’ll cost you 200 metal frags and 100 stone to craft it at a Level 1 workbench. The mixing table starts out with 500 health, but should you need to, you are able to repair it using Stone and Metal Fragments.

With the Freight Transit Line update, the ability to place a small box was added to the mixing table, making it more convenient for players to store their berries and teas in one compact place.

When you open the mixing table’s crafting screen, you’ll notice a detailed recipe system. Recipes that are known to you will show up in the recipe list. Recipes that require you to learn a blueprint first will not show up in the recipe listing until the blueprint has been memorized.

screenshot of the rust mixing table user interface
The recipe listing for the Rust Mixing Table

How to Make Tea in RUST

Teas are crafted using berries (and not leaves, strangely) of various color combinations. To begin, open up the mixing table to display the recipe list and ingredient combination inventory. Each recipe will show the ingredients, their quantities and most importantly, the required order in which the ingredients must be placed in the mixing table inventory. Adding stacks of ingredients works just fine, as long as you have the correct color berries in the correct order as depicted by the recipe.

You will know that you have achieved the correct recipe combination when the green “start mixing” button becomes active. Click “start mixing” to begin combining the ingredients and creating as many teas as you have stacked ingredients for. If you are crafting a stack of tea, you must wait until the end of the crafting period before being able to loot the tea from the mixing table. Mixing a large stack (up to 20 is the max) will take around 1.5 mins to complete.

screenshot of the rust mixing table user interface while combining ingredients for tea
Crafting a stack of Basic Healing Tea

Repeat the above process when upgrading stacks of teas to the next tier. Adding a stack of 20 Health Tea to slot 1, for example, will not work. The mixing table is waiting to see a health tea added to slots 2,3 and 4 as well. Once the ingredient pattern is correct, the “start mixing” button will become active and you may start mixing.

RUST Tea Recipes

There are currently 6 different tea varieties available to craft. For each type of tea, you can craft 3 different strengths or tiers of the tea: Basic, Advanced, and Pure. At the time of this writing, there are 3 tiers for each tea, but this could very well change with future updates. The potency of each tea’s effect increases as you increase the tier of the resulting tea. Drinking tea also gives you an instant boost to your thirst bar by granting +30 hydration.

Players may stack more than one tea effect at a time, but cannot stack the same effect. For example, Pure max health and Advanced max health cannot stack, the player will take the effect of the strongest tier tea. It is also important to note that if the player dies, all active effects will be removed.

With the October 2020 Elevator Update, Facepunch made some changes to the icons used to represent the teas. Now, basic, advanced, and pure tiers have new icons to help players better differentiate between the various tiers of a type of tea. Click on the icons in the tables below to see a larger version of the image to get a better view of the changes to the icons.

Along with changes to icons, the update brought changes to the effects of most teas as well. Some teas have had significant boosts to their resulting effects in order to make them more worthwhile to craft. See the recipe tables below for updates on their effects.

Here are some helpful tips when crafting tea:

  • The order in which you add the berries into the mixing table ingredients slots matters! Follow the pattern in the recipe exactly.
  • Adding berries into a combination that doesn’t exist won’t destroy your berries. Instead, nothing will happen.
  • You will know that a berry combination is correct if the “Start Mixing” button changes to green.

How to craft Max Health Tea

Max Health Tea will increase the maximum to which your health points can be raised past 100. Higher tiers of this tea will push the max health points higher and higher past 100.

TierRecipe / ComponentsResulting Effect
Basic Health Tea
Basic Max Health Tea
Red berriesRed berriesRed berriesYellow Berries+30 Hydration
+5 Max Health (20 mins)
Max Health Tea
Advanced Max Health Tea
x4 Max Health Teas+30 Hydration
+12.5 Max Health (20 mins)
Pure Health Tea
Pure Max Health Tea
x4 Advanced Max Health Teas+30 Hydration
+20 Max Health (20 mins)

How to craft Healing Tea

Healing Tea will immediately replenish health points by the amount specified for the tier of the tea that you drink. Higher tiers will replenish more health points.

TierRecipe / ComponentsResulting Effect
Basic Healing Tea
Basic Healing Tea
Red berriesRed berriesRed berriesRed berries+30 Hydration
Healing +30
Advanced Healing TeaAdvanced Healing Teax4 Healing Teas+5 Instant Health
+30 Hydration
Healing +50
Pure Healing Tea
Pure Healing Tea
x4 Advanced Healing Teas+30 Instant Health
+30 Hydration
Healing +75

How to craft Ore Tea

Ore Tea will increase the rate at which you can mine ore. Higher tiers of this tea will increase the rate at which you can mine ore.

