RUST Large Harbor Monument Guide

An In-depth Guide and Walkthrough of the RUST Large Harbor Monument

The Large Harbor Monument is one of two harbor-style monument types available in RUST that players can find along the map’s coastlines. It first appeared in May of 2016 in Devblog 111 as concept art and was initially designed to be an easy-to-spot navigation point for fresh spawn players. Its large crane towers help break the skyline and draw players’ attention to the monument. Since its initial release, this monument has become a mainstay of the early game wipe cycle.

This guide provides detailed information about the RUST Large Harbor Monument, enabling you to identify basic facts quickly and helping you to prepare, access, and successfully run the monument while providing insight into the different types of loot, NPCs, and environmental variables you may encounter.

Please refer to our Tugboat Guide for information related to player-operated Tugboats.

Monument Features Checklist

Barrels ~45
Crates ~10
Drone Market
Hackable Crate
Keycard Lootable✅ 1 Blue Keycard
Keycard Puzzle Green Keycard Puzzle
Mission NPCs
Recycler 1
Repair Bench
Research Table
Site Specific FeaturesPublic Small Oil Refinery,  High Fuel Barrels, Underground Train Tunnel Entrance, Public Telephone, Tugboat Spawns

Monument Overview

Overview of the Large Harbor Monument in RUST

Upon viewing the Large Harbor monument from the water, you will see a 4-pier port with large cranes, ample buildings and structures, large hangers, and many scattered shipping containers. Tucked into the confines of the piers, players will find eight barges and two disabled tugboats permanently placed, which can spawn barrels and crates.

Much like its counterpart, the Small Harbor, the Large Harbor monument is populated with loot in a less-than-consistent manner. Barrels, in particular, can spawn in numerous places and, at times, be quite difficult to track down. Boxes and crates, on the other hand, are more consistent in their placement yet sporadic in their spawn rate. 

Depending on the population of the server being played, the Large Harbor can appear to the untrained eye to be quite sparse in resources or an absolute treasure trove to those who are persistent in searching or know where to look.

Preparing for the Large Harbor Monument

The Large Harbor monument is viewed as a preferable alternative to the Small Harbor amongst veteran RUST players regarding recycling locations after Cargoship or Oil Rig runs. This is mostly due to this monument’s recycler placement. Seeing a RHIB or Rowboat docked near the end of the recycler pier is almost always a sure sign that it is unsafe to venture towards. 

Chiefly amongst the reasons for this perception is that the recycler isn’t out on a pier like the Small Harbor. That being said, Large Harbor is completely void of hazards such as radiation or scientist NPCs and has an assortment of light switches that pulse for easier visibility that can be turned on at night for limited lighting.

Regardless of gear level or experience, any player can enter the Large Harbor completely naked and loot its vast treasures. It is an excellent monument for acquiring a bit of early game scrap and provisions but is typically heavily frequented, especially early in a wipe, due to its easy-to-acquire Blue Keycard that players need to complete harder puzzles.

Because this isn’t a safe zone monument, players should be aware that open-world PVP does take place, and they are just as likely to find a bullet to the back as they are a crate with resources. As with any non-safe venture, check out our Best RUST Armor Combinations guide to maximize your chances of survival.  As demonstrated in countless streamer clips, even the most geared player will likely die here to a well-placed double-barrel grub.

Running the Large Harbor Monument

Non-Pier Areas

Underground Train Tunnel Entrance

Large Harbor has an underground train tunnel terminal near the recycler area, set apart by a chain link fence. It borders the ocean, standing slightly apart from the rest of the monument. You can check out more information about this from our January 8th update back in 2021.

Blue Keycard Puzzle

Blue Keycard Puzzle at Large Harbor

Almost directly in the center of the monument is the Blue Keycard puzzle. Unlike the Small Harbor, this puzzle is in two separate buildings instead of a single one. Running in line with four small forklifts, players will find a small shack with a switch on the outside and a sparking fuse box on the inside. 

Building with a Green Keycard Lock

Once an Electric Fuse is placed, players must flip the switch, then head straight out the door, between a 6-wheeled truck and two large fuel tanks.  

Just past the fuel tanks is another small building with a (now) glowing green keypad. Swiping a Green Keycard will grant access to this otherwise locked door.

Inside the locked shack

The small locked building has crates and a Blue Keycard found on the desk. This is a highly contested, heavily farmed item early in the wipe.  

D11 Trailer

The D11 trailer across from the recycler building

Caddy corner to both the Train entrance and Recycler is a small, often empty, ugly trailer with a large D11 painted on the side of it. This building can house a single box or possibly someone with a gun. Enter at your own risk.


