RUST Military Tunnel Monument Guide

The RUST Military Tunnel Monument Guide

Introduced on December 3rd, 2015, in the Devblog 89 update, the Military Tunnel monument is one of the more challenging RUST monuments. The Military Tunnel spans a wide area, in which the majority of the monument is located beneath the ground, as the name implies.

Players venturing into the Military Tunnel will encounter low visibility conditions, sporadic areas of intense radiation, dark winding halls, and large corridors patrolled by trigger-happy scientists. There are secured areas requiring players to solve key card puzzles to gain access.

Combine this with a large number of loot containers spread across the monument, along with the potential for encountering other hostile players vying for the same resources. The Military Tunnels monument can become quite a lucrative hot spot. Beyond the standard loot barrels and crates found at most monuments, inside the Military Tunnels, players can find military crates and elite crates, which hold high-quality loot.

In addition to what naturally spawns inside this monument, players often camp in the exterior areas of the monument, waiting to ambush unsuspecting players venturing into the tunnels. Running the full breadth of the Military Tunnel monument requires considerable preparation and resources, making all who wander inside valuable targets. With 29 scientists scattered throughout the compound, a flanking enemy group can quickly become a death knell to anyone making a run on the monument.

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Military Tunnel Scientists

The Military Tunnel was the first RUST monument to introduce the advanced scientist AI, and it remains one of the few to include scientists at all. In total, 29 armed scientists are patrolling the complex’s massive corridors and network of hallways.

Unlike the scientist found at junk piles, the Military Tunnel scientist will engage players upon line of sight and remain engaged rather than run away. They will also attack players upon hearing footsteps, explosions, and gunfire and call for backup.

These military scientists are equipped with high-powered military weapons such as the LR-300, SPAS-12 shotgun, MP5A4, and M92 pistols. The scientists are also equipped with F1 grenades, visible on their hips, that they will lob at players. Listen carefully to the sounds during engagements, as they’re audible once they are thrown.

When engaged in combat, the scientists will take cover behind solid objects to reload, peaking and charging you at the opportune time. They also retreat to heal themselves. Their AI is enhanced, and they will work together to protect each section of the Military Tunnel.

Each scientist has a rare chance to drop one of their weapons, but most commonly, they drop green access cards, flares, scrap, medical syringes, pickaxes, and other miscellaneous items. Be sure to bring a combat or bone knife so that the scientist’s corpses can be harvested for cloth.

Preparing for the Military Tunnel Monument

Preparation plays a vital role in any player’s success when it comes to running the Military Tunnel monument. Not only is it essential to bring the appropriate supplies and necessary gear, but understanding the general layout of the monument can prove to be critical.  Players wishing to venture into the Military Tunnels will want to consider bringing a solid supply of food, water, medicine, ammunition, the proper key cards, and fuses.

Most importantly, have a plan for going in and getting out. It is highly advised to venture out to the Military Tunnel monument with a partner or small group. Players will face off with the intense radiation and improved scientists AI while also having a high probability of encountering other hostile players waiting to ambush.

The scientists inside the monument will often engage players well before players establish a line of sight due to the lighting conditions. So it’s essential to be armored up and be ready to take a lot of damage. Not only should the gear players wear be resistant to projectile damage, but make sure to have at least 26+ radiation resistance. Without this, certain areas of the monument will cause players to accrue high doses of lethal radiation. For more information on how to build the right armor set for your needs, see our Best RUST Amor Combinations guide.

Inside the monument are numerous puzzles that require key cards of various colors and fuses. In addition to this, players will want to bring with them a significant amount of healing power, as time is not an ally when running the Military Tunnel.

Below is a general checklist of items to carry before running the Military Tunnels monument:

  • 8 Syringes
  • 100 Cloth
  • 20 Pumpkins
  • 1 Green Key Card
  • 1 Blue Key Card
  • 1 Red Key Card
  • 2 Fuses
  • 1 Weapon Flash Light
  • 1 Combat Knife
  • 200+ Ammunition

Accessing the Military Tunnel Monument

Unlike some of the other RUST monuments, the Military Tunnel will always spawn as part of the main island. It can be accessed by foot, horse, Hot Air Balloon, Minicopters, Attack Helicopters, and Scrap Transport Helicopters.

