The RUST Lumberjack Missions Guide

RUST Lumberjack Missions

RUST Lumberjack Missions Guide (Quests, Locations, Rewards)

The RUST Lumberjack missions are a series of three missions given by the quest NPC Lumberjack. You can find the Lumberjack next to the Stuff vendor inside of the Bandit Camp. You will recognize this quest NPC by the red flannel hoodie and the Salvaged Axe they will be holding as well as a bushy Santa beard.

Lumberjack RUST Mission Quest NPC
You’ll know the Lumberjack when you see them

These missions are intended for a solo player and can be repeated. These missions do not require any special gear or tools in order to get started, which makes them great for a fresh spawn on the server who’s looking for alternate ways to get started. This mission series is also designed to provide you with the tools you’ll need to complete subsequent missions, so there’s no reason not to give them a try.

RUST Lumberjack Mission The Lost Bottles

The Lumberjack: Lost Bottles Mission

The Vodka Bottle mission is the first of three missions given by the Lumberjack, found in the Bandit Camp.

How to start this mission

Locate the Lumberjack outside of the Stuff shop in the Bandit Camp. Interacting with the NPC will bring up a mission dialogue window similar to the vendor UI.

The Lumberjack says, “Hello!”

You have two options for a response:

  1. Hey.
  2. I can’t help you.

Choose “Hey.”

The Lumberjack says, “Can you help me with something?”

You have two options for a response:

  1. Sure, why not?
  2. No.

Choose “Sure, why not?”

The Lumberjack says, “I’ve lost something.. very dear to me in the forest. Can you help me retrive it? I’ll reward you with a Hatchet if you do.”

You have two options for a response:

  1. Okay, I’ll do it.
  2. I can’t right now.

Choose “Okay, I’ll do it.”

The Lumberjack says, “Great! Back to me when you are finished.”

You have one option for a response:

  1. [EXIT]

 No further dialogue will take place.

Once you’ve accepted the mission, you’ll notice that a list of mission objectives has appeared in the upper-left corner of the screen, signifying that you’ve started the task. If you abandon the mission before completing it, a timer will prevent you from starting the mission over immediately. This mission also has a set timer of 1 hour to complete, otherwise the mission will automatically be abandoned.

Lost Bottles Mission Objectives

  • Go to the forest
  • Find the Vodka Bottle
  • Return the bottle to the Lumberjack

A timer will also appear below the mission objectives letting you know how long you’ve got to complete the task. 

Finding the Correct Forest

This first step might sound like an impossible task due to the quantity of forest biome in RUST, but the mission giver happily marks your map with a blue icon with a white scroll to let you know where to go. You must now hightail it out of the Bandit Camp and make your way to the forest area labeled on your map. Your compass will have the same blue marker to help you head in the right direction. Your mission objective will update once you’ve come in range of the correct forest.

The Lost Vodka bottle is in a stash
Look for a small stash on the ground to find the missing Vodka bottle

Locate the Bottle

Once you’ve made it to the mission location, keep a careful eye on the ground. You are actually looking for a container, not a vodka bottle. Keep looking in the general area of the mission marker until you’ve found a stash sitting on the forest floor. Opening the stash will reveal the bottle of vodka. Loot the bottle to complete the mission step. 

Return to the Lumberjack as quickly as you can. Depending on how far away the mission sent you, your timer may be running low at this point, so do not delay.

Complete the mission

The compass will mark the location of the Lumberjack for you, so follow it back to the Bandit Camp and locate the Lumberjack. Interact with the Lumberjack to complete the mission. The Lumberjack will thank you for your help, and the mission will complete silently. You’ll now unlock a new dialogue series to start a second mission while the Lumberjack reunites with the lost treasure. 

Lost Bottles Mission Rewards

The Lumberjack Vodka Bottle mission will reward you with a Hatchet, and it will be placed directly into your inventory upon mission completion.

RUST Lumberjack Mission Collect Vood

The Lumberjack: Collect Vood Mission

If you choose to continue the dialogue with the Lumberjack, you’ll be able to ask if you can help with something else. The Lumberjack will slowly and painfully spell out another request for you. It seems that the Lumberjack needs your help gathering wood. You are asked to harvest 2000 wood and return it for a reward of a crossbow and arrows.

Start the mission

The Lumberjack says, “Hello!”

You have two options:

  1. Can I help you with something else?
  2. I can’t help you.

Choose “Can I help you with something else?”

The Lumberjack replies, “Absolutely! Take over for me, would you? If you can harvest 2000 wood and return it to me, I’ll give you a crossbow and some arrows, how does that sound?”

You have two options:

  1. Okay, I’ll do it.
  2. I can’t right now.

Choose “Okay, I’ll do it.”

The Lumberjack tells you to return when you’ve harvested the required amount of wood.

Collect Vood Mission Objectives

  • Go to the forest
  • Find the Vodka bottle
  • Return the bottle to the Lumberjack

This mission is straightforward. Head to the nearest trees that are outside the safe zone and harvest 2000 wood. This mission does not have a timer, so feel free to take your time. Once you’ve harvested enough wood, run it back to the Lumberjack and begin the dialogue to complete the mission.

Mission Rewards

Upon turning in the 2000 wood, the Lumberjack will award you  the following:

RUST Lumberjack Mission Wildlife Cull

The Lumberjack: Wildlife Cull

Start the mission

If you continue the dialogue with the Lumberjack, you can initiate the third mission, Wildlife Cull.

The Lumberjack says, “Hello!”

You have two options:

  1. I’m looking for some more work.
  2. I can’t help you.

Choose “I’m looking for some more work.”

The Lumberjack says, “The local wildlife is proving to be SO. ANNOYING! Do me a favor and kill 3 animals of any kind. I’ll reward you with some armor when you return.”

You have two options:

  1. Sounds good to me.
  2. I’m not interested in that.

Choose “Sounds good to me.”

The Lumberjack will grant you the mission Wildlife Cull and tell you to return once you’ve dispatched three animals. 

Wildlife Cull Mission Objectives

  • Dispatch 3 animals
  • Return to the Lumberjack

Thankfully, this mission is not timed because finding three animals may prove to be more challenging than you think. Any three animals will work, even chickens. The mission UI will not keep track of your kills visually, but once you’ve killed the third animal, the mission objective will update.

Once you’ve dispatched those fuzzies, head back to the Lumberjack to complete the mission and collect your reward.

Mission Rewards

Mission Arc Completed

Once you’ve completed all three RUST Lumberjack missions, there will be a period where the Lumberjack will not respond to your interaction. Once this timer is gone, you’ll have the dialogue options available to restart the first mission.

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