RUST Levelurl Command

The RUST Levelurl Command & Variable

The RUST levelurl command, introduced to the game in June 2018 as part of the Puzzle Update, gives the server’s administrators the ability to specify a custom map instead of procedural or static maps. This is done by passing a URL to the custom map file which is downloaded by both the server and player client.

With this new command, there are arguably endless possibilities that lie ahead of the RUST community. The sky is the limit, as they say, and we’ve already seen plenty of evidence that the map-making community will push the RUST SDK to its limits.

A few practical reasons for using the RUST levelurl command:

  • To specify a custom made map for holiday and other events
  • Creating a customized battle arena for arena-specific play styles
  • Designing custom creative and build servers to benefit from the flat terrain
  • Re-creating map layouts from other games
  • Create and host unique environments for PVE-style servers
  • Go balls-to-the-wall with role-playing servers
  • Have a creative space to display and interact with custom-built prefabs
  • Host custom maps with completely customized monuments to explore

Who can use the RUST levelurl command

Prior to the server running, the RUST levelurl command & variable can be configured by server administrators. After the server is running, both admins and moderators can execute the levelurl command in the in-game console, server console, or 3rd party RCON consoles, to read out the variable’s current value.

Players will be unable to read out this value when connected to the server and issuing the command in the in-game console.

How to use the RUST levelurl command

Unlike traditional “commands”, this variable’s value must be read into memory before the RUST server starts up.

This means that the levelurl variable should be set before the server is launched. You can set this value in a batch file, daemon service, or configure it in the server.cfg file to be read in upon startup. Technically the variable’s value can be redefined while the server is running, however, it’s not advised to do so.

The levelurl variable accepts a web URL that points to a custom RUST map file. Many RUST server administrators use the dropbox service as a means for hosting the map, as there are plenty of benefits, such as:

  • Dropbox offers a free plan
  • Bandwidth concerns will not be an issue
  • Uptime availability is nearly 99.9%
  • It can be accessed by nearly all countries
  • The service uses CDNs to deliver content as fast as possible.

But note any accessible web server that allows for public access to a hosted file will work.

One thing to note with using dropbox, when you use their share feature to generate the URL, they will append ?dl=0 to the end of the URL. You will need to change this value to ?dl=1 to enable the map to be downloaded. Otherwise, without following this step, you will see an error that reads out “World cache version mismatch: …”

So we will use this in our examples below.

RUST levelurl command & variable

Use this command and variable to define a  specific custom map for your server to use.

  • The levelurl variable default value is empty.
  • This command accepts a web URL, pointing to the hosted map file, as the parameter.
  • This command will set the server map to the custom map you specify.
  • This command will NOT broadcast a message to the server when changed.
  • Be sure to remove the following variables/parameters from your startup configuration, as they conflict with the custom map:
    • server.seed
    • server.worldsize

Note that this RUST admin command does work from the in-game and 3rd party RCON consoles, but it is not advised to set in the console. It is best used by defining it in your startup configuration.

levelurl “”

On success, the console will display the following:

server.levelurl ""

On success, the server chat will display the following:

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