There are four exterior access points where players can enter and exit the Military Tunnel. Each entrance leads to a unique section of the Military Tunnel and carries with it unique challenges. Have a firm knowledge of the Military Tunnel’s entrances and exits before venturing in. Knowing the monument’s general layout can be a real lifesaver, especially when other combative players are in the area.

RUST Military Tunnel Overhead View

Here are the four access points that players can potentially enter and exit the Military Tunnel through:

  1. Main Entrance (Armory)
  2. Shelter 4 Storage Exit
  3. Primary Laboratory Exit (Silo)
  4. Secondary Laboratory Exit (Mine)

The Main Entrance (Armory)

Military Tunnel Main Entrance

The main entrance, the real face of the Military Tunnel, has two rusted doors at the bottom of the large cement ramp. One door on the left and one on the right, neither require a key to open, as they’re both unlocked. This entrance is considered the only “actual” entrance,  as all of the other entry points are intended to be tunnel exits.

Be aware when approaching the area as there is a single sentry scientist pathing along the walkway just before the doors. The scientist can be difficult to see, but it is typically the first to be encountered at the monument. The scientist will engage with gunfire the moment the line of sight is established and may also lob grenades.

Just past the overhead walkway, the entry doors will be apparent. Entering from this point allows you to quickly access the Armory (take an immediate right), where the first key card puzzle begins.

Shelter 4 Storage Exit (Mine)

RUST Military Tunnel Shelter 4 Storage Exit

The Shelter 4 Storage Exit is a cave mine with railway tracks leading into it, located directly to the left of the metal shack containing the recycler. When approaching this area, players must be careful to ensure they’re wearing at least 25+ radiation protection; otherwise, radiation will build up quickly. The mine itself is well lit most of the way through with overhead lamps. Inside players will find metal, stone, and sulfur rocks along with loot barrels, loot boxes, and military crates.

At the end of the tunnel, there is a locked door, which requires a green key card and the fuse to have been inserted and powered on from the inside. This entrance works when someone has activated the puzzle from inside. Then and only then will the green key card work on the door inside, which leads to the Shelter 4 Storage bay.

Primary Laboratory Exit (Silo)

RUST Primary Laboratory Exit (Silo)

The Primary Laboratory Exit (Silo), is located directly behind the main entrance over the hillside. When approaching this area, there are many loot barrels and foot crates scattered across the rear exterior of the Military Tunnels. This can be a great location to build a base near for farming scrap and other supplies.

A tall cement wall surrounds the silo itself. This exit point is tucked well into the rock face and appears as a large circular metal grate. Players should be aware when approaching this area, as they can see through the rusted metal grate but cannot shoot through it, even though scientists below can. It’s here where players will find a three-story spiral staircase, leading to the Laboratory’s exit point. Two scientists patrol this particular silo and will engage upon establishing a line of sight.

On the bottom floor of the silo, there is a locked door, which cannot be opened from the outside. This door can only be opened by players from the inside, by pressing a large red button to the left of the door. Take note that once the door is open, it cannot be forcibly shut. It’s tied to a timer that will automatically close and lock the door after five seconds.

Secondary Laboratory Exit (Mine)

RUST Secondary Laboratory Exit (Mine)

The Secondary Laboratory Exit (Mine), is located directly to the right of the Primary Laboratory Exit (Silo) and is embedded into the hillside. A cave mine with overhead lighting leads down to an exit point that is approximately at the second story marker of the silo’s spiral staircase. Inside the cave, players can find metal, stone, and sulfur nodes.

This will lead to the same door as the Primary Laboratory Exit (Mine); however, this approach can give a tactical advantage when attempting to engage the two scientists. Players will be able to use the walls and floor to peak an individual scientist, as opposed to engaging both from above where they will shoot simultaneously.

Running the Military Tunnel Puzzles

Step 1

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 1
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 1

Assuming the approach into the Military Tunnel will be from the main entrance, be warned that there is a sentry scientist positioned on the overhead walkway. This scientist will path back and forth and will engage players that are mid-way past the train cart. If players do not quickly kill this scientist, an additional scientist from the Armory will eventually rush outside to assist. This will cause additional noise that may call attention to the area.

