The Leech, Solo/Duo Base Design (2019)

The Leech Solo/Duo Base Design

Our content partner Evil Wurst has designed the Leech, a solo/duo base design.

This RUST base design is a mixture of two of Evil Wurst’s previous base designs, the Thrifty Scott and the Phoenix v2. The base is intently designed for a solo or duo group on vanilla based servers. The Leech is defensible, cheap, and includes plenty of operational storage. The base’s overall footprint remains small, with minimal upkeep required.

The Leech features the following:

  • Seven loot containers
  • Two lockers for PVP equipment
  • Tier 2 & 3 workbench
  • Dropdown chute protected by undrainable traps
  • Shooting floor with a 360-degree view
  • Three exits on each side
  • Roof Access
  • Up to 4 external auto turrets

The Leech offers great protection for its cost. Requiring 14 rockets to reach the main loot and 17 rockets to reach the tool cupboard. This base design also serves as a fantastic forward base, when pressing into the enemy controlled territories. At its peak, the Leech will not be a simple casual raid, and some effort is required.

Base Build Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 110
  • Metal Fragments: 3,580
  • Stone 14,415
  • Wood: 3,665

Base Upkeep Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 19
  • Metal Fragments: 1,442
  • Stone 2,395
  • Wood: 418

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

There are wipes when I am lazy and I don’t want to bother farming that much.


I don’t need much storage, but I want to feel safe, have a shooting floor and auto turrets for defense, have lockers for quickly gearing up, and I want to be able to put down a level 3 workbench in case I get the scrap.


Meet, the Leech.


It’s basically a mix of the Thrifty Scot and the Phoenix V2.


The base is designed for up to 3 team members, who wish to have a casual wipe and focus on action rather than building and farming for upkeep. It doubles equally well as a well-defended forward base.


It features:

  • A 7-box loot room for your items
  • Two lockers for your PVP gear sets
  • Space for a tier 2 and even a tier 3 workbench … to be able to craft those AKs and explosive bullets
  • A redesigned drop-down chute guarded by undrainable traps
  • The possibility to close off said chute with a stability bunker seal
  • A shooting floor with a view to all sides
  • 3 exits – one on each side and one on the roof
  • And up to 4 external auto turrets – which cover all angles around the base

Unlike the Thrifty Scot, it offers decent protection to not fall victim to casual raiders. It takes at least 14 rockets to reach main loot, and 17 rockets to reach the TC.


With 15k stone, 3 and a half k metal fragments, and 110 high qual, it’s cheap to build. The upkeep of 2 and a half k stone, 1 and a half k metal fragments, and 19 high qual is doable without too much effort.


Let’s take a tour.


Up the roof ramp you find one of the airlocks. The shooting floor allows to spot and engage door campers and raiders.


We got up to 4 garage-door protected turret compartments. These have helped us numerous times to turn the tide of a raid. Use the space of the shooting floor to temporarily deploy the repair bench or the research table in case you need them.


Up the ladder hatch, we enter the roof. The walkway extends all around the base. Those gaps allow to peek down and check for door campers.


The chute is protected by a stability seal and a garage door to prevent cheap door raiding. Down the chute we find the first locker, which is hidden inside the honeycomb. Behind the garage door we find the sleeping bags and the tier 3 workbench.


In the back, we find a mix of shotgun traps and an auto turret. They are arranged in a way that one of them will always fire at the raider, whether they are close or far. In case raiders manage to take out those traps and step down from this floor tile. Behind the tier 3 workbench, we find the second locker.


Here in the corner, next to the traps, we find the tier 2 workbench embedded into the honeycomb. Since the tier 2 workbench is stronger than a stone wall, there is no need to upgrade the wall behind it to sheet metal. Behind the garage door on the left, you find the main loot room.


It’s a hyper-efficient loot room with 7 large boxes, which together with the lockers should be sufficient for a casual play-style. On the right, there is another garage door, behind which we find the TC. Since losing the TC is the worst thing that can happen, I upgraded the compartment to armored, which makes it the safest spot of the base.


Let’s jump into the build.

The Leech Build

Starter Unit

The base can easily be built from scratch at the start of a wipe.


If you want to be sure that you can build the base, lay out the footprint now: It’s a 2×1 at the core, surrounded by triangles.


Add one square foundation on each side for the roof ramps that will lead up to the exit. Locate the triangle next to this square and create the TC compartment.


Place the TC like this, so that the tip just barely hits this line. If done correctly, you can later fit another furnace into this compartment. Close it off with a double door.