The shipping and recycler building courtyard from above

Across from the Underground Train Tunnel Entrance is a large gray building with oversized garage doors. On the side is written “Shipping.” 

Working your way around this building, located in a courtyard surrounded by chain link fencing, you will find the sole recycler and telephone at this monument. While inside the building is inaccessible, several small palettes, a non-functioning train car, and other assorted obstacles can be used as cover.

Strategically, this area offers little protection for those using the phone or recycler but is slightly easier to defend from than the Small Harbor’s recycler. Beware that the walls have cracks that can be shot through, and the chain link fence is fairly mesh.

Electrical Station

The Electrical Station in the middle of the Large Harbor

Towards land from the Blue Keycard puzzle, players can find and enter a mesh-fenced electrical station.  There isn’t much in the way of loot here, except that it can spawn a high amount of red fuel barrels. These can be used to great effect later at the Small Oil Refinery also located within the monument.

Inland Shipping Crates

Overhead view of the inland shipping crates

Directly next to the electrical station are several stacked, partially opened, and accessible shipping containers along the most inland wall to the monument. These shipping containers can possess quite a few barrels and one or two crates ranging from standard brown to green military crates in type. 

They can be quite claustrophobic and provide excellent cover for ne’er do wells looking to cause mischief and steal your loot. Check your corners carefully.

Train Loading Hanger

The train loading hangar

Opposite the recycler is the train loading hanger, one of the monument’s largest features. The stationary train car here can house up to two crates, and barrels can spawn under the awning in several places.  Hiding places aren’t abundant here, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Exercise caution when checking for loot.

4 Propane Tanks / Double Stack Shipping Trailer

While relatively void of crates (small chance in the trailer), the propane tank area fenced in just next to the train loading hanger can have a good amount of red barrels spawn in or around it. The area is an ideal grub camp, with the potential for tall grassy areas to hide in, depending on the map seed.

Pier Areas

Pier 1

Large Harbor Monument Pier 1

Working our way from the Underground Train entrance onward, we start with what we will call Pier 1. This pier forks out into a two-tier concrete protrusion, then becomes flanked on both sides by large barge floats. 

The concrete portion can house several barrels, both loot and fuel in type. The barge float facing the outer part of the monument has a small trailer that can house a single loot box, while the other barge has a small jump puzzle to access. 

Players can find a crate and possibly a few barrels inside its storage container. Barrels can also be scattered along the top of the barge itself. The concrete partition ends with a large blue crane with the potential for barrels spawned around its wheels. 

Pier 2

Large Harbor Monument Pier 2

Attached to the concrete area that houses the Blue Keycard building, the next pier has a single small trailer with the crate spawn inside and ends like the last pier with a large blue crane, also with barrels at its base. 

This pier connects to Pier 3 with a concrete inlet that is lower in height. This pier can serve as the default spawn location for a Tugboat when applicable.

Pier 3

Large Harbor Monument Pier 3

Acting as the alternate fork of the piers connected to the concrete area that houses the Blue Keycard room, the next pier has a single small trailer with the crate spawn inside, a large blue crane, also with barrels at its base, and is flanked on either side by two floating barges, each with a yellow shipping container that can have a crate and barrels. 

There are ladders to get back up on both sides. This pier connects to Piers 2 and 4 with a concrete inlet that is lower in height.

Small Oil Refinery Inlet (Between Piers 3 & 4)

Large Harbor Monument's Small Oil Refinery Inlet

Wedged between Pier 3 and 4 on an inland pier with a sunken inlet, players will find access to a Small Oil Refinery. On fresh wipe, this refinery will come pre-loaded with 100 pieces of Wood until someone uses it or removes it. It is common practice, particularly because of the abundance of red fuel barrels, for players to load up this refinery and cook Crude Oil into Low Grade Fuel as they go.

Because of the nature of RUST, anyone can access this refinery, meaning that using it does not guarantee that someone won’t steal it. This could be viewed in PVP terms as a good place to camp. Caution advised.

Pier 4

Large Harbor Monument Pier 4

The final pier is shaped like a large L, not overly abundant in crates but having many barrels along its waterfront edging. There is a large blue crane that overhangs the water, as well as floating barges on both sides of its L-shaped protrusion.

Both barges house a single shipping container open to the public and can have a crate and barrels onboard.  This pier can serve as the default spawn location for a Tugboat when applicable.


While being a staple in the realm of RUST for many years, developers have promised to do fresh updates of all existing monuments in the coming years. Regardless, the RUST Large Harbor monument provides players with new and exciting places to explore and engage in PVP combat and ample opportunities to gather loot.

We will make every effort to keep the information within this guide updated and accurate. Don’t hesitate to contact us in Discord if there are any details you’re looking for or any unanswered questions; we’ll do our best to get the answers you need!

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