TierRecipe / ComponentsResulting Effect
Basic Ore Tea
Basic Ore Tea
Yellow Berriesrust blue berriesYellow Berriesrust blue berries+30 hydration
+20% ore yield (30 mins)
Advanced Ore Tea
Advanced Ore Tea
x4 Ore Teas+30 hydration
+35% ore yield (30 mins)
Pure Ore Tea
Pure Ore Tea
x4 Advanced Ore Teas+30 hydration
+50% ore yield (30 mins)

How to craft Anti Rad Tea

TierRecipe / ComponentsResulting Effect
Basic Anti Rad Tea
Basic Anti Rad Tea
Red berriesRed berriesrust green berriesrust green berries+5% radiation resistance (30 mins)
+50% radiation exposure resist (5 mins)
Advanced Anti Rad Tea
Advanced Anti Rad Tea
x4 Anti Rad Teas+15% radiation resistance (30 mins)
Pure Anti Rad Tea
Pure Anti Rad Tea
x4 Advanced Anti Rad Teas+25% radiation resistance (30 mins)
+50% radiation exposure resist (5 mins)

How to craft Scrap Tea

Scrap Tea will increase the rate at which you can collect scrap. Higher tiers of this tea will increase the rate at which you can collect scrap.

Update 8/7/2020: The scrap tea effect will only affect the collection rate of scrap from barrels; boxes, crates, recycling, and exchange rates are not affected.

TierRecipe / ComponentsResulting Effect
Basic Scrap Tea
Basic Scrap Tea
Yellow Berriesrust white berriesYellow Berriesrust white berries+30 hydration
+100% scrap yield (30 mins)
Advanced Scrap Tea
Advanced Scrap Tea
x4 Scrap Teas+30 hydration
+225% scrap yield (45 mins)
Pure Scrap Tea
Pure Scrap Tea
x4 Advanced Scrap Teas+30 hydration
+350% scrap yield (60 mins)

How to craft Wood Tea

Wood Tea will increase the rate at which you can harvest wood. Higher tiers of this tea will increase the rate at which you can harvest wood.

TierRecipe / ComponentsResulting Effect
Basic Wood Tea
Basic Wood Tea
Red berriesrust blue berriesRed berriesrust blue berries+30 hydration
+50% wood yield (30 mins)
Advanced Wood Tea
Advanced Wood Tea
x4 Wood Teas+30 hydration
+100% wood yield (30 mins)
Pure Wood Tea
Pure Wood Tea
x4 Advanced Wood Teas+30 hydration
+200% wood yield (30 mins)

Other Mixing Table recipes

As we mentioned earlier, tea isn’t the only substance that can be crafted at the mixing table. Low Grade Fuel and Gun Powder are also craftable at the Mixing Table. Explosives are also mixable, but only after the blueprint has been learned. In general, if an item requires a blueprint to craft, you’ll need to know that blueprint in order to craft it at the mixing table.


Low Grade Fuelx1 cloth, x3 animal fatx4 Low Grade Fuel
Gun Powderx10 sulfur, x10 charcoal, x10 sulfur, x10 charcoalx10 Gun Powder
Explosivesx50 gun powder, x3 low grade fuel, x10 sulfur, x10 metal fragsx1 Explosive
5.56 Rifle Ammox5 gun powder,  x10 metal fragsx3 5.56 Rifle Ammo
Pistol Bulletx5 gun powder,  x10 metal fragsx4 Pistol Bullets

Basic ammo is now craftable at the mixing table

With RUST’s Combat Update, basic ammo can now be crafted at the mixing table! Now, players can input ammo ingredients into the mixing table and walk away to do other things while the mixing table does the work. Just like other mixing table recipes, players must have already learned the blueprints for the 5.56 Rifle ammo and pistol bullet in order to utilize this crafting method.

Is it cheaper to craft at the mixing table?

While it is definitely convenient to let the mixing table craft for you, in some cases it’s also more affordable. Gun powder is an item that is cheaper to craft if you do it at a mixing table. To craft gun powder using the usual workbench method, you’ll need to spend 20 sulfur and 30 charcoal to produce a stack of 10 gun powder. If you have a mixing table, you can craft the same stack of 10 gun powder for 20 sulfur and 20 charcoal for a savings of 10 charcoal. Using the mixing table method of crafting gun powder can help make your charcoal resources stretch further.

Explosives can also be crafted at the mixing table if you know the blueprint, but the recipe ingredients are the same whether you choose the workbench or mixing table method of crafting. However, the mixing table can still craft explosives without the need of an active tier 3 workbench, meaning that a player could research the blueprint of an explosive and begin crafting explosives at a mixing table without ever having to farm up scrap for the tier 3 bench. This is a great benefit for solos or small groups who may experience difficulty farming enough scrap to get a tier 3 bench going.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this guide has covered all of your questions about the new RUST Mixing Table. We are excited to see how teas mix into RUST’s gameplay (see what I did there?) and how they will change the game for some of the more casual players. Plus, what better way to pass the time than kicking back with a nice cup of tea while listening to the sounds of (hopefully) distant timed explosives going off?

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