Turn the square in front of the door into space for your starter items, such as sleeping bags, small boxes, and furnaces.


Next, we extend the base along the other square. The two triangles to the left. The triangle straight ahead, and another double door to the right. Move the furnaces and sleeping bags into the outer 1×1. Now focus on getting your metal fragments cooking.


First, upgrade the double doors and the wall frames to sheet metal to be flame-raid proof. Then, start building the main loot room. I am using the 7-box design. If you want to check again in detail how to build it, I’ll link the tutorial the explains how to align those boxes easily.


The tier 1 workbench can go into the tip of this triangle. Next, we continue extending the base. Add two more triangles. At this point, I’d recommend creating a temporary airlock here. If you leave the door frames wood, it’ll take you about 5-6 machetes to destroy them later.


Only place a ceiling above the outer triangle. Above the inner triangle, we build the chute. A window will point outwards. Don’t forget the half-height floor tile. At this point, the starter unit is complete, and you can farm up blueprints.

Upgrade Honeycomb

Next, I’ll show you how to upgrade the base in one go.


We start by replacing all double doors with garage doors, including the one in the chute.


Then, we build the first-floor honeycomb. In reality, you might have to do this step by step, as the materials become available.


Make sure to upgrade the inner walls and foundations before covering them up. Please note that in some places, I embed half-height wooden triangles. These allow later to place and replace other half-height triangles Build two roof ramps leading up towards the outer triangles.


Don’t forget to upgrade the chute to sheet metal as well. Once the first floor is complete, we can turn our attention to the second floor.

Second Floor

Place walls frames, door frames, and window frames as shown.


You can leave space for up to 4 auto-turret compartments. However, there is always the option of just placing more windows instead. Add single doors for the two exits.

Add garage doors to close off those future turret compartments. Use double doors temporarily if you don’t have the gears yet.


Fill in the windows with metal window bars or reinforced glass windows, and further add wooden shutters. Upgrade these 4-floor tiles to armored and the rest to sheet metal.

Close off the ceiling when done. Leave this square wood if you want to add roof access.

Tier 2 Workbench

Once you got the scrap for a tier 2 workbench, go ahead and craft it.


Destroy the tier 1 workbench. Upgrade the foundation to sheet metal and place the tier 2 workbench in its place.


Close off this triangle with a window. For extra protection, use embrasures during the day and add reinforced glass windows during the night.


Thanks to the tier 2, you can now craft lockers.


If you have trouble finding lockers, you can buy one at the Bandit Camp for 40 scrap. If you run there with 135 scrap, you can just buy it and research it on-site.

The first locker goes into the triangle behind the furnaces. Close it off with a window, as you did with the tier 2 workbench.


To place the other locker, destroy the temporary airlock. In this case, the outer walls will be stone and the window frames will be metal.


Once completed, add in a half-height floor triangle. You now can use it to leave the base through the second floor.


With that out of the way, let’s work on the traps. Place two shotgun traps below the jump-up to the second floor. Place one shotgun trap inside the main loot room against the side wall.


Place two more shotgun traps in the rear. They should be close to the square foundation, but not touching that line, or they may block the placement of the stability seal. Your first auto-turret should go all the way back into this corner.


Once you obtain more auto turrets, complete the auto-turret compartments. They work best when closed with garage doors.


If the base is under attack, open them up by pointing at the rollers that stick through the walls.

Roof Access

If you desire roof access, hatchet out this floor tile. Ideally, replace it with a ladder hatch.


If you don’t have the blueprint, a furnace can work as well. Above these triangle tips, place triangle floor tiles.


They prevent players from head-jumping onto your roof without ladders.


In the center 2×1, build an airlock system. I’d use lots of windows and a triangle to hold two more boxes up here. The doors form another airlock.

Tier 3

In case you manage to obtain the tier 3 workbench, you can place it inside the core.


Start by removing those furnaces. Place it as far back and as far to the right as possible. Otherwise, you might not be able to seal the base.


One furnace can go to the left of it. The other furnaces will have to move up into the shooting floor.


This may not be perfect, but worth it, given that now you can craft all the end game items.


And Voila. That’s the Leech done. A sturdy little base, Ideal for a casual wipe or as forward base for an aggressive playstyle.


It can withstand quite some backlash and if you lose it, so what – it’s not that expensive.


Hope you’ll enjoy this design.


Until then, Evil Wurst, out.

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