No key is needed to enter the Military Tunnel; however, at this point, players will need to wear 11+ radiation resistance to avoid radiation build-up. Be prepared for a fight just past the doors.

Step 2

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 2
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 2

Once inside the main entrance, the lighting will darken significantly. Keep an eye out to the left of the sandbags as you come in. If you look for the hanging sign that reads “Storage Laboratory,” you will encounter a patrolling scientist that should be killed first. Don’t let him retreat for too long; otherwise, he may alert additional scientist down the corridor.

Once that is taken care of be sure to have 26+ radiation resistance actively equipped before moving deeper. This is important to note because going in any deeper will cause radiation to build up. However, if camping the entryway for unsuspecting players, you can have the advantage of wearing more protective gear.

Moving deeper into the tunnel, hang a hard right past the sandbags. Observe a sign hanging from the roof that reads “Armory, Section B.” Venture in this direction. There will be a couple of barrels and crates that can potentially spawn along the way. If the scientist outside was killed quick enough, there would be another scientist ahead.

Step 3

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 3
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 3

There is a door along the right side wall with a sign that reads “Armory.” Behind this door is a potential scientist, so be ready to engage. Sometimes the scientist will be roaming outside of the Armory. Inside the hall and to the right will be another metal bunker door. There is the potential for two loot containers to spawn in this room.

Step 4

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 4
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 4

Inside this room is the beginning of the first puzzle. A fuse box and timer switch can be found on the wall. This fuse box and timer switch will enable two different green key card doors, that lead to the same access point – the Shelter 4 Storage area.

  • The first door is accessible from inside the Military Tunnel and is located at Shelter 4 Storage area.
  • The second door is accessible from the Shelter 4 Storage Exit (Mines) located outside.

To start the puzzle, open the fuse box and insert a single electrical fuse. The moment the fuse is inserted, a red light will appear on the timer switch to the right. The fuse itself will begin to wear down, and after 3 minutes it will expire.

Once the fuse is inserted, activate the timer switch to the right of it. A green light will appear once it’s active. This will enable the green access key card points in the tunnels and will keep them active for a total of 2 minutes. Be quick in navigating to the next point. 2 minutes to access the green key card isn’t a lot of time. If the allotted time expires, restarting this process will be required.

Step 5

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 5
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 5

Exit the Armory and follow the corridor that leads deeper into the Military Tunnel. Keep an eye on the signage above that reads “Storage, Laboratory,” as this is the correct direction.

Numerous blue scientists will be scattered throughout the corridors, so be prepared for a few fights along the way. Pick up and use the flares that scientists drop to help light up the pathway.

Step 6

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 6
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 6

There will be a specially designed train cart carrying a white spaceship fuselage. Above signage will read “Laboratory, Section Y.”

To the left of the fuselage and along the wall is a chain-link fence. There will be a section that has been cut out and allows players to pass through. Enter this cut out section or else continue forward and hook a hard left at the chain-link door. Some backtracking will be necessary if you skip the chain-link cutouts.

Step 7

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 7
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 7

In this area is a raised metal grate platform, with sheet metal lining the sides. It’s located directly under a hanging sign that reads “Shelter 4, Storage”.

On the backside of this platform, often behind a box, will be a single scientist patrolling the immediate area. Behind the box at the back of the platform will be a door, requiring the green key card and the fuse and timer to be still activated in the Armory.

  • If there is a visible green light on the door, pull out the green key card and swipe it through the card reader.
  • If the card reader does not have a green light visible, a new fuse will need to be inserted back at the Armory. Don’t forget to turn the timer switch on before racing back.

Once the green key card has been swiped, the Shelter 4 Storage door will open up and remain open for approximately 1 minute and 45 seconds. This door cannot be closed manually and will automatically shut after the time has expired.

Inside, players will find a single scientist patrolling the small series of hallways, a loot container visible from the entry point, an exit door that will lead back through the mine system, and a simple switch labeled “Laboratory.”

Step 8

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 8
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 8

Activate the Laboratory switch so that it is in the on position. A green light will appear when successful.

