RUST Mining Outpost Monument Guide

While never officially being dubbed a monument, the Mining Outpost feels like, in at least some distant form, it has been with the game forever. Early iterations could be linked back with similarities to portions of Rad Towns, while the first official mention in Devblogs isn’t until the Vehicle Update in April 2018, on Hapis Island, of all things.

This guide provides detailed information about the Mining Outpost monument, enabling you to identify basic facts quickly and helping you to prepare, access, and successfully run the monument while providing insight into the different types of loot, NPCs, and environment variables you may encounter.

Monument’s Feature Checklist

Crates ~8
Drone Market
Hackable Crate
Keycard Lootable
Keycard Puzzle
Mission NPCs
Recycler 1
Repair Bench
Research Table
Additional FeaturesRepair Bench

Monument Overview

Regardless of its incorporation date, there is no denying the importance of the early game RUST experience that Mining Outpost continues to play. This monument is at the lowest end of difficulty concerning RUST monuments. Aesthetically, the Mining Outpost takes on the shape of a warehouse hanger, complete with large shelves, a forklift, a small shack, and assorted storage containers.

Preparing for the Mining Outpost Monument

Mining Outpost could be one of the first ‘monument’s’ that new players experience, being completely void of hazards such as radiation or scientist NPCs, and depending on the state of the electrical switches, could even be lit up at night.

Regardless of gear level or experience, any player can venture into this monument completely naked and loot its limited treasures. It is an excellent monument for acquiring a few early-game provisions. Still, it is typically heavily frequented, especially early in a wipe, because it usually spawns in multiple locations on procedurally generated maps and is rather quick to loot.

Because this isn’t a safe zone monument, players should be aware that open-world PVP does take place, and they are just as likely to find a bullet to the back as they are a crate with resources. Mining Outpost has many corners to hide around and angles to attack, so take special care.

As with any non-safe venture, check out our Best RUST Armor Combinations guide to maximize your chances of survival.

Running the Mining Outpost Monument

Exterior Areas

Tire Jumpup Easy

The Easy Tire Jump at the Mining Outpost

Every good guide has to begin somewhere, and since there isn’t much at all difficult about the logistics of the Mining Outpost, we will instead focus on what it does have – two routes to gain roof access.

The first is pictured above. We call it Jumpup Easy because it’s just that, compared to the other side of the monument. There are near identical tires that players can use to boost themselves to the roof for whatever reason, and this side has tires that will take you closer to the top without a lot of parkour skills required to make it the rest of the way.

Tire Jumpup Hard

The Hard Tire Jump at the Mining Outpost

Like its matching side, tires are also stacked on this side, but with one notable difference – they don’t quite go as high as the easy path. Not to say that the jump isn’t quite easy once players are familiar with the concept of angles and altitude within RUST, but it isn’t as easy as the other side.

Once on the roof, there are a variety of holes in the sheeting that would allow a player to either infiltrate the monument or simply shoot down into it. In a PVP confrontation at this monument, having roof control is key. There can be car part crates at either end of the outside of this monument, on top of wooden skids.

Interior Areas

Single Door Room

Single Door Room with Loot Crates

Probably the most treacherous portion of the monument is the single doored room located just inside the monument. There is a small gap just behind the inward swinging door that is very much exploited by those wishing to ambush adventurers.

Inside the Single Door Room

Make sure you mind your corners and use the windows on the building before pushing inside for the up to two crates that can spawn there.

Repair Bench Area

The Repair Bench Area

Towards the center of the monument, you will find two areas of interest. While boxes can spawn through this hall-like structure, players will find two primary utility features here, the first being a repair bench.

The Main Hallway of the Monument

This might not be a big deal late in a wipe, but this is a great area to refill jackhammers or skin found clothing to blend in better.

Recycler Area

The Recycler Area of the Monument

The sole Recycler is the alternate area of interest directly across from the Repair Bench. Use this with extreme caution, as getting surrounded inside this building is often fatal. It should be noted that the recycler can also be reached and looted from the nearest window and, in fact, from outside. Keep a close eye on all directions when using this.


The Mining Outpost is integral to RUST’s early game, offering an exciting place to explore and a blend of resource gathering and PVP without the complexity of higher-tier monuments. Its accessibility, combined with strategic features like crates, a recycler, and unique roof access, provides a straightforward experience for new and seasoned players.

We will keep the information within this guide updated and accurate. Please contact us in Discord if there are any details you’re looking for or any unanswered questions; we’ll do our best to get the answers you need! 

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