The Laboratory’s blue key card reader will now be activated for approximately 4 minutes and 20 seconds before it deactivates. If the allotted time expires before reaching the next puzzle door, restarting this process will be required. This also involves going back to the Armory to reset the fuse and activate the timer, effectively restarting the whole process.

A significant number of scientists patrol the areas between the green puzzle at the Shelter 4 Storage area and the blue puzzle at the Laboratory. Consider clearing these scientists first if before activating the timers if solo, as they can take a considerable amount of time to clear out safely.

Once the switch has been activated, quickly head back out of the Shelter 4 Storage area to the raised metal platform. Look for the hole in the chain-link fence and head back out to the fuselage. Continue going deeper into the Military Tunnel, keeping the fuselage on your left.

Step 9

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 9
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 9

Ahead of the fuselage will be a few sandbag barricades. Be sure to approach them slowly, as multiple scientists are guarding a red train cart, which can contain up to four elite crates. These elite crates can re-spawn within 25 minutes if you decide to camp the area.

Accessing this area doesn’t require any of the monument’s puzzles to be activated as it’s an open space. Many players will enter the tunnels to get the elite crates and head straight back out simply. For those running the full tunnel though, it is a point of interest between the green key card and blue key card areas.

Once the elite crates have been looted, exit the train car and proceed forward into the tunnels while staying alongside the right wall.

Step 10

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 10
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 10

Continue forward past three more train cars. On the left side will be a sign that reads “Laboratory” and a door with a blue key card reader. In order for this puzzle to work, it requires the timer to be active from the Shelter 4 Storage area, which was locked behind the green key card puzzle.

When there is a visible light on the card reader, swipe the blue key card. The door will remain open up to 30 minutes, and unlike the previous door, there is a red button on the inside that allows players to close the door forcibly.

Be ready to immediately engage a single scientist just inside the hall and to the left.

Step 11

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 11
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 11

Once the scientist is dispatched, move to the door on the right wall, with a red key card reader.

Below the key card reader is a timer, activate it then slide the red key card. The door will open for approximately 10 seconds, then automatically close. The timer switch below will allow players to continue to open the door, without a keycard while it’s active for up to 10 minutes.

Be ready to engage up to 4 scientists immediately in the openly connected rooms.

Step 12

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 12
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 12

Once the scientists are dispatched, head into the far left room. Here you can find loot crates, military crates, and elite crates on two shelving units. There are no additional loot containers in these openly connected rooms.

Inside this loot room, there is an exit door that leads to the alternative entryway for the Laboratory. There are no additional loot containers in the alternative entryway, but a single scientist does patrol the hallway. There’s not much value in accessing this hall unless you need an alternative escape plan.

Step 13

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 13
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 13

Inside the far right room of the Laboratory will be a second exit door. This leads out to another hallway with two additional scientists and two loot barrels.

To open the exit door, press the red button on the left-hand side of the door. Be ready to engage the scientists upon opening the door.

Step 14

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 14
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 14

Once the scientists have been dispatched, there is one more exit door leading to the silo. There will be two scientists in the silo, so be ready to engage them. One of the scientists will patrol the staircase, while the other is almost always on the ground level.

Push the red button on the left-hand side of the door to open it. Once the door is open, it will automatically close after 5 seconds. There is no way to open this door from the outside.

Step 15

RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 15
RUST Military Tunnel Puzzle Step 15

Success! You’ve managed to make your way through the entire Military Tunnel puzzle.

There are two options for getting out of the silo itself.

  1. Follow the spiral staircase to the surface.
  2. Climb the ladder to exit through the mines, which offers a chance at additional loot.

Now that you’ve successfully run the Military Tunnels, it’s time to exfiltrate back to the base and store the loot. Don’t forget there is a recycler on the outside area of the Military Tunnel monument, which can be useful for melting down the unneeded components.


In addition to running the internal portions of the Military Tunnel, there are over 20 different loot barrels and food crates surrounding the monument. This makes a great monument to build a forward operating base near, allowing you to quickly farm components around the perimeter and melt them down using the recycler when needed.

Reach out to us in Discord if there are any details you’re looking for or any questions unanswered, we’ll do our best to get back to you!

Until next time, stay Rusty!

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